There is a ton of MLB action Friday, including Cubs @ Phillies, with the back end of a double-header at 7:05 pm. That’s right, you’ll have access to all the Schwarber (I mean all the Cubs and Phillies) you could want. Here are some players to target from all of these games, at every position and price range. Good luck!

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Justin Verlander @ CLE ($9,500) – When you spend up for the very priciest pitchers, you are paying for their upside. Sure, they’re consistent too, but are you really happy with 25 points for $12,000-$13,000? With the best pitchers available facing the stiffest matchups, tonight is a night when I likely won’t pay up for the upside, because I wouldn’t be surprised if no one has a 40+ point outing.

John Lackey @ CIN ($8,700) – Lackey has quality starts in 15 of his last 16 outings. He might not have the upside of the most expensive guys, but he has the consistency. And if there are no players who blow up for forty fantasy points, wouldn’t you prefer getting yours for a lot cheaper?


Gio Gonzalez @ MIA ($7,900) – Gonzalez is coming off a 10-strikeout performance against the Braves last time up, and he has another nice matchup in this one against the Marlins. Pitching on a good team, with strikeout potential, against a bad offense – getting 25 fantasy points is totally within reach.

Erik Johnson vs. MIN ($4,700) – He has a good matchup for his second start, so if you want to take a risk and save some serious cap room on your second pitcher, you could do worse. He went six innings in his first start of the season, and accumulated 14.5 fantasy points. If he can get into that range again for this price, you’re happy.



Travis d’Arnaud @ Wisler ($4,600) – He has been hitting over .300 consistently for a while now, so he is bringing you at least some production basically night in and night out. That counts for something. And whenever you are facing a pitcher coming off an outing like Wisler’s last start (7 runs in 1.2 innings), the upside is there too.

Brian McCann vs. Price ($4,200) – So, the matchup might not look the best at first glance, but if you look just a little bit deeper, it’s not so bad: McCann is 10-for-23 against Price (.435) with three home runs.


Buster Posey vs. Cashner ($3,900) – The risk here is his ankle – he sat Wednesday for it, so you know it’s bothering him to some extent. But he didn’t make the DL, so hopefully the two days off did some good. There are lots of Giants with good history against Cashner, so as a team, they could produce plenty of runs in this one, good for everyone’s fantasy value. Posey is 10-for-20 against Cashner himself, with a double and two home runs.

Blake Swihart @ Archer ($3,200) – Not the greatest matchup, but keep him on your radar – averaging over 9 fantasy points per game over his last ten at this price, he is representing a rare catcher value who brings both consistency and upside to the table.

First Basemen


Joey Votto vs. Lackey ($5,000) – As much as I like Lackey to give you a reliable performance, I am not exactly predicting a no-hitter. And with power like Votto’s, it only takes one swing to justify the price. In his two starts against Lackey so far in his career, he has gone 3-for-8 (.375) with two home runs.

David Ortiz @ Archer ($4,300) – Ortiz has been on fire. Not surprising, really – who else would be powering an offensive resurgence for this team. Slashing .373/.383/1.150 over the past ten days, he is averaging almost 13 points per game lately. This matchup might drive away other owners, leaving him all for you – embrace it. Ortiz is 7-for-20 (.350) against Archer with a pair of home runs and ten RBI, so the upside is still there.


Brandon Belt vs. Cashner ($3,800) – He’s gone 5-for-13 against Cashner with a home run in the past, and he has been hitting over .300 for his last ten games. He could definitely participate in any scoring the Giants manage to put together in this one.

Victor Martinez @ Anderson ($2,900) – He’s a high risk play, of course, but he has hit safely in each of his last three games over the past week, and you know he would like to be able to produce down the stretch for the Tigers, and by proxy for your fantasy lineup.

Second Basemen


Jose Altuve @ Weaver ($4,600) – Hitting just over .300 against Weaver all-time (7-for-23), Altuve will likely serve as table-setter if the Astros manage to general any offense tonight, giving him as good a chance as anyone to score.


Dee Gordon vs. Gonzalez ($4,500) – If there is a weapon on this offense, it’s Gordon. Until Wednesday, he was working on a nice little seve-game hitting streak that featured eleven hits, five steals and six runs scored. Even Wednesday, he drew two walks and scored twice. The consistency with which he uses his speed as a weapon is fun to watch.


Rougned Odor vs. Chavez ($4,000) – If you’ve been waiting anxiously for a good spot to get Odor in your lineup again since the scare with the finger injury, make tonight the night. He’s faced Chavez once before and went 3-for-3 with a double and a home run.

Addison Russell @ Morgan ($3,500) – Morgan has given up fourteen home runs in thirteen starts, Russell has four home runs in his last ten games. The potential is there for another one of these double-digit outings he’s given us over the past couple weeks, and for this price – if you’re looking for upside – this is as good a chance as any.

Third Basemen


Kris Bryant @ Morgan ($5,000) – There are a few good ways to spend your money at third base tonight, and Bryant is one of them. The 23-year-old rookie is just another of the Cubs young guns looking to come together to create the best offense of 2020. He’s hit safely in nine of his last ten, a stretch that has included three home runs and nine RBI.


Nolan Arenado @ Iwakuma ($4,600) – I don’t care who he’s facing, you don’t just ignore a hot streak like this. Last week he hit home runs in five straight games, so the two he has in his last three games are sort of boring. In case you’re counting, that is seven home runs in his last ten games, while hitting .408 (17-for-40). Yes, please.


Evan Longoria vs. Miley ($3,800) – Frankly, I am sort of surprised his price still dictates that I can put him in the values portion of this article, and the fact is, if I had to, I’d write about him as a stud. Because that’s what he is, and his price could be several hundred dollars higher and I would still recommend him. He is slashing .400/.481/.700 over the past week, and in truth, that hot streak has been longer than seven days.

David Freese vs. Keuchel ($3,100) – He is 8-for-16 against Keuchel, with a double and a home run. But if you decide you want to avoid the matchup anyway, keep Freese in mind for tomorrow maybe? Since returning from the DL, he is 7-for-18 with three doubles. This price could definitely be going up.



Xander Bogaerts @ Archer ($3,900) – He has faced Archer a couple of times before, with some success – two hits and a walk in eight tries. So, the matchup maybe shouldn’t petrify you. But on a night when most of the very best options at the position are either slumping or nicked up or facing a good pitcher, his upside might still be accessible. Simply put, he has been demonstrating why he was a top prospect, and why the Red Sox have invested so much in him. He is hitting .340 since the All-Star break, and is not really showing any signs of slowing down.


Jose Reyes @ Iwakuma ($3,800) – Coming off a couple of off days, he should be refreshed and ready to go against Iwakuma, against whom he is already 4-for-7. At this price, against a pitcher who has been struggling recently anyway, a couple of hits would justify the roster spot even if they don’t go for extra bases.

Troy Tulowitzki @ Severino ($3,800) – There has been a definite uptick in production for Tulo since he was dropped to fifth in the batting order from the leadoff spot he occupied when he first got to Toronto. Even if he still isn’t connecting as often as he would like, I am sure, he is helping a good offense win when they need it, and it’s translating into fantasy points – at least on occasion. With double digit games twice in his last four, this price certainly seems reasonable.




Ryan Braun @ Morton ($4,800) – Braun is hitting .388 and slugging .633 over the past ten games, good for 13 fantasy points per outing. He also has hit .348 in 23 at-bats against Morton, including three doubles and a home run.

Andrew McCutchen vs. Nelson ($4,600) – A consistent performer all year, he has faced Nelson eight times, and he has two walks and three hits, including a pair of doubles. That’s good for a slash line of .500/.625/.833.

Jacoby Ellsbury vs. Price ($4,100) – The price is likely depressed because of the matchup, and sure, his ceiling might be limited if the Yankees in general don’t score many runs. But Ellsbury himself has a ton of exposure to Price over the years, and is history is any indication, he won’t be the problem in this one. In sixty plate appearances, he is hitting .333, with seven extra base hits (4 doubles, 2 triples and a HR).


Jason Werth @ Cosart ($3,900) – Werth is averaging just about nine fantasy points per game over the last two weeks, and is heading into a matchup that should make him – and you – feel comfortable: he’s 4-for-6 with a home run in limited exposure.

Justin Upton @ Peavy ($3,800) – Upton has certainly had ups and down this season, but for the price, you are definitely getting more upside than usual. And this is a matchup where that upside could be on full display: he is 7-for-14 in his career against Peavy, with a triple, a home run, and five RBI.

Carlos Gomez @ Weaver ($3,700) – It’s unclear if this is going to help or hurt, but he has moved to fifth in the batting order (down from second) – but the chance is at least there that this will give him some more opportunities to drive in runs, which is certainly not a bad thing from a fantasy point of view. He got a day off Wednesday prior to the off-day (and went 0-for-1 as a pinch hitter), but now he’ll be looking to get back onto the pace he had been seeing over the past couple of weeks (.365/.400/.618).

Good luck!