There are nine day games on Wednesday, and four more at night. There are plenty of DFS contests for both sets of games, and a few “All-Day” contests where you can use the best options from all thirteen contests. Here are a few players to target at every position and price range. Players below are playing during the day games, unless otherwise noted. Good luck!

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Starting Pitchers


Gerrit Cole vs. MIA ($10,500) – Scherzer, Grienke, and Felix are all going today or tonight, so it’s not as if there are no other top options. In fact, in most cases, you’ll probably be happy to find out Scherzer and Grienke, at least, are going tonight, so you don’t have to worry about facing them on other fantasy rosters or about being forced into picking hitters who are facing one of them unless you are picking a lineup from the late games.

Chris Archer vs. SEA ($9,200) – Archer has gone over twenty fantasy points in each of his last three, giving up only one or two runs each per game, and notching just under 7 K’s per outing. Against a weak-hitting Mariners lineup, I like him to continue his hot streak.



Jon Lester vs. WAS ($8,600) – LATE – Lester might not be particularly cheap, but he definitely represents a savings over the very top options, and could come through with a performance that rivals any of them against a Nationals lineup that struggles against left-handed pitching. Combine those struggles with Lester’s recent success (at least seven innings with no more than 2 earned runs in four of his last five), and you potentially have a cheap(er) stud on your hands. 

Noah Syndergaard vs. PHI ($7,600) – Syndergaard has had three starts, and has logged either five or six K’s in each of them, and has gone six innings in each of his last two. With those numbers, you are looking at a performance in the low teens without a win, and likely the low twenties if he does get the victory. That’s not bad at all, especially since you like his chances at earning the W as much as ever tonight against the Phillies.



Buster Posey @ Mike Fiers ($4,800) – It gets boring suggesting Posey every time, but there just aren’t that many good catchers, and he is one of them. And not only is he good, but with two HR’s, nine RBI and a stellar batting average over the past two weeks or so, he’s hot right now, so it’s impossible not to have him on your radar.

Brian McCann vs. Chris Young ($4,000) – McCann has hit safely in four straight games, with at least seven fantasy points in each of those contests, and while Chris Young has continued to look effective and post good number since getting moved to the starting rotation, he is pitching to contact in many cases, so a hot bat can definitely still manage a hit or two and whether that leads to counting stats will make all the difference.


Yadier Molina vs. Josh Collmenter ($3,500) – LATE – Big fan of using guys against Collmenter. It’s almost too bad this game has to be trapped in the late slate. Free Josh Collmenter!

Francisco Cervelli vs. UND ($3,700) – Cervelli has been very solid all year, hitting for a good average, and that has been especially true lately, as he has picked up both his average and his slugging percentage, starting to mix in more extra base hits. He doesn’t have a lot of power, though, and hasn’t been producing too many runs in this offense, so as much as anything else, you are just hoping for an uptick from the Pirates in general if you decide to roster Cervelli.

First Basemen


Brandon Belt @ Mike Fiers ($5,100) – The second Giant to lead off a price list at is position, and he isn’t the last. It’s almost as if this offense has started to play better as of late – oh wait, that’s exactly what’s happening. Get in on it.

Adrian Gonzalez vs. Alex Wood ($4,400) – LATE – Yup, still Adrian Gonzalez. When it comes right down to it, no matter what has happened in recent years, this is a hitter with a long enough track record that your default should be trusting that his production is going to continue until you see something concrete that tells you the production is stopping – you know, something like a ten or twelve game hitless streak, something obvious.



Michael Cuddyer vs. Sean O’Sullivan ($3,900) – Cuddyer hasn’t just picked up  the pace at the plate lately, he has looked like an entirely new man. He’s hitting .350 and slugging .525 over his past ten games, and in fact, the increase in production has gone back even further than that. And a matchup with O’Sullivan should give you confidence that the same level of usefulness can continue for another day.

Mitch Moreland @ Carlos Carrasco ($3,700) – Another hitter on a good streak right now, his batting average over the past two weeks is up about .50 points higher than his season average, and thanks to four HR’s and four doubles in his last ten, his slugging % is up almost .200 points over that same stretch.

Second Basemen


Brian Dozier vs. Rick Porcello ($4,600) – You’ll notice that the hitters referred to here aren’t the guys facing Cole and Felix and Scherzer or Greinke – well, Rick Porcello is not one of those guys.

Kolton Wong vs. Josh Collmenter ($4,100) – LATE – Yeah, it would definitely be nice to get these Cardinals hitters in our lineups tonight, in many ways starting with Wong. Now through 46 games, he is still hitting .320 and slugging almost .475, and his numbers are decidedly better than that recently, so it’s not even as if he has already started some slow decline.


Dustin Pedroia @ Phil Hughes ($,3800) – Pedroia is sitting snugly at the top of the lineup, continuing to drill line drives, even as the Red Sox are floundering around him. For that reason, his upside has been slashed down drastically, but the talent is still there. It’s hard to root for an entire team to turn it around, but in this case, it would certainly help.

D.J. LeMahieu @ Mike Leake ($3,800) – With thirteen hits in his last ten games, including a triple and a home run, eight runs scored, seven RBI and a pair of steals, he produces fantasy points in a lot of different ways. It’s like Wall Street: diversify, diversity, diversify.

Third Basemen


Todd Frazier vs. Kyle Kendrick ($4,800) – With a home run a couple of days ago, he showed the power hadn’t disappeared permanently. Let’s hope it was the beginning of a hot streak.

Mike Moustakas @ Michael Pineda ($4,000) – Even with no home runs, he is slugging over .500 recently due to his ability to drive the ball into the gaps for doubles. Pineda has given up 18 total hits in his past two starts, and Moustakas is just the kind of hitter right now to take advantage of that.


Yasmany Tomas @ Lance Lynn ($3,800) – LATE – Multiple hits in each of his last two and in eight of his last ten (and he hit safely once in the other two as well). That is consistent impressive fantasy performance, which to me is worth paying even more than $3,800. There is definitely value here. 

Xander Bogaerts @ Phil Hughes ($3,500) – One of the lone bright spots on the Red Sox right now, he would be a bright spot anywhere, and he could definitely thrive in this matchup with Hughes. Hitting .333/..358/.458 over the last ten games. 



Brandon Crawford @ Mike Fiers ($4,500) – Another Giant at the top of his positional rankings – did these guys win something recently? Seems like they have a pretty good team here. Crawford has been solid all year, and better than that recently, having hit safely in eleven straight, a stretch that has included five multi-hit games.

Jose Reyes vs. Jeff Samardzija ($3,900) – This is almost just to point out that Reyes is back. He’s played each of the last two nights and has a double and a run scored in each – suffice it to say he didn’t come back too early.


Didi Gregorious vs. Chris Young ($3,700) – Gregorious is hitting .217 with two home runs and eleven home runs. Not exactly a ringing endorsement so far, I know, but both of those home runs, and another double, have come in the past week, and he is, at least, very likely to play with a right handed pitcher without a ton of movement away from the hitters taking the mound against the Yanks tonight.

Erick Aybar vs. Andrew Cashner ($3,600) – LATE – In the late games tonight, you have three legit stud pitchers going out of only eight, which means there are a ton of batters, percentage-wise, from whom you are going to try to shy away (think anyone facing Scherzer, for example). But Andrew Cashner is kind of the opposite, so if you are in evening only DFS contests, just know that you should expect some pretty high ownership percentages in the obvious matchups – like this one.



Mike Trout vs. Andrew Cashner ($5,200) – LATE – Trout is really good, and Cashner is not. If you’re in a  contest tonight, you could easily be putting yourself behind the eight-ball by not taking Trout when everyone else does, so if you want that unique lineup construction, you are going to have to fade him and hope he doesn’t kill you.


Starling Marte vs. Brad Hand ($5,000) – Nine home runs and 30 RBI. Seven steals and 23 runs scored. Sometimes skills are complementary, and when you have a guy putting it all together like Marte is doing right now, there is no limit to his upside. Especially, as is the case tonight, when he is facing a lefty. You almost have to start him.

Billy Hamilton vs. Kyle Kendricks ($4,500) – Hamilton has been getting his OBP and batting average closer to season marks than they were earlier in this month, when he was really scuffling. That doesn’t make him an amazing option, but if he continues that trend of improvement in a good matchup Kendricks, it could make him a decent value without a ton of upside.

Josh Harrison vs. Brad Hand ($4,400) – He just had an eleven game hit streak snapped, but he is still sitting pretty with hits in twelve of thirteen, and these are not a string of slap singles. He’s got a home run and seven doubles in that stretch as well, leading to a spike not only in his average, but also in his slugging numbers, and, most importantly, his fantasy points.


Adam Eaton @ Marco Estrada ($3,800) – As long as his price stays this low, he will be easy to keep recommending. He’s not someone you want to take over the guys who are priced $300-$400 higher, so this is a sweet spot where you are not getting tremendous value, but you are definitely not overpaying in a way that makes it hard to build the rest of your lineup either.

Brandon Barnes @ Mike Leake ($3,300) – These guys are cheap. This is for when you have to have Mike Trout and a top-of-the-line pitcher, but it can work out. Hitters always CAN work out. There are always cheap options  to produce – and if you know who that’ll be, you will make yourself into a rich man with this here DFS.

Delino Deshields vs. Carlos Carrasco ($3,200) – Deshields can run – I mean, he is really fast. And yes, that means steals. It also means that his .394 OBP on the season is very, very useful – he creates opportunities for himself and his teammates just by being out there, creating space between infielders and doubt in pitchers. If his offense was clicking better right now, he would have a lot more than 21 runs scored.

David Murphy vs. Colby Lewis ($3,100) – He keeps hammering righties. And there are a lot of righties.

Good luck!