We have a huge slate of games today! Here are some guys I think you should at least consider, at every position and price range. Good luck!

Early and Late options today for contests:

$110K MLB Payoff Pitch for a $27 Entry fee

Starting Pitcher


Zach Greinke vs. Miami Marlins ($10300) – Greinke gets to face the Stanton-less Marlins in this one. The Marlins have the fourth worst OPS in the league with a healthy Stanton, so that is only going to get worse now. They also have the 8th highest strikeout percentage against right-handed pitching and we all know Greinke can strike batters out. He is a huge favorite at -187, in a game with a run total of seven, and being played in a pitcher friendly park. He should have a safe floor because of the those strikeouts and it is doubtful the Marlins generate much offense without Stanton based on the incredibly low team OPS when his was so high.


Mike Fiers vs. Minnesota Twins ($8500) – Fiers has always been an erratic fantasy performer. He has huge K potential, so when he puts it all together, he can rack up 20-30 points in a hurry. When he fails to find the strike zone though or gives up a long ball with men he walked onto base, he tends to throw up some really bad starts that would kill your rosters. The Twins are not a tough spot for him. They have the tenth highest strikeout rate at 20.2% against right-handers. Their batting average of .243 is 24th overall. Minnesota is a high strikeout teams and has already given up some big games to right-handers this season.



Stephen Vogt ($4200) – Vogt is back in the three spot of the Athletics order against right-handed pitching. He gets to face Jeremy Guthrie in this one and Guthrie is one of the worst in the league vs. left-handed batters over the last few years. This year he is allowing a .341 batting average with 10 homeruns in 39 innings of work against lefties. Vogt is batting .287 with 12 homeruns in 171 at-bats against right-handed pitching in 2015. This matchup is worth paying up at catcher for as Vogt is easily a standout option at a thin position.


Jonathon Lucroy ($3600) – Lucroy has a solid matchup against the Twins and is still pretty cheap at only $3600 if you need a salary saver. He faces Tommy Milone who has average d giving up a homerun to right-handed bats at a rate of 1 in 5, 1 in 4, and 1 in 5 over the last three years. Right-handed bats are also hitting .304 against him. Despite his struggles in limited plate appearances this year, Lucroy hit .304 and .312 against left-handers in 2014 and 2013. He hits high up in the Brewers order, and they are expected to score a few runs in their hitter friendly home park.

First Base


Paul Goldschmidt ($5300) – golschmidtGoldy is one of the best players in baseball and does not get the recognition he deserves playing in Arizona. He faces Odrismer Despaigne who has allowed right-handed bats to hit .294 with 6 homers in 39 innings of work. Goldy is batting .345 with 15 homers in 200 at-bats against right-handers this year, which also includes 13 doubles. The matchup favors him and many will shy away because of the park downgrade and price. Low owned with huge upside is what wins tournaments.


Carlos Santana ($4300) – Not a true cheap value option, but at a stacked position like first base, you do not want to go too low and take on the risk of low upside. Santana has a lot of upside in his matchup tomorrow and his ownership rates have plummeted after losing catcher eligibility. He faces Ubaldo Jiminez who has allowed a lot of homeruns to left-handed bats. His batting average against has been solid, but he has been tagged for a few long balls and pitches here in a homerun park at Camden Yards. He has 42 homeruns in his last 854 at-bats against right-handed pitching, so he has some power. Ubaldo throws hard and Santana hits the ball hard, so while he may strikeout a few times, he is also likely to get a hold on one and send it into the outfield. He is a high risk, high reward type of play, but has huge homerun upside in this one.

Second Base


Jason Kipnis ($5100) –kipnis Kipnis has the same matchup as his teammate above. He has been awesome against right0handed pitching this season. Kipnis is batting .399 and has flashed some homerun power over the years. He is getting a park bump and many will not be jumping to roster him at that price. He has an OPS over 1.000 which is hard to find at second base. In a matchup as good as this one, he makes sense as a pay up to be contrarian play.


Justin Turner ($3800) – This guy has been on fire and you can still get him for relatively cheap in a thin position that is tough to find upside. He is also $1300 cheaper than Kipnis and will be a very popular choice because of it. He faces Jose Urena who has allowed a .316 against righties in 2015. Turner has been smashing righties this season, is now batting third, and did I mention he was still cheap? His upside at that price for a second baseman is too good of a value to overlook.

UPDATE : Turner is not starting today, so get him out of your lineups.

 Third Base


Aramis Ramirez ($3600) – There is a ton of value at the third base position on Sunday and Ramirez is one of the guys who makes a lot of sense. We discussed his opponent, Tommy Milone, when we were going over Lucroy. Ramirez is even more of a fit in that he has more power than Lucroy. He has 3 homerun in 39 at-bats this year and had 8 in 103 at-bats against left-handed pitching last season. He has been hitting in the five hole lately and should have some RBI chances with guys like Braun getting on in front of him.

Chris Johnson ($3200) – The cash game salary saver of the day is Chris Johnson. He goes up against Jeff Locke who has allowed right-handed bats to hit .279 off of him since 2014. Johnson has been starting with Freddie Freeman on the shelf and is currently hitting .387 against left-handed pitching. Last year he hit .395, so the trend is strong and consistent. His price of only $3200 will not require much to pay it off, and the numbers are very much in his favor here.



Jose Reyes ($4600) – Reyes is the most expensive option, but he is worth the money. He is in the highest total game on the team that is favored and will be leading off for them. He faces Chi-Chi Gonzalez who struggles with left-handed hitters. Reyes is really the one lefty bat on top of that order and he is hitting .285 vs. right-handed pitching. He has been stealing bases again and has a lot of power hitting behind him to drive him in. Despite the high price, he could be the top scorer at the position and still return great value.


Jung Ho Kang ($3600) Kang is batting .308 against left-handed pitching. He often finds himself batting cleanup when the Pirates face a lefty. He gets Alex Wood in this one who struggles with right-handed bats, especially this season. Kang has homerun upside at a thin position and will likely be in a good spot of the order to drive in runs. If you are unwilling to pay all the way p for Reyes, Kang offers less safety with good upside if you want to go a different way.



Nelson Cruz ($4400) –NELSON CRUZ This is a perfect matchup for Cruz. Hector Santiago struggles with homeruns to right-handed bats. He allowed 26 of them in his last 150 innings of work. Nelson is currently batting .396 with 7 homeruns in 48 at-bats against left-handed pitching. That is good for an OPS of 1.417 which is absurdly high. Nelson Cruz is the top option for a homer on the day and will likely be the shortest prop bet price to do so.

Josh Reddick ($4100) – Reddick has the same great matchup with Jeremy Guthrie that was discussed with Vogt. Reddick’s numbers against right-handed pitching have been even better. He is currently hitting .328 22 extra base hits and a OPS of .926. Guthrie struggles against lefties and Reddick is one of the deadliest bats against right-handed pitching in baseball, so this is a matchup that can definitely be exploited.

Ryan Braun ($4700) – Braun has been hot and was given the day off on Saturday. That should mean we see him here against a pitcher in Milone who struggles with homerun and to right-handed batters. Braun is both of those things and plays this in his hitter friendly home park that yields a lot of homeruns. All signs are pointing to another double digit fantasy point return from him as he did in four of his last seven games.


David Dejesus ($3100) – The lefty tends to find himself in the cleanup spot for a Tampa Bay team devoid of good Left-handed bats. That is a shame, because they face Justin Masterson, who has allowed 8 homers in 74 innings of work with a .320 batting average along the way. Dejesus is hitting .285 with 5 homers this year against right-handed pitching and his lineup placement puts him in a good spot to drive in runs and be driven in. For $3100, he does not need to do much to make value and the numbers are in his favor.