You want value? Well, you’ve got it on Thursday. From the Rockies’ Chris Rusin to the Giants’ Joe Panik, there are some options you just won’t be able to pass on. It’s a limited slate of game action, but there’s no reason why you can’t fill out a challenging lineup. Good luck on Thursday! Dare to catch me on Twitter: @TheRolyPolyBoy

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Starting Pitchers


Garrett Richards @ TB ($8,900) – There aren’t a ton of pitchers that jump out to me, so a bit of grinding and digging will be needed. The Rays struggle to get on base against right-handed pitching and Richards is a prime candidate for a bounceback game, coming off a miserable start in New York last week.

Julio Teheran vs. SD ($7,700) – There’s a sneaky feeling brewing up in me about this matchup, with the Padres’ contact rate as a team showing signs that Teheran can take advantage. The Padres are striking out a bunch as a team and they’re having a tough time getting on base against right-handed pitching.


Matt Garza vs. WAS ($7,000) – Did you know that Garza has only given up 2 XBH to batters on the Nationals club in 82 career at-bats? Garza is 2-0 over his last two starts, giving up only 1 ER in 12 IP. He’s an option to consider, maybe one that you normally wouldn’t. Plus, I don’t see a ton of regular DFS players slotting Garza in their lineups, so you could see a nice advantage over most.

Chris Rusin @ MIA ($4,900) – You can’t ignore the salary on Rusin. Where are you going to land a pitcher under $5 K that has had solid success like he has so far in the year? Sure, he draws the Marlins again, who he handled quite well in last week’s start, but I still see that as an advantage. What about the “second time around” thing? Nah. Not here. If you’re looking to really save at the pitching slots, Rusin certainly qualifies.



Matt Wieters vs. Wade Miley – BOS ($4,200) – Wieters gets the call with every other game he’s played since returning from injury being a big night at the plate, so I’m taking the chance I’ll catch lightning in a bottle with him facing Miley. Wieters has been tearing it up since coming off the DL (.392/.350/.725 in 16 at-bats over his last four games).


Buster Posey @ Jonathan Niese – NYM ($4,100) – Keep in mind that there just aren’t many stud options to rely upon at the catcher position, other than Posey, of course, but I really like the price on him and consider it a fantastic value. Posey hits Niese well, hitting .368/.400/.632 in 19 at-bats over his career. Posey does have a homer against as well, and the best part? His bat is heating up again, with and average of 15 FPPG over his last two contests.

J.T. Realmuto vs. Chris Rusin – COL ($3,400) – Did you know that Realmuto steals bases? Or, at least he did in the minors. Still, he’s an intriguing play for me with his ability to hit for okay power and steal bases, considering the price and all. Realmuto does get a slight advantage here facing Rusin, hitting .300 AVG over his last 37 at-bats.

First Basemen


Anthony Rizzo vs. Michael Lorenzen – CIN ($5,500) – Look no further than Rizzo if you want a superstar occupying your first base slot. Rizzo makes my heart go pitter-pat, with his 1.034 OPS and 10 SB on the year. I know, right? He’s your dreamboat too? Yay! Rizzo is averaging 11.9 FPPG over his last 10 played.

Todd Frazier @ Tsuyoshi Wada – CHC ($5,000) – Has Frazier exceeded your expectations as well this season? Dude is crunching the ball right now, to a .370 AVG over his last 10 games, with a couple of homers and 8 RBI. The 10.2 FPPG is outstanding for Frazier over the season. I don’t see Wada calming Frazier down enough, considering Wada’s makeup and potential for disaster in this game.


Buster Posey @ Jonathan Niese – NYM ($4,100) – I like the price so much on Posey, I’m recommending him at first base in addition to catcher.

Lucas Duda vs. Tim Lincecum – SF ($3,500) – Duda’s salary keeps spiraling down, considering his poor play of late. Still, I’ve got a good feeling about Duda facing Lincecum on Thursday. The salary is so low right now that it’s okay to acknowledge my “feeling”, eh? We’ll see Duda get his bat going again in this game.

Second Basemen


Dee Gordon vs. Chris Rusin – COL ($4,800) – I wish Gordon would take a few more walks, with only 10 to this point in the season. Imagine if he could just pick up his walk rate by another 20% or so, which would translate to more stolen base opportunities. You have to love Gordon’s ability to hit for average though, but how long will his .356 AVG stick? He’s worth rostering under $5 K.

Dustin Pedroia @ Chris Tillman – BAL  ($4,300) – There was this one time where Pedroia was a meanie-head and couldn’t find his way into my DFS lineups, but those days are gone. Pedroia is ripping the ball right now, hitting a .378 AVG over his last 10 games. Plus, he’s had 5 multi-hit games over his last 8 played. Hot-diggity-dog!


Joe Panik @ Jonathan Niese – NYM ($3,600 ) – If Panik isn’t on your radar, he should be. The guy is way outperforming expectations to this point in the season, with 19 hits, 3 HR and 6 RBI over his last 10 games. He’s in the middle of a hot streak and you want to take part in his positive hitting ways. Oh, and let’s not forget about the excellent value in his $3.6 K salary.

Johnny Giavotella @ Alex Colome – TB ($2,800) – Giavotella is better than the way he’s played of late, and Colome isn’t exactly a fire-balling mess for him to deal with. There aren’t many regular starting players you can find for below $3 K, but if you’re digging deep Giavotella isn’t bad. It wasn’t long ago where the guy was hitting very well. In fact, just last week.

Third Basemen


Nolan Arenado @ David Phelps – MIA ($5,400) – Arenado has 15 HR on the season so far, and he’s boomed a 47 RBI total this season as well. You’ve got to be okay spending this kind of dough on Arenado, but I’m really supporting the move considering the matchup against Phelps who has been known to get a little loose with his pitches.

Todd Frazier @ Tsuyoshi Wada CHC – ($5,000) – Read above in the first base section.


Evan Longoria  @ Garrett Richards – LAA ($3,500) – It’s really all about the price with Longoria. I know that Richards represents a nice challenge for Longoria, although he has returned from injury recently. Sometimes you go with your gut, and this is going with my gut. But, it’s not like Longoria doesn’t have the historical pedigree to back up a potentially crazy day at the plate.

Danny Espinosa @  Matt Garza – MIL ($3,100) – This roster option in Espinosa is more about the ability to play consistent ball for a low, low price. Espinosa doesn’t play every day, so it’s worth keeping on eye on him if he sits out. Look for the little green check mark on the site. Still, I expect him to play on Thursday facing Garza.



Troy Tulowitzki @ David Phelps – MIA ($5,900) – I can totally see going with Tulo and Nolan Arenado on Thursday is my big 1-2 offensive punch, but it’ll cost ya. Tulo is hitting 18-for-39 (.460 AVG), 5 HR and 14 RBI over his last 10 games played. There just isn’t a hotter player in the game right now.

Hanley Ramirez @ Chris Tillman – BAL ($4,600) – The quickest bat in the East only has three at-bats facing Tillman, but I like Ramirez for his pure power at the position and that he’s under $5 K.


Brandon Crawford @  Jonathan Niese – NYM ($3,700) – Crawford has limited success against Niese in only 9 at-bats, but you lock in Crawford more for his consistent production this season, where he has averaged 6.9 FPPG over his last 10 played. Crawford can give you that big night at a usually shallow position.

J.J. Hardy vs. Wade Miley – BOS ($3,100) – It isn’t much, but Hardy has been heating up a bit as he picked up his first double-digit fantasy scoring day since time was forgotten. And, his previous two nights of play weren’t horribly forgettable. There is danger in rostering Hardy, but you know that already. He’s only a suggestion if you’re looking to offset your other high-priced players.



Giancarlo Stanton vs. Chris Rusin – COL ($5,800) – Stanton is worth every dollar spent to roster him, so if you’re wavering back-and-forth whether to use him or not… move along. You don’t need Stanton. Let everyone else roster him, and destroy you.

Bryce Harper @ Matt Garza – MIL ($5,700) – 11.2 FPPG for Harper to this point? Yeah, he’s good. Harper is one of those players that I just don’t mind paying the price to lock him in.

Dexter Fowler @ Michael Lorenzen – CIN ($4,300) – Look who’s finally finding their bat. Fowler may not be the everyday superstar you want at this price, but, hey, it’s not like he’s out of this world or something. Fowler at least gets a youngster to face.

Justin Upton @ Julio Teheran – ATL  ($4,300) – Okay, so it’s not a dominant OF pool on Thursday, but that’s okay. Isn’t it? Upton has hit 12 HR on the year. You must know that, right? Upton has racked up 9.5 FPPG on the season. Eh? The salary is worth locking him down on Thursday.


Leonys Martin @ Scott Kazmir – OAK ($4,000) – The price isn’t wonderful, but you don’t care about that normally. You’re looking for value. And, Martin provides decent value at this price, and I’m betting there are plenty of DFS owners that will ignore him altogether (good advantage considering percentage rostered). Martin has been averaging 9.4 FPPG over his last 10 games.

Nori Aoki @ Jonathan Niese – NYM ($3,600) – Aoki is 11-for-26 over his last five games and is hitting .323 on the season. He has limited history versus Niese, so his six at-bats aren’t knocking my socks off, but the value is nice especially with how hot Aoki has been producing of late.

Delino DeShields @ Scott Kazmir – OAK ($3,500) – DeShields isn’t going to dominate your DFS lineup, and even with his boom-or-bust makeup of late, he’s still worth taking a chance on. DeShields’ price-drop in salary is more beneficial to you considering his real drop in MLB hitting production.

Cameron Maybin vs. Andrew Cashner – SD ($3,400) – Man, Maybin has destroyed me as a long-time keeper owner. Do I give up altogether? Nah. Not with how well he’s been hitting. Cashner isn’t a poor matchup, but Maybin is just hitting the ball too well right now to keep out of my lineups at this $3.5 K price.


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