It’s a day of tough pitching matchups for a big part of the hitters on Thursday, so consider that when filling out your rosters. Remember to pay attention to lefty/right splits and take advantage of those power bats at positions you’re having a tough time filling out. Good luck on Thursday, and feel free to Tweet me at: @TheRolyPolyBoy

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Starting Pitchers


David Price @ Minnesota Twins ($10,800) – Price has only really had one poor start over his last 10 games pitched, and we all know that he’s a super-stud, eh? Historically, Price has kept Twins’ hitters to singles, with a .386 SLG against. Brian Dozier may be the only Twins’ hitter to give Price trouble, even so, you’ve got a fantastic pitcher to depend upon for Thursday.

Carlos Martinez @ Pittsburgh Pirates ($9,400) – Martinez has been equally impressive at home and on the road this season, although his 3.69 BB/9 rate is a bit concerning. Even with the not-so-good walk rate, I can forgive that considering Martinez has an impressive strand rate (LOB%) of 85%. The guy can work himself out of jams, while striking out hitters at a good pace. I love his velocity and overall reliability this season as well.


Cody Anderson vs. Houston Astros ($6,300) – I’m sort of torn here, mainly since I like some of the hitters that Anderson will be facing on Thursday, so keep in mind that Anderson is a circumstantial suggestion. If the circumstance permits it, and you’re not loading yourself up with Houston bats, and you need to spend below $6 K on a pitcher… then here you go. It’s impressive what Anderson has done to this point, isn’t it? You just can’t let yourself get too committed to a young arm like Anderson though, unless his name is Lance McCullers. Ahem.



Yasmani Grandal vs. Severino Gonzalez – PHI ($4,300) – The power is legit with Grandal and he’s really shown so with 4 HR and 10 RBI over his last 10 games. I don’t like a ton of the catchers on Thursday, so Grandal really sticks out to me facing an inferior arm. I also love the 7 BB that Grandal has pulled in over the last 10 played.


Russell Martin @ Jeff Samardzija – CHW ($4,000) – There’s only one catcher I want in my lineups above the $4 K mark, and you can see him above, but Martin does provide some value for the price to lock him in. There’s always major inconsistencies with catchers and you’ve got to pay attention to daily lineups to make sure they are a go, but Martin is a “safe” choice for the money spent.

Brian McCann vs. Jesse Chavez – OAK ($4,000) – McCann gets this spot for much of the same reason that Martin does – he’s a solid choice for the dollars spent. Meaning: power potential for your $4 K. Stephen Vogt and Salvador Perez are two I would normally look at considering their tags but both are facing pitchers that should get the better end.

First Basemen


Victor Martinez @ Mike Pelfrey – MIN ($4,700) – Martinez has six XBH over his last 10 games and he’s really starting to turn things around after a miserable injury-riddled first half. There aren’t a ton of stud first baseman I like on Thursday, so V-Mart is a bit of fresh air for me in an overcrowded overvalued group.

Jose Abreu vs. R.A. Dickey – TOR ($4,500) – I tend to put too much stock into individual matchups at times, but really it’s only when it’s dramatic. The sample size DOES make a difference, and while Abreu is only 3-for-6 against Dickey all three hits are home runs. Sort of sticks out to me.


Evan Gattis @ Cody Anderson – CLE ($3,900) – It’s the right time to start considering Gattis as he’s been a hitting machine of late, even coming up with two triples over his last 10 played. Sure, we won’t see that again this season, but it’s what Gattis will do for us on Thursday that matters. I won’t say I dislike Cody Anderson, because I kind of do in the right circumstance, although Gattis is a good bet for a double-digit fantasy day.

Second Basemen


Dee Gordon vs. Michael Lorenzen – CIN ($4,800) – I don’t know why I’m apologizing for suggesting Gordon again, but, sorry, I’m listing him once more. The stolen base potential and that Gordon has a decent shot of getting on base against Lorenzen to begin with drives me here. It’s worth paying the added bucks to lock in Gordon.

Jose Altuve @ Cody Anderson – CLE ($4,600) – Altuve is hitting well again. I mean, did we expect anything less? Two homers, three steals and seven RBI over his last 10 games are a nice reminder that Altuve is arguably the best second baseman in the game right now.


Justin Turner vs. Severino Gonzalez – PHI ($3,800) – So, let’s see. I like the Dodgers, Braves and Rockies’ bats on Thursday if choosing my three favorite teams to plug hitters from. I just don’t see a positive outlook for Phillies’ pitcher Severino Gonzalez, and Turner provides interesting value. The surprising pop to Turner’s bat for the price is solid. I see slump-buster night.

Cesar Hernandez @ Zack Greinke – LAD ($2,900) – For the money, I’m not sure I can find a better value for Thursday considering the production Hernandez is giving DFS owners. It’s hard to believe but this is Hernandez’ slash line over the last 10 games: .468/.527/.508. Since June 28th, Hernandez has had SIX multi-hit games and he’s averaged 13.4 FPPG. I’ll take it, even with the Greinke matchup. When you get down into this price range you’re going to have some negatives. Face it.

Third Basemen


Josh Donaldson @ Jeff Samardzija – CHW ($4,700) – With a wOBA (.387) and ISO (.244) out of this world, it’s no wonder Donaldson gets me excited. He’s right in the middle of a hot streak as well, which adds more to my DFS lineup fuel. Samardzija can be a shut-down pitcher at times, and Donaldson isn’t nearly as good on the road than at home, but the Blue Jays’ third baseman has 4 HR and 11 RBI over his last 10 games for an 11.3 FPPG average. That’s good enough for me under the $5 K mark.

Nolan Arenado vs. Alex Wood – ATL ($4,500) – I don’t have much faith in either Alex Wood on Thursday at Coors Field. Arenado has certainly slowed his roll of late, but the massive power potential for a reasonable $4.5 K grabs me. Look for a high-scoring game with Arenado contributing with his bat.


Justin Turner vs. Severino Gonzalez – PHI ($3,800) – I like Turner at third base, or the above suggested second base slot. You have to dig the flexibility on DraftKings!

Miguel Sano vs. David Price – DET ($3,600) – It’s tough to suggest a brand spanking new rookie hitter facing a Big League superstar like David Price. Sano will slow down, but he’s seeing the ball quite well and has been on fire since his call-up recently. There is no evidence whatsoever to suggest that Sano will rake against Price, but at $3.6 K I’m taking a shot if I don’t roster a big bat at third base.



Carlos Correa @ Cody Anderson – CLE ($4,700) – To me it’s worth paying the extra dough to lock in a top SS on Thursday, considering the options you’ve got with the pitching matchups at hand. There are lots of good pitchers going on Thursday, and I even like Cody Anderson, but Correa gives you that extra boom potential.

Troy Tulowitzki vs. Alex Wood – ATL ($4,500) – We’re all disappointed that Tulowitzki isn’t providing the power that we are used to, although he’s doing everything else right. The power is going to come, and he’s getting on base at a .420 clip over his last 10 games. Tulo’s K rate (20.2 ) is a bit above his career rate (16 ), but I’m not worried with his above average .165 ISO. The homers are coming. And, why not against Alex Wood, whose been a bit too hittable this season?


Jose Iglesias @ Mike Pelfrey – MIN ($3,300) – In this price range, Iglesias is a safe play for me considering his ability to hit for average this season. I don’t see Pelfrey lasting beyond the 5th inning, with Iglesias netting a couple of hits and scoring a run.

Cesar Hernandez @ Zack Greinke – LAD ($2,900) – I’m double-tagging Hernandez here for the shortstop slot. Normally, I want a more meaty shortstop in my lineup, but again we’re talking about value and what Hernandez is giving owners lately.



Cameron Maybin @  Kyle Kendrick – COL ($5,000) – There’s something to be said for a hot hitter heading into Coors Field, with Maybin going 14-for-41 over his last 10 contests. Rockies’ pitching ranks as the worst in the league, considering ERA (4.94), BAA (.280) and WHIP (1.48), and it’s one of the reasons I love an Atlanta stack against Kendrick. Maybin has good numbers versus right handed pitching, as a right handed batter.

Mike Trout @ Felix Hernandez – SEA ($4,800) – This may be one of the only times from here on out to roster Trout for under $5 K, but it’s not like there isn’t thought put into the salary with Trout heading into the cavernous Safeco Field to battle against King Felix. Still, I like Trout’s  individual history facing Felix as he’s gone 20-for-58 (.345/.365/.621), with 3 HR and 12 RBI.

Christian Yelich vs. David Holmberg – CIN ($4,500) – Over his last 10 games, Yelich is hitting a robust .473 (16-for-33) and it seems like he’s finally getting into a groove. Holmberg gets his first start of the 2015 season and he wasn’t exactly lighting it up at AAA-Louisville. Normally the matchup goes to the pitcher when facing a club for the first time, but I favor Yelich with the hot streak he’s on.

Billy Hamilton @ Jose Fernandez – MIA ($4,100) – My Hamilton suggestion is more of a hunch than anything, as I like Hamilton to snag a slew of stolen bases before the All-Star break. Fernandez is still trying to get comfortable after a long layoff after Tommy John surgery. Maybe there’s some merit with Hamilton but, again, it’s more hunch than not.


Joc Pederson vs. Severino Gonzalez – PHI ($3,900) – Pederson is going to break out of his hitting slump facing Gonzalez, who has given up 10 ER over his last two games pitched. There’s only one reason why you roster a .230 hitter in your DFS lineup: power. Okay, maybe steals too; however, if you’re hitting .230 you’re probably not stealing too many bases unless you’re name is Billy Hamilton.

Marlon Byrd @ Jose Fernandez – MIA ($3,700) – What? A second Cincinnati outfielder suggestion? Against Jose Fernandez? Yeah, I’m still not banking on Fernandez having his best stuff, and Byrd is starting to pick up things up with the bat. He’s got a 12-game hitting streak right now with a couple of homers sandwiched in. A little bit of hunch here on Byrd, but worth taking the chance at $3.7 K.

Kelly Johnson @ Kyle Kendrick – COL ($3,600) – Johnson brings some underrated numbers into Coors on Thursday. It’s tough to snag someone in this price range, hoping to get a good game. The Park Factor plays a big part into things here, and the likelihood that Johnson will find his way into the Braves lineup.

Andre Ethier vs. Severino Gonzalez – PHI ($3,500) -There’s always a chance Ethier sits, but I’m piling on the Phillies’ pitching and Gonzalez. Ethier is a decent risk at this price, even if the consistency is wavering.


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