Starting Pitchers



AJ Burnett vs. Philadelphia Phillies ($8200) – AJ Burnett is the stud today partly because of his matchup, partly because he has pitched well, and mostly because the other options up top are worse. His matchup is with the Phillies who have the second worst batting average in the league at .216 against RHP, worst in runs at 72, and have a 21.8% strikeout rate. Burnett is a huge favorite at -175 in a game with the run line creeping up to 8 due to his young gas can of an opponent. He should be able to limit the Phillies and pitch a little deeper into this game than he has been lately. The Phillies do not strike out a ton, but AJ has always been an above average strikeout guy, so he still projects for about five of them.


Alfredo Simon vs. Minnesota Twins ($5000) – The Twins have allowed some really high scoring games to starting pitchers in recent weeks. They have 168 strikeouts in 654 at-bats so far for a 25.7% K-rate. Simon is a -135 favorite for the win in this one and he did have four straight 20 DK point starts beforea two game rough patch against KC and the White Sox, neither of whom strikeout much which limited his upside. Simon is not a huge strikeout pitcher, but he has been known to get a few on his way to pitching deep into games. Increased strikeouts, a good chance for the win, and pitching deep into the game would give him a nice fantasy score for a paltry price of only $5000.



Stephen Vogt vs. Boston Red Sox ($3900) – Masterson has always been vulnerable to left-handed bats. He allowed them to hit .320 off of him last year. This year they are hitting .280 so far and it is by far his lesser split. The As have a lot of solid left-handed bats to throw at Masterson today and Vogt is one of them. Vogt is currently batting .337 with 8 homeruns and an OPS of 1.070. He prefers to hit against right-handers, so this is a good matchup for him. Vogt has been batting fifth behind the red hot Josh Reddick and the always solid Billy Butler. He gets a lot of RBI opportunities and has flashed power, so he has a lot of upside.


Derrick Norris vs. Seattle Mariners ($3400) – The Padres backstop absolutely rakes against left-handed pitching. So far in 2015, he is 13/25 for an average that is over .500. In 2014, he was a .311 hitter against southpaws as well, so this is a strong trend. Paxton has been very good in limited innings in MLB, but he is tougher on lefties than he is on right-handed batters. That San Diego offense has been hot and Norris usually finds a few RBI opportunities daily. You will be hard pressed to find more upside for cheaper on DraftKings today.

First Basemen


Freddie Freeman vs. Cincinnati Reds ($5100) – Freeman hit .300 in over 400 ABs against righties in 2014. So far in 2015, he is hitting .322 with 4 homeruns in only 89 ABs. Descalfani is much tougher on right handed bats. In his 31 major league innings against left-handed batters since 2014, he has allowed them to hit .287 with 6 homeruns and 19 earned runs. It’s a great matchup for Freeman. Throw in the fact that he gets a park bump going to the hitter friendly Great American Ballpark and it makes sense for DK to have his price jacked up. He should be hitting third again tomorrow with other lefties surrounding him in that order.

Joey Votto vs. Atlanta Braves ($4500) – The other first baseman in the same game has a great matchup as well. The young Mike Foltynewicz has really struggled against left-handed power bats. In 14 innings against lefties in his MLB career, he has allowed 23 hits, 11 runs, and 4 homeruns. In 78 At-bats against right-handed pitching in 2015, Votto has 25 hits with 7 homeruns, 4 doubles, and 13 walks. He has an OPS percentage of 1.059 vs. RHP so far this season. He plays in the same hitter friendly Cincy ballpark and provides a discount to his counterpart on the team in the opposing dugout today.

Second Basemen


Neil Walker vs. Philadelphia Phillies ($4400) – Left-handed bats smash Sean O’Sullivan. In 17 IP at the MLB level, he has allowed 28 hits, 11 earned runs, and 4 HRs to left-handed bats. Philly is a good hitter’s park and Neil Walker has been a hot bat. He has scored 21, 12, 14, and 9 in his last four games and he has the park bump and a great matchup in this one to keep that streak rolling.


Devon Travis vs. Baltimore Orioles ($3300) – His price remains stubbornly cheap for a guy who hits on top of the Blue Jays batting order. He goes up against Chris Tillman today, who has allowed 5 HRs in 32 IP. Travis has seven homers already and has been a pleasant surprise for Toronto.  Vegas expects a lot of runs today and Travis should be involved in it from his lineup spot. He is too cheap not to use for cash and his power gives him GPP upside in a nice hitter’s park.

Third Basemen



Mike Moustakas vs. Texas Rangers ($4200) – “Moose Tacos” has been hitting right-handed pitching all season so far. He currently sports a .323 batting average against them. Martinez has historically struggled with left-handed batters, so the 2 hole man for the Royals has a big splits advantage. Last year Martinez allowed lefties to hit .279 against him with a WHIP of 1.69 and a HR allowed every seventh inning. He gets a positive park bump as this game will be played in Texas, so there is a lot to like with him.


Luis Valbuena vs. San Fransisco Giants ($3900) – Chris Heston struggles against left-handed batters and Valbuena is really the only one they have on Houston. In 17 innings in MLB, Heston has allowed 29 hits and 10 earned runs with only 5 strikeouts against them. Valbuena is much better against right-handed pitching as his .094 batting average against lefties is what is dragging his overall average down. In 82 at-bats this year against righties, he already has six homeruns and usually finds himself towards the top of the order. If he hits in the 2 or 3 hole against Heston, he will definitely be worthy of inclusion at his price.




Troy Tulowitzki vs. Los Angeles Angels ($4400) – The asking price on Tulo is down and he gets a matchup with a left-handed pitcher named CJ Wilson for this one. Wilson allowed right-handed bats to hit .277 with 15 homeruns in 2014, which followed a .268 with 13 homeruns in 2013. He struggles most with hitters from the right side. Tulo is a proven masher of left-handed pitching. He is 41 for his last 97 against lefties with 9 doubles and 10 homeruns. Tulo is away from Coors, but that should not have caused his salary to drop this far. He can be had in his preferred split, at a discounted price, and filling out a hole in a weak position.


Xander Bogaerts vs. Oakland Athletics ($3300) – He hits down in the order and this is not a sexy pick, but Bogaerts has always handled left-handed pitching well. He does not have a ton of power, but he is a professional hitter and is a good bet to rack up multiple hits today against Pomeranz who has struggled with right-handed bats. The savings he offers allows you to spend up in other spots and he has a pretty safe floor in a good matchup.



Adam Jones vs. Toronto Blue Jays ($4300) – Jones homered in Monday’s contest and loves hitting at home in Baltimore. Today he gets a matchup against Mark Buehrle, who has already given up six homers in only 33 innings worth of work. Adam Jones was 53/154 against left-handed pitching in 2014 with 11 doubles and nine homeruns. He is already 8 for 15 this season vs. southpaws with two doubles and two homers, so he’s remained dangerous. The cherry on top is his $4300 price which puts him no where near the most expensive options on the day. Great matchup at a cheap price from a guy who bats 3rd or 4th in an order expected to put up runs Tuesday is a gift for only $4300.


Bryce Harper vs. Arizona Diamondbacks ($5300) – Ruby De La Rosa struggles with left-handed bats. In 2015 they are already hitting .282 against him with four homeruns. Last year he allowed lefties to hit .320 off of him in a much larger sample size, so it’s a trend you can exploit. Here are Harper’s fantasy scores over the last five games: 46, 37, 23, 12, 9. They sound like winning lottery numbers. If you have been rostering him on DraftKings, they basically were. Harper is on fire right now and he mashes right-handed pitching. He gets a positive park bump as well, so there’s a ton of things going in his favor. He is not cheap, but guys who can put up 83 fantasy points in back-to-back games rarely are.

Mike Trout vs. Kyle Kendrick ($5300) – Kyle Kendrick is one of the worst pitchers in MLB based on recent statistics. He is worse to left-handed hitters, but everyone is hitting over .300 against him, so it does not really matter. Trout is the reigning MVP and argueably the best player in baseball and he hits over .300 against right-handed pitching anyway. Trout has averaged 14.8 DK points over his last five games. He can get you points in so many ways. He hits for average, power, steals bases, scores and drives in runs. There’s enough cheap options at other spots to pay up for both him and Harper today and that is not a bad strategy.


Josh Reddick vs. Boston Red Sox ($3700) – Justin Masterson struggles against left-handed batters. He gave up a .320 batting average in 2014 and a .280 so far this year to them. Reddick has been one of the best lefties in all of baseball since returning from an injury that kept him out the first few games. He is hitting third in that As order while putting up a .316 average, with 5 homers, an OPS of .951, and double digit fantasy points in six of his last eleven. At $3700 that is way too cheap for a good player, swinging a hot stick, and in a great matchup.