This article will give you players you should target for today’s slate of games. Good luck on Thursday, and feel free to Tweet me at: @TheRolyPolyBoy

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Starting Pitchers


Zack Greinke @ Philadelphia Phillies ($13,500) – I’m not a fan of the park for pitchers, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to ignore one of the best pitchers in the game right now in Greinke. The Dodgers’ pitchers is averaging 27.7 FPPG over his last 10 starts.

Michael Wacha @ Cincinnati Reds ($10,400) – Even when Wacha pitches poorly, you can still put up decent points since he brings strikeouts and limits hits against. Be content if Wacha nets you 15 fantasy points, but if he nets you 20? Get excited. That’s more than his 18.6 FPPG average this season.


Joe Ross vs. Arizona Diamondbacks ($8,700) – The price tag doesn’t roar value exactly, but compared to Michael Wacha above I like Ross more. Ross has allowed 3 ER or less in each of his seven starts this season. Not bad, considering he’s just a rookie.

Yordano Ventura @ Detroit Tigers ($7,600) – This is more of a gut play, but Ventura is quite inconsistent with his starts. He’s got the talent, the potential and got creamed in two out of his last three starts, so beware. Still, if you’re looking for a contrarian pitcher then Ventura is your guy.



Buster Posey @ Jason Hammel – CHC ($4,700) – Posey is easily the best producing catcher in the game, with 75 RBI on the season. Plus, he hits for average and has 20-something homerun power. The wind is blowing out to right field on Thursday, although only at 5 MPH. I’ll take every little advantage I can.

Yasmani Grandal @ David Buchanan – PHI ($4,200) – Grandal isn’t mashing right now, but he is hitting an excellent .365 AVG over his last 10 games. The stud catchers are limited on Thursday, with only 10 games on the docket. Still, Grandal is no joke swinging in Philadelphia. I love the matchup facing David Buchanan as well.


Hank Conger @ Aaron Brooks – OAK ($3,700) – You need to check to make sure Conger is in the lineup, but, if so, you’ve got an affordable power source at catcher. Conger is driving the ball well.

Welington Castillo @ Joe Ross – WAS ($3,200) – I’m a power-whore at the catcher position, and Castillo is rockin’ it with a mess of homers over his last 10 games. You don’t want to get too caught up in what-have-you-done-lately players, but at the catcher slot? I’m okay with that considering their inconsistencies.

First Basemen


Anthony Rizzo vs. Chris Heston – SF ($5,700) – I know the price is steep right now, but you’re just not going to find a better power-hitting option. Rizzo’s ISO is out of this world right now, with 4 HR and 10 RBI over his last 10 games played.

Mark Teixeira vs. Eduardo Rodriguez – BOS ($5,400) – Okay, maybe I lied. Teixeira has been BETTER than Rizzo if you can believe that, with 5 HR and 11 RBI over his last 10 games hitting .365 AVG in the process. There is a significant drop in production for Teixeira when facing left-handed pitching, but I’m okay with that considering his current mashing ways. Teixeira qualifies as my Comeback Player of the Year in 2015.


Kendrys Morales @ Anibal Sanchez – DET ($3,800) – Take a look at Morales’ home/road splits when you get a chance – they are very solid and even this season. Not that I’m a proponent of only rostering a player due to his splits, but Morales faces Anibal Sanchez who hasn’t exactly been consistent this season.

Yangervis Solarte @ Matt Garza – MIL ($3,400) – Solarte isn’t your typical 1B option on Thursday, although he’s been on fire with an 11-game hitting streak. You’ve got some value in front of you if you want to take advantage, but Solarte may be better served in your 2B slot.

Second Basemen


Dee Gordon @ Matt Wisler – ATL ($4,500) – There’s a good shot that Gordon is getting on base and snagging at least one stolen base facing the Braves, who have allowed 63 SB on the year which is 7th worst in the league for pitching.

Matt Duffy @ Jason Hammel – CHC ($4,100) – Duffy is hitting .370/.395/.510 over his last 10 games, and somehow finds a way to get on base. That’s huge right now, selecting players that are heating up with the hot weather.


Yangervis Solarte @ Matt Garza – MIL ($3,400) – Solarte gets doubled-up in today’s piece – I also listed him above at 1B in case you forgot –  liking the Garza matchup in Milwaukee. All of Solarte’s homers have come on the road this season.

Anthony Rendon vs. Jeremy Hellickson – ARI ($3,300) – Another gut play here with Rendon, since he’s had a tough time getting his bat going after returning from injury. I’m having a difficult time ignoring the $3.3 K price tag. If you’re having an issue picking out a bat in this range for your 2B or 3B slot? BAM!

Third Basemen


Matt Carpenter @ Michael Lorenzen – CIN ($4,800) – The park factor is nice, Carpenter is hitting for power this season and he’s got a lovely matchup facing Lorenzen.

Matt Duffy @ Jason Hammel – CHC ($4,100) – I’m really digging Duffy here, which is why I list him again off the 2B slot. Your choice where to use him, but either is fine by me.


Jake Lamb @ Joe Ross – WAS ($3,900) – I know I recommended Joe Ross above in the pitcher section, but each lineup is different in how you build it. Lamb has 14 hits over his last 35 at-bats through Tuesday’s games, and I find this sub-$4 K price on Lamb a slight value. He’s in a groove and I always like going with players that are on hot streaks. I’ve had MUCH more success in the past riding hot streaks than going against.

Nick Castellanos vs. Yordano Ventura – KC ($3,300) – Look at Castellanos for a cheap power source. I know you’d be digging deep here, but I really like Castellanos for a contrarian lineup. Plus, his bat has been picking up of late.



Carlos Correa @ Aaron Brooks – OAK ($5,300) – There’s cause for skipping Correa at this price tag; however, the SS field bothers me yet again this week. Correa sticks out facing Brooks, even if he doesn’t bring a home run. Look for at least one XBH and for Correa to net you double-digit fantasy points.

Jhonny Peralta @ Michael Lorenzen – CIN ($4,100) – Who would’ve though Peralta would be hitting .288 for the Cardinals right now? If you ever look at slotting Peralta in, look at him on the road hitting .321, compared to home cooking at .257.


Hanley Ramirez @ C.C. Sabathia – NYY ($4,000) – It may seem like I’m grinding at SS, but I’m really not. Ramirez has only had four at-bats against Sabathia over their careers, if you can believe that. Does that mean Ramirez sits? Maybe, so be sure to take a gander at lineups, although Han-Ram offers some power-hitting opportunity for only $4 K.

Jimmy Rollins @ David Buchanan – LAD ($3,700) – Maybe I should’ve had more Dodgers’ players listed before Rollins here, mainly since I don’t trust Buchanan to pitch a good game for the Phillies. Rollins has a 1.112 OPS over his last 10 games and it’s obvious he’s heated up after a disappointing season. I see Rollins taking advantage. Ignore his seasonal batting average here.



Bryce Harper vs. Jeremy Hellickson – ARI ($5,500) – Mr. Harper must be licking his chops in this matchup, facing Hellickson who has been horrendous on the road to the tune of a 5.94 ERA. Hellickson has allowed 17 HR on the season so far in 2015.

Carlos Gomez @ Aaron Brooks – OAK ($4,400) – Since Gomez was moved to the Astros in a deadline trade from the Brewers, he’s hit very well. And, while I know that Brooks has pitched well for the Athletics this season, I expect a disaster night from the 25-year old A’s pitcher. He’s not this good and Gomez is smokin’ hot.

Josh Reddick vs. Scott Feldman – HOU ($4,100) – Be sure to check if Reddick is healthy enough to play, as he’s been battling lower-back pain. If he’s good to go, give him a shot with 3 HR and 4 RBI in 23 at-bats facing Feldman.

Torii Hunter @ Mark Buehrle – TOR ($4,100) – I list Hunter here because we have the same last name. Alright, just teasin’ ya. I love Hunter’s history against Buehrle, where he’s got 3 HR, 7 additional XBH and 16 RBI in 91 at-bats.


Hanley Ramirez @ C.C. Sabathia – NYY ($4,000) – What you’re getting for the price tag is just too good to pass up if you’re looking for a value OF option. I prefer Han-Ram in the SS slot, but the OF is okay too.

Joc Pederson @ David Buchanan – PHI ($3,900) – You only roster Pederson if you’re looking for a straight-up power source. He’s struggling right now and usually I don’t go this route, but the sub-$4 K price is catching me in Philadelphia facing Buchanan.

Chris Colabello vs. Kyle Gibson – MIN ($3,700) – Colabello hits 50 points higher at home for the Jays, with a .339 AVG. Over his last 10 games, he’s got 2 HR and 8 RBI with a .918 OPS.

Andre Ethier @ David Buchanan – PHI ($3,500) – We get the matchup we need with Ethier’s left handed bat going against Buchanan’s right handed arm. It’s a great play at $3.5 K, and don’t be surprised to see Ethier go yard.


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