This MLB Top 5s will cover this evening’s games. Rankings are based on value projection. Top 5 dollar for dollar plays at each position. Any questions, find me on Twitter @JasonWalker_72. Let’s do this!


1Yasmani GrandalLADMIL$2,800
2Jonathan LucroyMILLAD$3,800
3Jarrod SaltalamacchiaDETKC$3,500
4Carlos PerezLAAOAK$2,400
5Evan GattisHOUCIN$3,500

  • Grandal coming around with an 82% contact rate and 19% walk rate over the last two weeks and a 124 expected power (100 is average) against MIL SP Davies with a .340 wOBA vs. LH bats.
  • A 181 expected power rating over last month against LAD SP Urias, who has a .403 wOBA against RH bats so far in his early career.
  • Gattis has a .229 ISO against LHP and CIN SP Lamb has a .369 wOBA against RH bats, gives up 1.5 HR/9 IP and HOU has implied run total of 5.7 tonight.

1st Base

1Adrian GonzalezLADMIL$3,000
2Victor MartinezDETKC$3,800
3Tommy JosephPHIARI$3,400
4Justin BourMIACOL$2,800
5David OrtizBOSSEA$5,500

  • Dodger bats are priced way low due to recent MIL SP Davies success, but Gonzalez has a 157 expected power over the last 20 at-bats and Davies has that .340 wOBA against LH bats.
  • Martinez is on fire, coming off a 3-HR night and a scorching 333 expected power over his last 17 at-bats. Weather is still warm in KC and KC SP Ventura has a .323 wOBA against LH bats.
  • Joseph is an excellent one-off in Philly tonight against ARI SP Ray, who has a .373 wOBA against RH bats. Joseph has a .492 wOBA/.300 ISO against LHP himself.

2nd Base

1Dustin PedroiaBOSSEA$4,400
2Neil WalkerNYMATL$4,000
3Johnny GiavotellaLAAOAK$3,600
4Ryan GoinsTORBAL$3,300
5Kelly JohnsonNYMATL$3,200

  • Boston still has a high implied run total at 5.0 tonight and Pedroia has a solid .367 wOBA against RHP.
  • No 2B is hotter than Neil Walker right now, with a 300 expected power over his last 20 at-bats. He faces ATL SP Gant, who has a .446 wOBA against LH bats so far this season.
  • If Kelly Johnson plays tonight, he’s 2B eligible, making him a good tourney play against Gant since Johnson has a 168 expected power over his last 20 ABs.

3rd Base

1Nick CastellanosDETKC$3,900
2Maikel FrancoPHIARI$3,700
3Jefry MarteLAAOAK$3,200
4Aaron HillMILLAD$2,600
5Luis ValbuenaHOUCIN$3,100

  • Love Nicky, and he remains in play against KC SP Ventura, who has a .329 wOBA against RH bats this season. Castellanos has a 178 expected power rating over his last 108 at-bats.
  • Marte, if he plays, would be good against Graveman, who has a .391 wOBA against RH bats and Marte has a .351 wOBA/.257 ISO against RHP.
  • Valbuena has been smoking recently, with a 253 expected power over his last seven games, including a 1.000 OPS against LHP.


1Corey SeagerLADMIL$4,000
2Asdrubal CabreraNYMATL$3,700
3Trevor StoryCOLMIA$4,400
4Jonathan VillarMILLAD$3,700
5Xander BogaertsBOSSEA$5,300

  • Seager has a .390 wOBA/.241 ISO against RHP and has the .340 vs. LH wOBA of Davies as his opponent.
  • Cabrera has a 175 expected power over his last seven games and is batting high in the Mets lineup against ATL SP Gant, and the Mets have an implied run total of 4.5.
  • I love LH bats against Adam Conley more than RH bats, but Story is an exception with his .348 wOBA/.247 ISO splits vs. LHP and his recent 174 expected power over his last 107 at-bats.


1Michael ConfortoNYMATL$3,800
2George SpringerHOUCIN$4,600
3Rickie WeeksARIPHI$3,600
4Trayce ThompsonLADMIL$3,100
5Peter O'BrienARIPHI$3,500
6Carlos GonzalezCOLMIA$3,600
7Shin-Soo ChooTEXSTL$3,400
8Ryan BraunMILLAD$4,100

  • Already established we love LH bats against ATL SP Gant, so let’s add Conforto (and Granderson) with his .378 wOBA/.269 ISO against RHP.
  • Springer leads off the RH bat brigade in HOU tonight against CIN LHP Lamb, who has a .369 wOBA against RH bats. Springer has a .422 wOBA/.268 ISO split of his own.
  • Both ARI OFs are in the mix against PHI LHP Morgan tonight, who has a .361 wOBA against RH bats and gives up 1.591 HR/9 IP. Weeks has a .398/.321 wOBA/ISO split while O’Brien, while new, has a .634/.700 split in his super small sample against LHP.
  • Might be surprised to see CarGo here, but despite his own mediocrity historically against LHP, he’s been better over the last month, with a 1.024 OPS and MIA SP Conley gives up .356 wOBA to LH bats, putting CarGo and Blackmon in play.
  • Ryan Braun has quietly heated up and gets a strong matchup against the young Urias, who has given up 2.209 HR/9 IP so far in his young career. Braun has a .464 wOBA against LHP this season.