With every team in action on Friday, and no day games, there are a ton of options to sift through for your DFS lineups. Here are some guys I think you should at least consider, at every position and price range. Good luck!

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Starting Pitchers

USATSI_8588916_168381090_lowresJake Odorizzi @ SEA ($8,600) – Odorizzi is the only “stud” pitcher I really feel like recommending today, which means a few things: 1. other people probably feel the same way (so be mindful of ownership percentages); 2. there aren’t a lot of stud pitchers going today; 3. this might be a good day for hitters (and a good day for you to spend big on a few of them). Odorizzi has been great, and he’s got a good matchup and an excellent chance at the W, but you might be best served going further down the list so you can take a top hitting option at more than one position as you build out your lineup.


Tsuyoshi Wada @ WAS ($7,400) – He’s got three starts, 19 K’s, and a WHIP under 1.00. I’d say so far, so good, right?

Charlie Morton @ ATL ($7,200) – Atlanta’s bats have cooled somewhat, and while Morton doesn’t have huge upside because there isn’t a ton of strikeout potential, there is a good chance NO pitcher has truly huge upside tonight. But some hitters do, and rolling out a guy like Morton is one way to be able to afford them.

Aaron Sanchez vs. HOU ($6,100) – I am pretty sure I’ve deployed the stack against Sanchez this season, so this is definitely a risky pick. But he has a quality start in each of his last three appearances, and has the chance to do the same while earning a W in his matchup with the Astros tonight. And I will happily take 20 fantasy points from one of my pitcher slots for this price. And I know you would too.



Buster Posey @ Williams ($4,300) – Jerome Williams is not the kind of pitcher you shy away from. And with so few catchers really producing this season, Posey has got to be on the short list every time, especially when he costs more like a mid-tier option at any other position.

Stephen Vogt @ Miley ($4,000) – Currently listed as day-to-day, he left the game last night early. Some reports have come out saying that it was nothing but cramps and that he’d be out there tonight. Be careful and check the lineups before you play him, but then… play him. In fact, feel free to unleash all your A’s.


Yan Gomes vs. Tillman ($3,900) – Suggesting Yan Gomes and his .149 batting average is my way of saying “TILLMAN IS PITCHING! AGAINST MARCUM! EXPECT RUNS!”

Tyler Flowers ($3,400) / Geovany Soto ($3,200) vs. Ryan – Finally, in the past few days, Flowers has shown signs of life! We can finally move on from Soto! Oh wait, Soto just homered? Something tells me Robin Ventura would have preferred these two guys to maybe alternate their hot streaks, but not, they went from both cold to both warm at the same time. Whichever one is behind the plate tonight makes for a viable option.

First Basemen


Paul Goldschmidt vs. Niese ($5,700) – Yes, please. He’s got a career .200 average against Niese in five at-bats, and suffice it to say, I expect that average to go up after tonight. He has four home runs in his last six games. He has been hitting over .400 for weeks now, and getting on base at more than a .550 clip. When his team scores runs, he is involved. And they can score against Niese.


Chris Davis @ Marcum ($4,500) – Marcum, at the end of the day, has had ok results in three of his four starts this season. But, that being said, in those four starts, he has given up SIX home runs, including at least one in every game. Davis is just the guy to take advantage of something like that.


Jeff Baker @ Butler ($3,400) – Check the lineups on this one, but Baker, who has been a bench player all year, might start seeing regular PT with Mike Morse on the DL and in this case, that could be valuable. Baker has two home runs on the year in very limited action, facing off against Eddie Butler in Colorado – as good a bet for a cheap HR as anyone else tonight.

Logan Forsythe @ Happ ($3,200) – His average goes down against lefties, but his power numbers go way up. We’re talking a slugging rate of almost .600. If he could do that for righties, you wouldn’t be able to get him for $3,200, that much is for sure.

Second Basemen


Dee Gordon @ Butler ($5,300) – You see Butler pitching at home right now, and you want to take advantage. And when the Marlins are the opponent, that means taking basically all of Miami’s good hitters, since there aren’t many. Not many, but this is one.

D.J. LeMahieu vs. Koehler ($4,200)* – He’s been a stud all season long, and he is still playing that way. You might have expected a drop-off – it hasn’t happened. You’ve seen him as cheap as $3,400 in just the past two weeks – but when he is at home, you should expect $4,200 to be the floor from here on out – a .339/.394/.435 hitter deserves at least that much respect, don’t you think?


Chris Owings vs. Niese ($3,500) – Owings is hit or miss. See what I did there?

Justin Turner vs. Martinez ($3,300) – He’s been a bit of a platoon player so far, or a utility guy, but he is pretty well set at third base right now, and the consistency seems to be treating him well, as he is averaging just over 6 fantasy points per game over his last ten.

Third Basemen


Nolan Arenado vs. Koehler ($4,900) – This might be the first time I have included him in this column all season, but I have to be honest, I am not sure why that is. And maybe I am a little late to the bandwagon, since he has had five home runs in the last ten games, but none in the last three. But that means he had five home runs in just seven games (I know, quick math), and that, to me, says he’s due. For the record, only one of those five came at home – and no one ever has had better power numbers away from Coors than at Coors. He’s got to start catching up sometime.

Martin Prado @ Butler ($4,400) – Yup, another guy playing in Coors. When the pitchers are this bad, and the hitters are this cheap, it’s hard to avoid. Prado might be a pick that can get you at least some separation, though, because for most of the season so far he has seemed to have very little upside – so you can hold out hope that your competitors who might definitely end up drafting Giancarlo might not be savvy enough to go with Prado as well.


Chase Headley vs. Weaver ($3,900) – I shied away from Weaver for the most part, but the team he is facing has PLENTY of experience against him over the years. He’s been very effective this season, but I can certainly see some runs crossing the plate against him in this one, and lately, Headley has been involved when that happens, whether it’s with a walk and a run or a bases-loaded fly ball for the RBI, Headley has been playing some nice situational baseball, and it’s always nice when that translates into fantasy value as well.

Will Middlebrooks @ Iglesias ($3,500) – He is 10-for-28 over the past eight games, with two doubles and two home runs. For $3,500, I am on board. He’s been getting more regular PT with a few injuries to the infield of the Padres, but he is playing well enough to justify it.



Troy Tulowitzki @ Koehler ($5,100) – Yeah, I know, obvious. Doesn’t make it wrong. Just like picking him even though 20% of everyone else does too isn’t wrong. As soon as he scores 30+ fantasy points while 20% of owners have him and you don’t, you’ll understand perfectly why.

Hanley Ramirez vs. Kazmir ($4,600) – Ramirez has two hits in five of his last eight games. Of course, he has none in the other three, but he does appear to be rounding into form, and he has always hit well against lefties.


Xander Bogaerts vs. Kazmir ($3,900) – Bogaerts has been a bit of a tease this season, because he just looks so good out there – but then the numbers haven’t been there to back it up. But he is currently sitting at 11-for-21 over the past seven days with only one K. If he is starting to put it all together, this price is going up. Get in on the action before you are priced out of the market.

J.J. Hardy @ Marcum ($3,100) – This pick, really, is just a product of Marcum. And Marcum is a good pitcher, but not for six, seven, eight innings against an offense like Baltimore’s. And the bullpen isn’t exactly the type to come in and slam the door.




Giancarlo Stanton @ Butler ($5,800) – The Marlins are playing against Colorado and Eddie Butler, in case you haven’t picked up on that from my choices just yet.

Michael Cuddyer @ Hellickson ($4,800) – Cuddyer has been in every recommendation column I have written for the past two weeks, and I have not started regretting it yet. He’s hit safely in nine straight now, and I expect double-digits.

Justin Upton @ Iglesias ($4,700) – His power has dropped off somewhat since the very early going this season, but he is still raking the ball to both fields with consistency, and that still counts.

Joc Pederson vs. Martinez ($4,400) – I mean, is it just me, or at some point, for these young guys, does what they’ve done this season just have to count as “track record.” I get guys being more expensive because they have done it longer, to a point, but when the only thing we’ve ever seen is him be awesome, at what point do we just collectively decide to believe in it, until we see otherwise?


Nori Aoki @ Williams ($3,900) – I love recommending this guy. His ownership levels are strikingly low for a cheap option who has produced consistently, at least in my opinion. He is hitting .314 and averaging just about 8 fantasy points a game, and he has only picked up the pace recently – what’s not to like?

Ender Inciarte vs. Niese ($3,800) – Anyone who has the potential to swipe 25 bags in a year is valuable, in almost the same way as a power hitter who doesn’t hit for average. And Inciarte is getting on base at better than a .300 clip, so he is giving himself (and your fantasy roster) opportunities. Can’t ask for much more than that.

Billy Burns @ Miley ($3,700) – One out of three in his career against Miley, so not a huge track record to go on there, but he has an OPS over .900 for the past couple of weeks, which is enough of a track record for me at this price.

Chris Coghlan @ Roark ($3,300) – Another guys I just keep recommending and keep seeing his price stay low – I am going to keep riding this train. He is hitting .223 for the year, true. But he has five hits in his last 14 at-bats, and has both scored and driven in a run over that stretch. He might be helping out his real team more than your fantasy team, but any help at all is always appreciated.

Good luck!