Unlike some Mondays, we have a full slate of games on tap for tonight, so there are plenty of options to sift through as you build your DFS lineups. Here are some players to consider, at every position and price range. Good luck!

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Francisco Liriano vs. ChC ($10,800) – In this battle of elite left-handed pitchers (Lester is going for the Cubs), there just is no question whatsoever that Liriano has the better matchup. He should be able to go deep in this game and average a strikeout an innings, at least – so even if Lester spins a gem and beats him, there will be fantasy value. And if hue secures the win on top of it, even better.

Jose Quintana vs. TB ($8,400) – Tampa Bay is just an extension of the rest of the AL East in the sense that their greatest strength on offense is probably their patience. They must have gotten sick of watching the Red Sox and Yankees draw so many walks against them. And it’s hard to argue with the strategy – it is all about baserunners if you’re in the business of creating scoring chances. But Quintana, lately, is just the guy to combat approach, with the 40:2 strikeout to walk ratio he compiled in six July starts (to go with his 2.57 ERA).


Colby Lewis vs. HOU ($7,700) – Honestly, I don’t expect a lot of runs here. The Rangers have the better offense, but they are running into McCullers, who has been on fire lately. But I will take the savings and the guy opposite McCullers (with the better matchup). Remember, McCullers has one win during his recent stretch of dominance. Meanwhile, Lewis has won his last three starts, averaging more than 25 fantasy points a game, including a 28-point effort in Houston two weeks ago where he went 7.2 innings with seven K’s, for the victory.

Tom Koehler vs. NYM ($7,100) – Prior to his last start, he had gone six straight starts with at least six innings and no more than two earned runs allowed. He has got definitely 20+ point upside, solid for this price. And for once, the offense he is facing is no more intimidating than his own.



Buster Posey @ Foltynewicz ($4,500) – He’s faced Folynewicz once this year, and he went yard. Considering the fact that he also been hitting to .400 than .300 for the better part of a month, I didn’t need much convincing to begin with, so even in a small sample size, that past success is enough for me.


Hank Conger @ Lewis ($3,700) – Randomly, Conger has more experience against Lewis than anyone else in the Astros lineup, with 21 at-bats. He’s had five hits, or enough for a .238 batting average, which is right around where he usually winds up, so it is no great suprise – “Conger hits Lewis like he hits most everyone else” is not a headline. Except that Conger is hitting everyone else like a world-beater right now. You know he’ll be looking to keep it up, and this matchup at least means that is within the range of possibilities.

A.J. Pierzynski vs. Cain ($3,200) – Pierzynski’s average consistently rose throughout July, and while his fantasy scoring average didn’t, you have to love paying for a little bit of consistency at this price, and that’s exactly what his average should represent to you.

First Basemen



Chris Davis @ Chavez ($4,400) – 2-for-3 in his only other meeting with Chavez, and he is now up to five home runs in his last nine games. He is killing the ball right now, and with even a small amount of success in this specific matchup historically, you should feel comfortable getting him into your lineup.

Mark Trumbo @ Butler ($4,000) – Eddie Butler at home. Eddie Butler is at home. Eddit Butler is pitching at home tonight. It’s like a mantra. It makes you wonder if he’d be better if he pitched somewhere else. Would he be more confident, leading to getting more outs? I guess we’ll never know.


Yangervis Solarte @ Peralta ($3,000) – Even during his upswings, he doesn’t have a ton of upside. He just gets temporarily more consistent, if that makes any sense at all (hint: it doesn’t, unless you happen to play DFS). But what it means is that he is always cheap, but he will have stretches when he consistently outperform his price tag, which is not nothing.

Second Basemen


Robinson Cano @ Butler ($5,000) – He’s never faced Butler before. Something tells me he is not going to hate it.

Rougned Odor vs. McCullers ($4,200) – Listen, maybe I am jumping the gun. But this kid gets his bat on everything. McCullers has never seen him up there before, and I am sure he has a plan for what he’ll do to get him out. But so does everyone else. He hadtwo more hits over the weekend, and that definitely constituted a down stretch for him.


Jimmy Paredes @ Chavez ($3,400) – A hit in one career at-bat against Chave, I guess the fear is that at-bat came during one of Jimmy’s hot streaks, and right now, he’s not all that hot. But let me tell you, he costs $3,200 – nothing – and he has six games with five or more fantasy points in his last nine. During one of his worst streaks of the season, he still hasn’t been single-handedly costing you wins, and he’s bound to turn it around at some point.

Anthony Rendon vs. Godley ($4,200) – Facing off against what amounts to a spot-starter (at least for now), Rendon has a solid chance to produce no matter how good Goldey has been over his last couple of starts. Rendon is 8-for-29 (.276) since returning from a stint on the DL, and if you want a piece of that in your lineup, you better do it quick before he ends up back there.

Third Basemen


Manny Machado @ Chavez ($4,700) – With two home runs in his last three games, I’d say he was once again proving how you can be a valuable asset with nothing but power backing him up – except that he does have more than power. This is a guy who is hitting almost .300 and on pace for 45+ home runs. Yes, please.


Matt Duffy @ Foltynewicz ($3,900) – Right on the cusp of stud-hood, and if he keeps it up, he will break through any time now. .338/.378/.458 over the past couple of weeks, including a home run, a couple of doubles, a steal, runs scored and batter in – the production is coming from everywhere – just what you want from a guy who does everything well without being really elite in any hitting category.

Conor Gillaspie vs. Kluber ($2,300) – Only pressed into active service over the past couple of days, this is exactly the matchup you’d expect management to get him out there for: 8-for-22 (.354) with two doubles is basically better than Gillaspie hits against anyone. Why he does it against kluber, who knows? But it is there for you to take advantage of.



Brandon Crawford @ Foltynewicz ($4,100) – One of several Giants who went 1-for-3 the last time they saw Folty, Crawford is one (along with Posey up higher) who now not only feels comfortable in this matchup, he’s also absolutely killing the ball right now, slugging almost .600 over the past two weeks.


Alexei Ramirez vs. Karns ($3,500) – 35 fantasy points in his last two contests, and eight hits in his last five games. He’s the the pop and the speed to do more than just put a couple of singles up on the board for your DFS team, which is saying something for a shortstop.

Erick Aybar vs. Kluber ($2,800) – All the cheapest hitting options on this team are the ones with the most success against Kluber, and Aybar is another one – at least you’d like to believe him to be. Alas, three at-bats isn’t enough of a sample size to be conclusive, but two hits in those three at-bats certainly helps you sleep at night.




Nelson Cruz @ Butler ($5,900) – How can he not be on the list? Remember, this is how you have to think about it: unlike pitchers, while the top outfielders are expensive, we’re talking about a difference of $1,000-$1,500, not $3,500-$5,000 like you are with the top starters. So starting this guy puts you out $1,500 – or enough to significantly upgrade two or three positions, whereas paying up for a top starter can impact five or six (or more) positions. So, this guy – he IS going to be in some lineups. If you decide not to roster him, how scared of him are you going to be?

Yoenis Cespedes @ Koehler ($4,600) – He is averaging double-digit fantasy points over the past two weeks, and he’s only had one game in the 20’s. In other words, he is doing it by performing almost every night, which is encouraging.

Melky Cabrera vs. Karns ($4,200) – He faced Karns once and he had two hits, including a double. He also, in case you haven’t noticed, has EIGHT multi-hit games in his last ten starts. That’s enough for me.


David Peralta @ Fister ($3,700) – When you have a guy who hits for .040 points more in average and slugs .150 points higher against righties than lefties, you have to basically just throw his accumulated stats out the window when you are deciding whether to roster him. His stats against lefties are irrelevant. And that makes him a stud with a value’s price, which we refer to as, er, a value.

David DeJesus vs. Kluber ($2,400) – He just got out to LA, and he has yet to find a lot of success. But he is 4-for-12 against Kluber lifetime, with three doubles, and you know management would love to see him out there getting comfortable – this matchup, for him at least, seems like as good a place as any to start.

Good luck!