There are nine games on the schedule for Monday night, so your choices are already restricted more than usual. You also need to watch out for rain in a few cities (Boston, Baltimore and St. Louis), but nothing that should be a complete wash-out. But no matter how few games you are choosing from, there are always choices to be made – here are a few names to help you with that process, at every position and price range. Good luck. 

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Chris Heston @ Brewers  ($9,500) – He’s never faced the Brewers, which in his case works against the offense because it takes some getting used to his ball relentlessly breaking down and in, down in away, down, down. Did I mention, he just needs to keep it down?

Edinson Volquez @ CLE ($8,600) – Playing with the support of the AL-best Royals, Volquez has been pitching well all season, and is coming off a 7 2/3 inning gem against the Pirates that he finished up with eight K’s. And he is facing a rookie – a very talented, promising rookie – who just gave up four runs on ten hits in 2 and 2/3 innings at Milwaukee.



Jorge De La Rosa @ ChC ($7,700) – There aren’t a lot of top options, but there are some really risky/ low upside options out there if you’re really looking to save – there should be some middle ground. De La Rosa has a nice matchup against the weak-hitting Cubs, and he is trending in the right direction lately, especially in terms of stikeouts. He has 26 in his last four games, and if he can give you that on top of a few innings and earn the win, he is providing real value at this price.



Buster Posey vs. Lohse ($4,300) – It’s almost too easy to just plug him into this spot. No, it IS too easy. Why aren’t there more catchers who can hit??? Arrrgh. Posey can hit.


Nick Hundley vs. Hendricks ($3,600) – He only has one career at-bat against Hendricks, and he didn’t do anything with it. But with this matchup, every trip to the plate is just another chance to throw up some fantasy point. Yeah, I know, that’s every trip to the plate, for every batter, true. But sometimes, it is just more true.

Yadier Molina vs. Iglesias ($3,100) – He had an off-night Sunday, which will hopefully leave him refreshed and ready to continue a streak that has seen him get nine hits in his last five games. He has had two at-bats against Iglesias ever, and he has one double already.

First Basemen


Paul Goldschmidt vs. Montgomery ($6,000) – The most obvious choice on the board, and the question really is, why wouldn’t I start him? He’s never faced Montgomery before – you could use that as an excuse. I mean, I don’t know why you’d want to, but you could. He’s working on a seven-game hit streak, and it really seems like his floor lately is hovering right around double-digits.

Jose Abreu vs. Kelly ($4,800) – He has seven hits in his last five games, and Kelly is a great matchup, even if they’ve never faced each other. In fact, the fact that Abreu has never faced Kelly just puts Abreu at a disadvantage as far as his stats go. He’s hitting .289? Who knows, maybe he’d be over .300 if he faced Kelly more often.


Ben Paulsen vs. Hendricks ($2,900) – This isn’t just about the two-home-run game last night, although it doesn’t hurt. He was building to that, as his average has been slowly climbing throughout July as a replacement for Morneau.

Second Basemen


Kolten Wong vs. Iglesias ($4,000) – He has been a streaky hitter all season, and since making contact is his way of getting on base – where he can do some additional damage – a good stretch at the plate can mean a BIG change in his upside.


Rougned Odor vs. Nova ($3,800) – That’s it, I am not putting him in the value section again. He’s a stud – I don’t care if his price reflects it. You could easily start seeing more expensive players in the values section, with him up top. Because he can do everything, and he does it all well. Also, love the matchup with Nova. This is a no-brainer.


Matt Duffy vs. Lohse ($3,600) – In three career at-bats against Lohse, Duffy is 1-for-3, and one of his two outs was a sac fly. The Giants offense is pretty good right now, maybe for the first time in a few years, giving players like Duffy a chance to finally accumulate some counting stats without eying hsnsrgsf

Third Basemen


Alex Rodriguez vs. Harrison ($5,600) – In twelve career at-bats against Harrison, A-Rod has five hits (.417), including a par of doubles.

Mike Moustakas vs. Anderson ($4,100) – Moustakas hits much better with a right-handed pitcher on the hill, so tonight qualifies. Anderson has shown real promise this season, but is coming off of the worst performance of his young career, and Moustakas would like that trend to continue.


Chase Headley vs Harrison ($3,900) – In three career at-bats in this matchup, he has two hits, including a double. He can get it done in this one, which really isn’t a change from recent past, where he has been… well… getting it done: .367/.383/.558 over the past week and a half.



Brandon Crawford vs. Lohse ($3,900) – He’s been hot since returning from the break, going 8-for-26 (.308) with four extra base hits. He has also managed to maintain a .333 average against Lohse in their all-time matchup, so there is no reason to not be confident in this choice tonight.


Alcides Escobar vs. Anderson ($3,800) – It’s never usually a good thing when a player’s average and slugging % are the same, but Escobar makes it work with the ability to grab the occasional steal and his ability to score in this offense.

Xander Bogaerts vs. Danks ($3,600) – He is 4-for-6 against the big righthander so far this season, with three RBI. I don’t know about you, but I will take it. 



J.D. Martinez vs. Karns ($4,500) – Martinez is coming off a series against Boston that he finished with five hits and a walk, continuing the same kind of streak he’s been on for basically about a year now. Towards the end of the second half of last year, it was easy to say “I want to see him do it again,” but that’s exactly what he’s doing right now. There’s not much more he needs to prove.

Jason Heyward vs. Iglesias ($4,200) – For a guy who is hitting .280/.333/.425 for the year, he’s just always there as a nice solid value pick. You never have to break the bank for him, he rarely kills your chances, and he occasionally puts you over the top. Nice deal, that.


Carlos Gonzalez vs. Hendricks ($4,100) – Gonzalez, when he gets hot, has as much upside as any hitter in baseball. On top of that, he can hit for serious upside. Hitting is almost too hard to predict to call it consistent, ever, but this guy is as close as you’ll find to the old “consistent + upside” DFS dream player as you can find right now, especially for this price (ten hits in his last five games).


Shin-soo Choo vs. Nova ($3,700) – I am surprised I haven’t had more players from this side of this matchup on the list, but when you think about it, Texas just hasn’t been hitting quite like the Texas of the last few years this season. But, Choo has been a bright spot of late, with four extra base hits in his last four games.

Chris Coghlan vs. De La Rosa ($3,400) – As much as I like De La Rosa in this one tonight, if anyone is going to do work against him, it’s Coghlan. He is on fire since the all-star break (.370/.414/.667), and we’ve seen him have some very useful streaks in the past.

Good luck!