With five day games going on Wednesday, those ten teams have got their own daytime fantasy contests, starting at 12:10 EST, which means a couple of things: two chances at great DFS action in one day, but also a more limited set of choices for the night games. Despite this though, the main action is at night, so all players below are going in those contests, unless otherwise noted. But feel free to use this to get advice on both sets of games, with some players to consider at every position and price range. Good luck. 

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Starting Pitchers


Gerrit Cole vs. CIN ($10,500) – He hasn’t given up more than two earned runs in a game since May 6th, and he is routinely pushing double-digits K’s, something he should threaten again tonight against this Reds lineup.


Jaime Garcia @ MIA ($8,800) – By virtue of basically never walking anyone, he is able to pile up the innings and and control the damage done by opposing hitters, even without the stuff to miss a lot of bats. He should be able to go deep against this Marlins lineup, and you are just hoping he gets enough run support to earn the W, because he doesn’t give you great strikeout potential.


Marco Estrada @ TB ($6,300) – EARLY – Estrada is coming off a very solid performance against Baltimore, allowing one hit and one earned run in seven innings, and now he draws a weaker-hitting Rays lineup, and Nathan Karns, who Toronto should be able to hit.

Wandy Rodriguez vs. OAK ($6,000) – He has strung together a bunch of quality outings, including against some top-flight offenses, like his seven innings of one-run ball against the Royals a couple of weeks ago. And he drew Graven in this one, which has got to help his chances at earning the W.



Matt Wieters @ Buchholtz ($4,100) – Wieters hasn’t been healthy enough to get behind the plate every day, but when he does, he’s been productive. And looking at it from the other side, Buchholz hasn’t had a game where he was able to limit an otherwise productive offense in quite some time.

Yasmani Grandal @ Hendricks ($4,000) – With an OPS of .777 over the past week and a half, he has certainly been helping out the Dodgers, but whether he helps your DFS lineup or not is very much hit or miss (pun intended). Against Hendricks, who is coming off a rough outing against the Twins, his chances are better than usual.



Yadier Molina @ Latos ($3,800) – The first of many Cardinals likely to get the nod from me facing off against Latos, but Molina, for his part, didn’t even really need the benefit of a good matchup. This guy is hitting .425/.450/.658 over his last ten games, with four extra base hits and four RBI, a pace that should almost put him at the top of the catcher rankings at this point.

Salvador Perez @ Elias ($3,500) – With a hit in each of his last three games, Perez is looking a little more like the hitter that he was two weeks ago. When you follow daily baseball this closely, it’s amazing how quickly a few hitless games can feel like a “bad stretch” for a player, but Perez is looking more like a catcher with some potential than one without.

First Basemen


Paul Goldshmidt @ Hale ($6,600) – One of the best hitters in baseball, playing well recently: check. Good matchup with a struggling pitcher: check. Power hitter playing in Colorado: check.

Chris Davis @ Buchholtz ($4,500) – He has four hits in his last three games, including one home run. He was 1-for-3 with a BB last night in Fenway, and would be a central part of the process if the Orioles were to hang a crooked number on Clay, which is very possible.


Mitch Moreland vs. Graveman ($3,800) – He’s been a consistent .290 hitter all season, slugging in the mid-.400’s, and there is no reason to think that shouldn’t continue in this matchup.

Logan Morrison vs. Duggy ($3,600) – With three double-digit fantasy performances in his last four, he’s been outpacing expectations – you might as well get a piece of that for yourself.

Second Basemen


Dee Gordon vs. Garcia ($4,600) – If there is offense to be had in Miami, it starts with Gordon, who is maintaining a .354/.374/.424 slash line this year, and if you think the slugging numbers aren’t anything to brag about, he also is now up to 24 steals on the year.

Dustin Pedroia vs. Norris ($4,100) – The only thing approaching a consistent performer on the Red Sox lately, he returned to action on Saturday after missing a couple of games and has four hits, including three doubles, in his last two.


Justin Turner @ Hendricks ($3,900) – Slugging .733 over the last ten games and presented with a good matchup, I would expect him to cost more. So even if this price tag isn’t incredibly cheap, it definitely represents a value.

Addison Russell vs. Bolsinger ($3,600) – He just seems to be progressing. It can be slow, at times, for young players, but he is hitting almost .300 over the past couple of weeks, and even though this has coincided with a drop off in some of his power numbers, eventually it looks like he is on track to put it all together, at least so far.

Third Basemen



Manny Machado @ Buchholtz ($5,200) – He is 19-for-42 in his last ten games (.428), including three doubles and four home runs, and is coming off a 2-for-5 night at Fenway last night, so clearly he is comfortable there, and has no intention of slowing his pace just yet.

Miguel Cabrera @ Carrasco ($5,000) – EARLY – He’s such a stud, he warrants being mentioned even if he is only available to those of you playing in the early contests. Slashing .468/.543/.628 over his last ten, he has been good for an average of 12 fantasy points every night, something that is truly remarkable when you consider the idea that this is all based on hitting a round ball with a round bat – how he manages to accomplish anything this consistently is truly a wonder to watch.


Brock Holt vs. Norris ($3,700) – It’s not always entirely clear where he will find his way into the lineup, so make sure to check before you get him in yours, but lately, when he is active, he is worth rostering. He has had nine or more fantasy points in four of his last five games (and 5+ in eight of seven).

Mike Moustakas @ Elias ($3,600) – Over his last eight games, he is hitting over .380 and averaging over 10 fantasy points an outing, and while this has been a pleasant surprise, it hasn’t been all THAT different than what he’s done all year, hitting .330 and averaging eight fantasy points. In other words, I’m not sure why he’s so cheap.



Troy Tulowitzki vs. Webster ($4,600) – You have to love seeing “vs.” next to his name instead of “@,” especially when there is an exploitable pitching matchup on the books. And make no mistake, this is an exploitable matchup against a pitcher who has allowed eight earned runs (including two home runs) in his only two starts this season.

Jhonny Peralta @ Latos ($4,200) – With eleven home runs on the year, this is exactly the kind of hitter you love to plug into a + matchup, especially in Colorado. This park and this matchup plays to his strengths, because while he is not the most consistent at making contact, Latos should allow for that, and the park can only help making that contact productive.


Yunel Escobar vs. Miller ($3,700) – He’s been hitting over .300 all year, and he continues to do just that. He’s not a huge power threat with only four home runs, but he is slugging over .450 for the past couple of weeks, and is often a part of the best offensive performances for the Nationals.

Xander Bogaerts vs. Norris ($3,600) – Gradually, the signs of life have been appearing with more regularity, and he occasionally flashes signs of that “top prospect” potential, as he did on Sunday against the Royals with his 3-for-5 performance with three doubles. If he continues to develop, that price tag has nowhere to go but up.




Bryce Harper vs. Miller ($5,700) – Sometimes, there will be outfield options with just the right matchup in just the right park who cost about what Harper does, but they can’t seem to keep up with him on a night-to-night basis, but who can? He is seemingly constantly coming through with multiple hits, or a big extra base hit to drive in runs, to the point that is almost shocking when he doesn’t single handedly manufacture some runs for the Nats, and therefore some fantasy points for your DFS roster.

Jose Bautista @ Karns ($5,000) – EARLY – With two home runs in his last three games, and four in his last nine, that .500+ slugging % has only been sneaking upwards, a trend he’ll look to continue this afternoon.

Andrew McCutchen vs. Leake ($4,600) – McCutchen is basically the only reason Leake wasn’t a recommended pitching play for me today. This guy is a monster to deal with for opposing pitchers lately, with his .333/.383/.528 slash line so far in June.

Joc Pederson @ Hendricks ($4,300) – The power is obvious, obviously. But he also has at least one hit in four of his last five, a stretch in which he has also drawn four walks. And as he begins to help his real-life baseball team a bit more consistently in ways like that, he’ll start to be more of a help to your fantasy team as well.


Alex Gordon @ Vogelsong ($4,000) – Just when he was starting to hit with some consistency, he has gone o-for the last two nights. This is the first time I have ever done this, but with the track record he had built up over the previous couple of weeks, I am going for it: he’s due.

Christian Yelich vs. Garcia ($3,900) – He has jacked up his fantasy scoring average by nearly a full point over the last three weeks, which is saying something when you are already looking at 200 at-bats on the year. And what it’s saying is: “hot streak… hot streak…hot streak.”

Jason Heyward @ Latos ($3,700) – A big part of St. Louis’ success on offense lately, Heyward has an OPS of 1.167 over the last ten days, a stretch in which he is averaging almost 11 fantasy points a night. He has had three home runs, three doubles and six runs scored over that span, not to mention seven RBI and a pair of steals. There are a lot of ways he can contribute, on the field and in your fantasy roster.

Chris Coghlan vs. Bolsinger ($3,500) – He is hitting .309 with six doubles so far in June, and he’s been doing it on a week-over-week basis. In other words, this didn’t all come the first week of June, or the latest week of the month – he’s been performing for fantasy rosters on an almost night-in and night-out basis for nearly a month. I don’t know about you, but I like that for this price.

Good luck!