There are only fourteen total teams in action Monday night, but those seven matchups provide plenty of intriguing options for your DFS lineups. Here are a few of these players going who you might want to focus on as your build your rosters, at every position and price range. Good luck. 

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Starting Pitchers


Clayton Kershaw @ ChC ($12,700) – Last time out he gave up five hits and three earned runs and only made it through six innings. But even in his own games, he’s got that double-digit strikeout potential. Even with those numbers last time, therefore, he had 23 fantasy points. He should be able to improve on hat against the Chicago lineup.


Michael Pineda vs. PHI ($9,300) – He has had a few rough outings lately, with three of his last six starts netting out to fewer than ten fantasy points. But his most recent time out was a definitely improvement (6.2 innings for the win, giving up only a single hit, a solo home run, in 6.2 innings against Miami). With a little bit of recent success and the best matchup on the board, he’s almost a no-brainer to at least get considered.


Drew Hutchison @ TB ($7,900) – These are the kinds of calls you end up making when you are building a lineup on a night with only seven games. Last time out, he got the win with only 5.2 innings of good work against the Mets. That game was worth 20+ fantasy points, and that’s exactly the idea – supported by a good offense, going up against Andriese and a mediocre (at best) Rays lineup, you are getting him on your team and hoping for a W. 

Tommy Milone vs. CWS ($6,000) – He’s had long stretches of disappointing outcomes this season, but not right now. Right now he is riding a nice little streak, with two straight starts of seven innings, with no more than two earned runs allowed, with 24+ fantasy points in each. In his only other start against CWS this year, he got the win behind seven punchouts and 7.2 innings of shutout ball. 



Russell Martin @ Andriese ($4,500) – Martin tops the catcher options because he has been raking all season. But actually, he’s turned it up another notch lately, with his average, slugging % and OPS all sneaking up a tick over the past couple of weeks, which has led to his fantasy average being 3 whole points higher than usual. There’s no reason to think Andriese and the Rays are the team that’s going to reverse that trend.

Brian McCann vs. Correia ($4,200) – McCann has been hitting for both power and average against right-handed pitchers all season long. And on top of that, his average over the past couple of weeks has been pushing .350 – and when a guy with power is hitting like that (consistency + average), you often see prices higher than this one.


Kurt Suzuki vs. Danks ($3,100) – He has had at least one hit in six straight appearances, usually a single that barely gets out of the infield. Danks is a pitcher that pitchers to contact, which should give Suzuki even more chances for those hits. You will just be hoping that someone was standing on third when he does it.


Geovany Soto @ Milone ($2,900) – With the left-handed Milone on the mound, I’d expect to see Soto out there, not too much of a surprise considering he’s been taking more and more playing time from Flowers of late anyway. He is definitely hit or miss, but he has enough power to give you 15+ fantasy point upside for less than $3K – and that’s not nothing.

First Basemen


Edwin Encarnacion @ Andriese ($4,700) – He is the kind of player, in my opinion, whose value actually goes down in a DFS format. If you have him on your root team, he helps you in enough ways to make him a value, but in DFS, spending this much money on a guy is a big decision, and that batter average under .240 is enough to scare off most owners. It just makes you feel like the odds of him hitting on any given night are less than with other players. Well, he is hitting .333 so far in June if that makes you feel any better about your choices.

Albert Pujols vs. Oberholtzer ($4,500) – He is scoring at least some points virtually every night, with 15+ point outings mixed in every few days. With Oberholtzer on the hill, this at least has the potential to be one of those days.


Logan Morrison vs. Blanton ($3,800) – Morrison has eight home runs, and also has eight steals (including three in his last six games). A first baseman with the threat of some speed is certainly a bit of an anomaly, but all the fantasy points help.

Victor Martinez @ Bauer ($3,600) – He’s now got three games under his belt since coming off the DL, so more than anything, I just wanted to point him out as a viable option. He’s got four hits in those three games – including a home run last night – so he has got to be back in your regular rotation of hitters to think about for your rosters, especially hitting in such an explosive lineup. 

Second Basemen


Jason Kipnis @ Ryan ($5,100) – Yeah, I know, it’s getting boring. But this guy hits like a corner infielder, so you have to consider him. The question is never whether he is the best second base option – FYI, the answer to that is “yes” – the question is about whether you want to start Kipnis, or a Cabrera, or Trout – you are comparing him to the best of the best at other positions.

Robinson Cano vs. Blanton ($4,200) – That’s two Mariners on this list already, and I don’t want you to take that to mean you should load up on Seattle hitters against Blanton. I actually expect Blanton to pitch at least relatively well in this one. But this recommendation is here to note that, seemingly every year, Cano starts slow and finishes a bit better, and his numbers might be suggesting that that process is starting – his numbers are still not impressive, but they have been steadily climbing – he could end up with a price tag consistently higher than this by the end of the summer.


Luis Valbuena @ Santiago ($3,500) – He is hitting .185. He has only 44 hits on the entire year, and SEVENTEEN of them are home runs. That’s right – more than 1/3 of all of his hits are home runs. He does most of that damage against righties, but that is only because most pitchers are right handed. He does have four bombs against lefties as well, and out of ten total hits, so the % of his hits that leave the park is basically unchanged no matter who he is facing.

Logan Forsythe vs. Hutchison ($3,100) – Forsythe is hitting .481 over the past seven days, with five multi-hit games over that span. Out of the twelve hits he has strung together in those five gams though, only one went for extra bases. You need to hope the Rays offense as a whole plays well for him to score big fantasy points with runs scored and RBI, but that’s definitely possible with Hutchison on the mound for Toronto (even if Toronto still ends up securing the win).

Third Basemen


Miguel Cabrera @ Bauer ($5,100) – Cabrera is always a consideration, and he is currently on a 8-for-20 tear that if anything, actually makes you feel even more comfortable taking him. He is in double digits for fantasy points as often as he is under five. He’s the definition of consistent + upside.


Alex Rodriguez @ Correia ($4,700) – A-Rod has been hitting like a guy who might actually live up to the money he’s making over the last few years of the massive contract he signed so long ago. A lot has happened since then, huh? Well, apparently he can still hit: he is slashing .352/.390/.612 over the past ten days (with a good matchup coming up tonight).


Trevor Plouffe vs. Danks ($4,000) – With fewer options some prices seem skewed, and it feels with a lot of these choices that you either have legit stud, expensive options, or cheap shots-in-the-dark. It’s nice to have a legit midrange option in at least one of these slots.

Evan Longoria vs. Hutchison ($3,800) – He might not be consistently awesome at this point anymore, but you know he’s still got the talent, and right now, he is on fire with 10 hits in his last 35 at-bats. You wish he was in a better offense so his counting stats would be better, but for the money, that’s still useful.



Jose Reyes @ Andriese ($4,400) – Short stop is thin tonight, so you have to consider the advantage of just having the best guy at the position, which makes Reyes an interesting play.

Carlos Correa @ Santiago ($3,900) – Second on the list of available short stop plays tonight, as I mentioned, the drop off happens fast. Luckily for Correa, the drop-off for him right now is in price tag only, as  he has been outperforming all expectations in his thirteen major league games so far. Hitting .300, slugging well over .500, with four steals and three home runs? You know Houston fans are giddy. Maybe you should be too.


Didi Gregorius vs. Correia ($3,500) – He’s been hitting better. Not great, but better, and it has translated – over the past two weeks, his fantasy production has jumped up by two whole points, or 50% – a huge jump either way you look at it. 

Asdrubal Cabrera vs. Hutchison ($3,200) – One of the last guys on the list who you can at least be reasonably sure will play, he has shown some signs of life lately, with five hits in his last four games. This is coming on the heels of a serious lull in production, so hopefully he can keep it up for a few days, and you can take advantage. 



Mike Trout vs. Oberholtzer ($5,300) – He is one of those guys who just so rarely leaves you truly disappointed. He is almost always good for 5-10 fantasy points, which leaves you feeling more than a little underwhelmed, but it’s not truly devastating like all the zeroes you could be seeing in a lineup. Plus, there’s that upside – he’s got 18 home runs, which is great, but he’s also got 16 doubles – he is just constantly flashing power to all fields, which comes in really handy batting in the middle of a lineup that is constantly putting men in scoring position and chasing starters from games.

Michael Brantley vs. Ryan ($4,900) – Kyle Ryan has pitched well, but he is not the kind of guy who induces a lot of swing and misses and Brantley is the kind of hitter who will make contact with balls thrown consistently in the strikezone. Let’s just say I expect him to make some contact.

Martinez hits one of his three home runs last night
Martinez hits one of his three home runs last night

J.D. Martinez @ Bauer ($4,400) – He continues. You look at his seven-day or ten-day or fifteen-day numbers every day, and they’re great – but they also keep getting better. He’s not slowing down. Ten-day numbers right now: .335/.465/.790. Last night’s 3-for-5 with three home runs didn’t hurt, as anyone who recorded his 48 fantasy points will tell you, but the numbers were already great. That one game wasn’t a fluke, but a continuation. Remember, this price was set before that performance. It’ll be higher tomorrow.

Carlos Beltran vs. Correia ($4,300) – Double-digit fantasy points in three of his last four games, and that was just the cap on a very nice stretch of games, as he is slugging .521 so far in June.


Yoenis Cespedes @ Bauer ($4,000) – He has hit safely in 13 of his last 14 games, a stretch in which he has batted .357 and recorded three doubles and a pair of home runs. He’s only got 14 walks against 59 K’s on the year, which might explain why he’s not more expensive, maybe, so you should probably expect at least one punchout, but that doesn’t make him worthless.

Joey Butler vs. Hutchison ($3,800) – Last night he went 0-for-3, and still secured you seven fantasy points with a walk and a steal. He’s been playing almost every night, and why not? He’s hit safely in three of his last four, including two home runs. Speed and power go a long way.

Kevin Kiermaier @Hutchison ($3,700) – The last in a long line of guys hailing from this contest. I hope it ends up 15-10.

Chris Colabello @ Andriese ($3,400) – The final piece of evidence suggesting that I expect plenty of runs in the TOR @ TB game. An Andriese v. Hutchison matchup is just so sweet. And Colabello has been hitting whenever he’s been healthy all season, and right now is now, he’s healthy and continuing that trend. And since you don’t have to worry about injury so much in DFS, you can plug him in there every night at these prices.

Good luck!