Previously in the Chronicles of Munenori Kawasaki


He’s baaaaaaack! Kawasaki is a little calmer here than he was after clinching the Al East but it’s still A+ stuff all around. The beauty of it really is that he’s not trying to be funny or look ridiculous. He just is. Every good World Series team has always had at least 1 zany clubhouse character who provides the team with unexplainable juju and I think it’s clear who it is in Toronto.

I might have to root for the Blue Jays now solely to see Kawasaki absolutely hammered again too. He already said if they win again he wants “two bush parties” and whatever that is, it sounds AWESOME. Whichever celebration it may be, the Jays better remember to invite Mini Bautista there. He may not be old enough to drink but he is the SOLE reason Toronto advanced to the ALCS.

Imagine if Kawaski threw on some faux facial hair like this? Juju OFF THE CHARTS! They’d never lose another inning…