It might feel like the MLB schedule is winding down a bit in advance of the All-Star break coming up next week, there are still games to be played this weekend. With one afternoon game on Friday, you’ll have to jump into an All-Day contest if you want to roster any White Sox or Cubs, but there are still plenty of choices to make from among the remaining teams for the evening contests – here are a few names from those games to help you narrow it down. Good luck. 

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Madison Bumgarner vs. PHI ($11,100) – I actually think Hamels might outpitch him in this one, but still, it’s the Phillies: you’ve got to like his chances of earning the win and at least matching his season average of seven or so K’s.

Lance Lynn @ PIT ($10,200) – It’s an interesting night, with the four top pitchers on the board all facing each other. Like I said, in the PHI-SF matchups, I prefer Hamels, but still doubt he gets the win. But in this one, one thing stood out that made my decision a bit easier: for as good as Pittsburgh’s offense has been, they have one of the wildest swings in the league when it comes to hammering lefties and just being ok against righties. Throw in the chance at a W with the eight or so K’s you can basically count on with Lynn, and there is a solid outing lurking, with upside.



Noah Syndergaard vs. ARI ($8,200) – I think he would end up in every roster I created for tonight at this price. He doesn’t walk a lot of batters, so Arizona will be forced to hit their way into runs, and I think Syndergaard has the stuff to keep that under control. He’s pitched very well in three of his last four, going at least six innings and giving up no more than one run, and I like his chances to keep that stretch going in this one.

Kendall Graveman vs. CLE ($6,200) – It has been six starts since he has gone fewer than seven innings or given up more than two runs. He’s averaging 13 fantasy points per outing for the season, but more like 21 over that stretch. I wouldn’t expect a bunch of punchouts, but for this price, he could be a solid value play, leaving you room to invest elsewhere.



A.J. Pierzynski @ COL ($4,200) – Colorado’s presumed Friday Starter, David Hale, pitched last night in a crazy rain-delayed game, and the Rockies haven’t announced who will be going. It could very well end up being spot-starter + collection of relievers, which could play well for an experienced vet like Pierzynski, who has been crushing the ball lately with a bunch of multi-hit games and a pair of home runs in the past week.

Yasmani Grandal vs. Nelson ($4,100) – He’s still doing it. Six hits in his last five games, slugging over .750 for his last ten. And this has been going on for weeks now. It’s starting to get easier to just plug him in there and forget about it.


John Jaso vs. McHugh ($3,900) – In case you didn’t know, he plays catcher for the Rays. I’ll forgive you not realizing – he’s only played five games on the year. But he is getting hard to ignore – in those five games he is 7-for-12 with a double and a home run (he also has three walks). I would venture to guess that if he keeps the job long-term eventually he’ll slow down some, but production is production, and I will take it from anywhere. He’s had at least five fantasy points in every start.

Nick Hundley vs. Miller ($3,500) – He continues to hit over .300 and slug over .450, just as he has all season long. He is playing in Colorado, where his average fantasy points per game is at 9.0 for the year. That’s the whole reason. It’s enough for me.

First Basemen


Prince Fielder vs. Kennedy ($4,700) – He’s an easy guy to spend your money on – it just feels safe ponying up for a guy who consistently hits well over .300 who also walks as often as he strikes out. There is just more often than not something good happening when this guy is at bat.


David Ortiz vs. Pineda ($4,500) – His average is still down from years past, but he is 2-for-6 against Pineda, so you have to be ok with his chances of doing something in this one. And that something could be a lot, considering he also has eight home runs in his last 25 games.


Evan Gattis @ Ramirez ($3,900) – Gattis maybe hasn’t quite lived up to the hype with 14 home runs on the year, but that’s not nothing. Neither are the 50 RBI. And neither is the batting average over .325 for the past two weeks. He might still strike out plenty, and never draw walks, so consistent contact is the best you can hope for. Right now, he’s giving it to you.

James Loney vs. McHugh ($3,600) – McHugh has not been his usual dominant self lately, and even when he was, Loney had managed to get on base a couple of times in six at-bats. And Loney has been performing above expectations since his return, with eight hits in seven games so far.

Second Basemen


Neil Walker vs. Lynn ($4,100) – One of the few guys on Pittsburgh who sees his numbers move upwards in matchups with right-handed pitchers, I wouldn’t be surprised if he were a bright spot for the Pirates in what I otherwise think could be a good showing for Lynn.

Rougned Odor vs. Kennedy ($4,100)* – I am just going to keep writing about him. Why not? He’s fun. He’s hitting at the top of the order, giving him plenty of opportunities to score fantasy points in all kinds of ways, and he is capitalizing. Rangers fans must love this guy.


Jace Peterson @ COL ($4,000) – So, $4K is expensive. Cut me some slack – the studs here were cheap. And Peterson is worth mentioning – in his last five games, he has six hits (including a double), three walks, five runs scored and a pair of RBI. And now he’s got three games in Colorado, starting with one where the Rockies aren’t even sure who they are going to start. Look for the momentum to continue.

Devon Travis @ Duffy ($3,700) – Travis has been on fire since his return from the DL, and it’s been nice to see. You’re always wondering how long you have to hold out with these young kids before you can trust the production to continue, and when you throw an injury into the mix, it gets even tougher. But a .296/.349/.492 hitter is no joke, and through 179 at-bats now, it’s starting to feel more than a little legit.

Third Basemen


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Alex Rodriguez @ Buchholtz ($4,300) – He is 11-for-27 in his career against Buchholtz (.407), with a couple of doubles and a home run mixed in, dominating him over the years like a number of his teammates. If the whole offense gets going, there could be plenty of chances for those counting stats, too.

Chris Davis vs. Gonzalez ($4,000) – Gio Gonzalez is not exactly a great matchup, and Davis might very well strike out at least once in this game. But, at this point, don’t you think Gio should be more scared of Davis? He’s not going to want to throw a strike: he’s getting hits almost every night and is now up to 19 home runs on the year.


Xander Bogaerts vs. Pineda ($3,700) – I expect plenty of runs in this one, to say the least. And daily fantasy owners everywhere have to be thankful to the Red Sox for being so bad for so long – all their values are depressed. This guys is hitting .367/.407/.492 over the past ten days, with 10 fantasy points per game, with five doubles, ten RBI and eight runs scored. He hit .312/.330/.440 for all of June. Don’t question it, just take the price he’s at and be happy with it.

Aramis Ramirez @ Bolsinger ($3,500) – He hasn’t had a hit in three games after winning player of the week (with 12 hits in seven games). Let’s count on Bolsinger to get him back on track.



Hanley Ramirez vs. Pineda ($4,700) – The numbers lately have been unreal, and make you wonder what in the world was going on with these guys for the first couple months of the season. Fact is, this roster is loaded with talent, and Ramirez is maybe the best of all: six of his last ten fantasy performances have netted owners double-digit points. There really aren’t a lot of players in the league capable of that on a consistent basis, but Ramirez might actually keep it up.

Carlos Correa @ Ramirez ($4,500) – He’s finally starting to come down to earth, which is actually making me trust him more. No longer do you look at his numbers and think, “when is this going to end,” or “he can’t possibly keep this up.” These numbers might actually just be who he is: a .260 hitter with the ability to get on base at better than a .300 clip, with potential for 15-20 home runs and 40-50 steals. Those numbers aren’t impossible. They’re just awesome.


Jean Segura @ Bolsinger ($3,600) – Another guy whose price has been depressed by minimal early-season returns, we know the potential is there if we were paying any attention at all last season. And his OBP has been steadily rising (up to .299 now), which is what you want to see to give you hope at the steals and runs scored providing you with both the consistency and upside he delivered last season.

Stephen Drew @ Buchholtz ($3,300) – With his 4-for-11 history against Clay (including a double and a home run), I expect to see him out there tonight, at least. And he does have the ability to put up some points when given the chance.



Bryce Harper @ Tillman ($5,700) – I mean, yeah. He’s o-for-3 against Tillman for his career, with a strikeout. But with a hitter like Harper I take that more to mean “he’s due” than thinking Tillman has his number. He’s slugging .667 in July so far, in case you were wondering, down from .691 in June.

Cameron Maybin @ COL ($5,300) – He has hit safely in every game this month, with two home runs, two doubles and a triple over that span. In Colorado, basically facing off against nothing but relievers who as likely as not are tired out from last night, there is no reason to expect that to end now.


J.D. Martinez @ Santana ($4,900) – His price just keeps going up. I got away with recommending him a half-dozen times in a row as a value in this space just about a month ago, and now here he is pushing $5K. You know how he’s done it? It’s not rocket science. But it IS the sweet science. See what I did there? I mean, just look at his last week: .360/.467/.800 with three home runs, seven RBI and eight runs scored. He also has two doubles mixed in, and four walks. He’s a machine.


Josh Hamilton vs. Kennedy ($3,700) – Glad to have you back, Mr. Hamilton! I hope you stay affordable for a while!

Kelly Johnson @ COL ($3,600) – He’s been in a platoon for most of the year in left, but he’s gotten time at five different positions – and right now, his time is at 1B. He is filling in for Freddie Freeman, so he is getting consistent at-bats, and along with the PT has come a surge in production – with seven hits in six games (including two home runs), he has definitely been providing fantasy value for the price, and he could keep it up over the course of a weekend series in Colorado.

Good luck!