With every team in action Wednesday night, you have plenty of choices for your MLB rosters! Here are a few players you can consider at every position and price range to help you narrow down your choices. Good luck!




David Price @ ATL ($12,500) – Facing a lineup with a strikeout over 22 against lefties and averaging seven K’s per outing since the beginning of August, the upside is certainly there. He has also only been under 20 fantasy points once in that entire stretch, so you can rely on him to give you, at the very least, something. It’s why the price is this high (no pun intended), but he is still worth it.

Danny Salazar vs. KC ($9,500) – Before you write him off for not having the best matchup, keep in mind the list of teams he has faced recently: no one but Detroit, Toronto, New York, Boston and LA since the end of July, and he has faced pretty well against all of them. That being said, the quality of the offenses the rest of these studs are facing really just reinforces the idea that Price is the stud you really want to pay up for if you’re going for it tonight.


Gio Gonzalez @ PHI ($8,000) – Gonzalez is one of those pitchers who is capable of completely dominating against weak-hitting lineups, piling up huge strikeout totals and getting through a bunch of innings (10 K’s and over 30 fantasy points vs. Atlanta last week). But when he is faced with a really good offense, he ends up missing the strike zone, ratcheting up his pitch count and providing only mediocre fantasy value. Philly falls into the first category, in case you were wondering.

Jered Weaver @ SEA ($5,800) – He is coming off back-to-back quality starts, and facing an offense that doesn’t consistently challenge pitchers with long at-bats and lots of baserunners. They might connect once or twice and take him deep, but he should be able to get through enough innings to give you a shot at a win and, at the very least, double-digit fantasy numbers.



Buster Posey vs. Lorenzen ($4,300) – Posey has been averaging over ten fantasy points per game for two weeks now, just absolutely raking at right around .350 over that span. And let’s just say, Lorenzen is not exactly the kind of pitcher who leaves you shaking in your boots that tonight is the night Posey gets cold again.

Russell Martin @ Miller ($3,900) – It is being kind to say he has been struggling lately – but that’s why you can get him at this price. And you know the upside is there, and tonight’s matchup could be just what he needs to get back on track. He has dominated Miller in the past, going 6-for-19 (.316), with two doubles and two home runs among his six hits.


Yadier Molina @ Peralta ($3,200) – He has been struggling for the past couple of weeks, but that is reflected in his price. You’re never getting a sure thing for $3,200, especially not in the catcher slot, but he has had success against Peralta in the past, hitting .320 with four RBI in well over twenty plate appearances.

Miguel Montero @ Burnett ($3,100) – You have to love having access to the Cubs. So many day games. And maybe you’re surprised this is the Cubs catcher I am deciding to highlight, but you shouldn’t be. Not only does he have a decent history against Burnett in a small sample (5-for-9), but he is also hitting right around .350 over the past two weeks, with five multi-hit games in his last ten.

First Basemen


Paul Goldschmidt vs. Cashner ($5,200) – He’s always a good way to spend your budget, but it never hurts when he happens to be matched up with a pitcher he has owned in the past. It’s not a huge sample, but hitting .350 with a home run in just twenty at bats certainly doesn’t hurt how you feel about him tonight. And, generally speaking, how you should feel about him is “he’s a beast.”


Carlos Santana vs. Duffy ($3,700) – He has reached base safely in nine of his last ten games, and in an offense that has been getting more productive lately, that’s giving him some opportunities to outperform his price tag. He is 8-for-20 (.400) lifetime against Duffy, connecting for a triple and a home run against him, so there is a chance he could dramatically outperform that price in this one.

Chris Carter @ Perez ($3,500) – You obviously have to check to see if he is even playing, but if he is, there is a reason, so maybe you should get on board with the Astros and start him too. The reason? He is 6-for-13 against Perez (.462), with a double and two home runs. If you’re ever looking to get a bench player some at-bats, might as well put him in a position to succeed.

Jesus Montero vs. Weaver ($2,000) – He hasn’t been playing every night, so make sure he’s active, but why wouldn’t he be? You ready for the most random stat of the column? Here you go: Montero is 5-for-10 against Weaver for his career, with FOUR of those hits being home runs. In other words, he’s hitting .400 against Weaver, if you only count home runs.

Second Basemen



Jose Altuve @ Perez ($5,400) – Altuve is hitting almost .340 over the past month, and is up to eleven home runs on the year. He is also 5-for-12 with three doubles against Perez, so you should be expecting more of the same tonight. It’s as good a place as any to spend your money tonight.

Dee Gordon @ Colon ($4,100) – He’s maintaining that average over .330 (over .350 for the past two weeks) and he is giving you upside in so many ways to make up for the lack of power. He has 51 steals, and 75 runs scored in what would never be described as a high-powered offense. He has done well against Colon before, with a .350 batting average in twenty at-bats over the course of their few previous meetings.


Ian Kinsler @ Santana ($4,000) – He has had Ervin’s number over the years, accumulating twenty hits in 59 career at-bats versus the big right-hander, including eight that went for extra bases. He also has a handful of walks that means his OBP is actually just over .400, meaning he will be in a good position to benefit if his team in general manages a good offensive performance in this one.

Addison Russell @ Burnett ($3,000) – He hasn’t been doing a lot lately, but he does still get some hits sometimes, and this could be a game with a few runs scored for both squads, which will give him some increased opportunities to return fantasy value.

Third Basemen


Nolan Arenado @ Wood ($4,600) – It is easy to ignore Rockies when they are on the road, but you have, I’m sure, noticed that the move away from Coors Field is reflected in the price. And this guy can hit anywhere.

Matt Carpenter @ Peralta ($4,200) – Carpenter is up to 21 home runs on the year, which is enough to count for consistent production, despite the batting average hovering around .250. And against Peralta, maybe those concerns about average shouldn’t be so pronounced, considering he is 13-for-30 against him for his career (.433), while maintaining the power (two doubles and two home runs).



Anthony Rendon @ Asher ($4,000) – With Asher on the mound, I simply could not go all the way through this article without recommending a National. We are talking about a pitcher whose ERA is over 10 and whose WHIP is over 2. He’s not getting anyone out. So who better to recommend than Rendon, he of the .385 average over the last ten games, a stretch where he has averaged 10 fantasy points a night on the back of three extra base hits, seven runs and five RBI.

Evan Longoria vs. Severino ($3,700) – This is the cheapest price you’ve been able to snag him for in over a week, and that makes tonight a good night to take advantage of his bat. He faced Severino once already this year and went yard in a 1-for-3 performance, and while he has only had two hits in his last four games, he had three multi-hit games in the four prior. Four games is not a slump.



Carlos Correa @ Perez ($5,100) – He has teammates on fire right now, and teammates who have hammered Perez in the past, and now they have him, too. The sparkplug that has driven this offense since he showed up on the scene, he appears to be one of those rare baseball players who actually makes the guys around him better. They could put up a lot of runs in this one, and if they do, this is the guy you want anchoring your lineup, because he is almost always playing a key role in this team’s success.

Xander Bogaerts @ Wright ($4,500) – The Red Sox have had good stretches and bad stretches, and the same could be said for Bogaerts. The difference, of course, being that the Red Sox have been mostly bad, whereas Bogaerts has very clearly been mostly good, especially lately. He is hitting .345 since the All-Star break, for example. That do anything for you?


Jung Ho Kang vs. Arrieta ($3,600) – The Pirates are going to look to put some numbers on the board against Arrieta in this one, and Kang is an integral part of that plan. A short stop who is now up to 15 home runs on the year, his power can provide a much-needed boost for this offense on occasion.

Starlin Castro @ Burnett ($2,800) – He is getting time right now with Soler on the DL, and he is making the most of it. He is 12-for-30 over his last ten games (.392), with a double and a pair of home runs. He also has had a lot of exposure to Burnett, and has come out on top more often than not, going 16-for-34 (.471), with three doubles.



Matt Kemp @ Ray ($4,600) – Kemp is up to 21 home runs on the year, and he is someone who is almost always good for 5+ fantasy points. He doesn’t have a long string of zeroes followed up by one 20 point burst, in other words. And the one other time he has faced Robbie Ray, he went 2-for-5 with a double, which, frankly, I would take at this price. If you threw in an RBI or run or two, I’d be more than happy.


Andrew McCutchen vs. Arrieta ($4,500) – McCutchen is, once again, a central cog on a very solid team, and he has been producing for them consistently all year long. He is averaging just over 9 fantasy points per game on the year, and also for the last week, and also for the last month – he’s just always returning value. He also has four double-digit games in his last ten, including one 20-point outing. I would expect the higher end of that spectrum tonight in a favorable matchup – he is 8-for-18 (.444) lifetime against Arrieta, including a pair of doubles.

Matt Holliday @ Peralta ($4,200) – Holliday has been a consistent performer all year, for what he is. He’s consistently at six points per game, not nine, but he still has double-digit upside, and he has managed two home runs and a .385 average in 26 career at-bats against Peralta, so tonight he could end up on the higher end of that range.


Charlie Blackmon @ Wood ($3,800) – He is 3-for-4 against Wood, but all three hits were singles. If this game were in Colorado, this would be a no-brainer, but he would also probably cost more. So don’t expect him to bail out his fantasy value with power like he does on occasion, but he has a chance to have a successful few at-bats in this matchup that would at least make him worth this price tag.

Jason Heyward @ Peralta ($3,500) – There is a chance this ends up being a big game for the Cardinals, and Heyward is often right in the thick of those kinds of outbursts. I like his chances of being on base in this matchup, and of having guys on in front of him, so the chances will be there for him to produce for your squad.

Jacoby Ellsbury @ Archer ($3,400) – This could end up being a low-scoring game, which doesn’t help anyone’s fantasy value, and Ellsbury has been seriously struggling of late, but if you’re looking to plug in a cheap player to fill in the end of your bench, you don’t often get upside like this art this price. And as good as Archer has been, you know he is hoping tonight is not the night Ellsbury returns to form, because that would not be good news – the lefty outfielder is 14-for-21 against him in several appearances.

Good luck!

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