I went a bit stack-happy with a lot of my suggestions, but I’m not swaying. Consider Astros’ and Brewers’ hitters on Thursday, assuming you’re into the stack thing. If not, there are still some good values and options for you to load up on a shortened day of play with only 11 games on the docket.

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Starting Pitchers


Clayton Kershaw @ New York Mets ($14,500) – I just had to list Kershaw here. The $14.5 K salary means you have to be highly frugal with the rest of your lineup, but it just may be worth it considering what Kershaw has done his last couple of starts. If you can build a lineup around him, go for it.

David Price vs. Seattle Mariners ($12,200) – Maybe I’m taking the easy way out on Thursday but I can’t get over the initial feeling that Price is a BARGAIN. Well, maybe when you compare him to Shaker’s salary. The Mariners bats are some of the worst in the Majors this season. Funny, do you think you could roster BOTH Kershaw and Price? Doubtful, unless you want a bunch of Carlos Sanchez-type players filling out your hitter spots.


Mike Fiers @ Arizona Diamondbacks ($7,700) – Fiers flirts with disaster at times, but dude has been spot-on in four out of his last five starts. The matchup is attractive enough for me to ignore the park factor. I like Fiers for 7 IP and 6 K on Thursday.

Hisashi Iwakuma @ Detroit Tigers ($6,900) -The Tigers’ bats are formidable, although I do like Iwakuma enough as a value play. The risk is there of course, but Iwakuma is keeping the ball down… what he’s known for. Plus, he’s only allowed 8 hits over his last 13.2 IP.



Brian McCann vs. Ubaldo Jimenez – BAL ($4,000) – I like McCann’s chances of parking one against Jimenez on Thursday, with the O’s righty giving up 8 HR over his last 10 games. McCann may just be your only relieable power threat at catcher today.


Russell Martin @ Scott Kazmir – OAK ($3,800) – The matchup isn’t as tough as you think it might be, with Martin’s ability to hit for power and drive in runs. Martin hits about 47 points higher against lefties, although the at-bats don’t come close to what he’s booked against righties. Still, considering the catcher slot is tough to figure at times, I dig Martin.

Kazmir has been traded to the Houston Astros and will not pitch today for the A’s.

J.T. Realmuto @ Tyson Ross – SD ($2,900) – You’ve got to make sure that Realmuto is playing on Thursday, but if he is I like the sub-$3 K price and that he has cheap production value. The kid can hit for power and actually steal bases, based upon his minor league numbers. The matchup isn’t great and the park factor is not in his favor, but at this price you’re just looking to fill in. Realmuto has been heating up with the bat of late.

First Basemen


Mark Teixeira vs. Ubaldo Jimenez – BAL ($4,700) – 23 HR and 63 RBI at this point from Teixeira? Yee-haw. It is worth noting that Jimenez does have Teixeira’s number over his career, but Tex has been on fire lately with 7 hits in his last 12 at-bats.

Adam Lind @ Zachary Godley – ARI ($4,400) – Sure, the advantage usually goes to the pitcher first time facing each other, but I’m not buying that at all. Lind is on pace to match his 2011 career year and I love his power potential in this one. Lind’s .212 ISO is quite groovy.


Jose Abreu @ Trevor Bauer – CLE ($3,700) – It’s hard to pass on Abreu here with his sub-$4 K salary and knowing what he can bring power-wise. Abreu has been struggling mightily of late, so I get it if you want to avoid. Still, I like the idea of taking a chance on him facing Bauer, who has given up 11 HR over his last 10 games.

C.J. Cron vs. Ervin Santana – MIN ($3,000) – Cron can be a bit streaky of course, so don’t get too worked up because I’m suggesting him. Still, you have to like his $3 K price tag and that he’s becoming a notable option for DFS play. This is more of a pure gut play. And, be sure to check if Cron is even in the lineup with his poor showing at home facing right handed pitching this season.Again, pure gut play.

Second Basemen


Jose Altuve vs. Wade Miley – BOS ($4,400) – Miley is a matchup I love for Altuve, and his bat has been really alive of late. We always want more than a players FPPG average, but 8.6 per game over his last 10 played is very attractive.

Brian Dozier @ Garrett Richards – LAA ($4,200) – There aren’t many second baseman that are on pace for just below 40 homers this season. If I want pure power potential in the middle infield, no one else fits like Dozier. Even when he struggles with the average, he still manages to bring power to the table.


Ian Kinsler vs. Hisashi Iwakuma – SEA ($3,900) – Kinsler is a value in my book when he’s under $4 K. I love what he’s done historically against Iwakuma, with 3 HR and a .346 AVG in 26 at-bats. Gimme. BTW, Kinsler could easily be bumped up to the “Stud” section here.

Luis Valbuena vs. Wade Miley – BOS ($3,700) – I really hate the “this player is due” write-up, BUT… Valbuena is due. Dude has 19 HR on the season and hasn’t hit one since 1.21 gigawatts ago. And, I’m piling on Miley. Poor Miley.

Third Basemen


Manny Machado @ Masahiro Tanaka – NYY ($4,500) – Machado is my hero. He’s drawing walks, stealing bases and hitting for massive power. I know facing Tanaka isn’t ideal, but for some reason, 3B doesn’t grab me like it normally does.

Josh Donaldson @ Scott Kazmir – OAK ($4,400) – Hmm. Good value-price here with Donaldson. And, he destroys left handed pitching to the tune of .342 AVG, 6 HR, 15 R, 17 RBI in 76 at-bats. Cha-ching!

Kazmir has been traded to the Houston Astros and will not pitch today for the A’s.


Mike Moustakas @ John Lackey – STL ($3,700) – I’m a Moustakas fan. I’ll admit it. I cherish his entire collection and have for quite some time. All that that means is I’m happy that Moose is having a successful season to this point. And, he’s a better hitter than most give him credit for being. It’s a streak-thing with Moose, but dude hits quite a bit better on the road this season. Lackey is vulnerable to left handed hitters.

Luis Valbuena vs. Wade Miley – BOS ($3,700) – Yep, I’m still piling on Miley. I’m okay with you starting Valbuena at 3B or 2B, but preferably 2B is where you want him.



Carlos Correa vs. Wade Miley – BOS ($4,700) – Hands down Correa is the best SS on Thursday. I know you can’t get all Houston hitters in your lineup facing Miley, but if there’s only one I can choose it’s Correa.A Correa/Valbuena core in the middle is highly intriguing.

Jose Reyes @ Scott Kazmir – OAK ($4,200) – I’m really picking on a couple of pitchers on Thursday, namely Kazmir and Wade Miley. I guess if you’re a proponent of either, or both, then backing off Toronto and Houston hitters is okay. Reyes is a DFS grinder, which I dig when I’m not relying on power. Reyes is averaging 9.1 FPPG over his last 10 played.

Kazmir has been traded to the Houston Astros and will not pitch today for the A’s.


Jean Segura @ Zachary Godley – ARI ($3,900) – Segura is hitting extremely well of late and once again, I want to pile on Godley. I’ve got a theme going here: snatch players facing Wade Miley, Godley and Scott Kazmir. Segura is hitting .345 over his last 10 games played.

Danny Santana @ Garrett Richards – LAA ($2,500) – One of these days Santana is going to power out a home run in 2015. Will it be Thursday? Who knows, but the potential of his first homer for $2.5 K is pushing me to roster him. Plus, Santana has 6 RBI over his last five games played. Something brewin’ for Santana? My gut says so.



Ryan Braun ($5,000) and Carlos Gomez ($4,900) @ Zachary Godley – ARI –  I like both outfielders facing this Godley kid, and if I haven’t led on enough a Milwaukee stack seems to be in line for Thursday. All aboard! The Brewers’ bats have been making up for lost time earlier in the season.

Michael Brantley vs. Jeff Samardzija – CHW ($4,300) -Brantley isn’t surprising us like he did last year, since we all sort of expect good outings when we roster him in DFS play. His bat is heating up and I’m not afraid to use him facing Samardzija. This is a good time to take a spin with Brantley, with 9 RBI over his last 10 games.

Nelson Cruz @ David Price – DET ($4,100) – You would think that the matchup sucks for Cruz, but he does well against Price. He’s 7-for-19 with a couple of homers facing the dominant lefty. I like the salary on Cruz as well.


Yoenis Cespedes vs. Hisashi Iwakuma – SEA ($3,800) – Before Tuesday’s game against Seattle, Cespedes was in a bit of a funk. Over his career, Cespedes shreds Iwakuma: .407/.407/1.037, 4 HR, 7 RBI and 9 XBH in only 26 at-bats. I just don’t see how you can pass on Iwakuma here.

Carlos Beltran vs. Ubaldo Jimenez – BAL ($3,600) – Beltran handles Jimenez well and will be back into the groove of things after a long lay off to injury.

Joc Pederson @ Bartolo Colon – NYM ($3,500) – This is simple. Pederson is a home run hitter and Colon leaves the ball up far too much, to the tune of 14 HR this season. You’re not rostering Pederson for his batting average, only his power. The price is right and it’s been awhile since Joc has powered anything out. Maybe it’s a bit gut, but I really do like the matchup potential considering.

Preston Tucker vs. Wade Miley – BOS ($3,200) – Maybe this should’ve been a stack piece instead of a Targets piece? Oh, well, it’s up to you to pick and choose your lineups and that doesn’t mean you have to get as geeky as I have against some of the pitching I’m browbeating. You have to wonder if Tucker gets another start after what he’s been doing with the bat lately, and I’m willing to venture out and say “yes”. Tucker has MUCH more success facing right handed pitching, so he may find a seat on the bench on Thursday, but his bat has been on fire. In case he finds his way into the lineup, consider him with his hot bat and decent price tag.


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