Today is the day for the big $1Million Home Run on DraftKings with a $100,000 prize to first place. There’s also some smaller versions to fit the budgets of all types of players. With some much MLB action on tap today, there’s no reason not to take your shot at these generous prize pools.

ALERT – The Chicago White Sox at Baltimore Orioles Game Tonight Has Been Postponed. Adjust Lineups Accordingly

Plenty of Action on DraftKings to Choose From

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Starting Pitchers


Michael Wacha vs. Philadelphia Phillies ($8300) – Wacha gets a Phillies team that is dead last in MLB for runs scored. They also have the 3rd worst batting average. They don’t strike out a ton as they are currently 22nd in MLB in that category. That is about the only thing they do have going for them. Needless to say, that Philadelphia offense has struggled. Wacha has been pitching deep into his games. He has limited baserunners and earned runs. His strikeouts have risen, and his profile suggests they should stay a little above his averages now. He makes a lot of sense against a team who has struggled.

Anibal Sanchez vs. Minnesota Twins ($7700) – The Twins are the third worst in MLB for runs scored. They are fifth worst in batting average and 13th in strikeouts. Sanchez has had no problem in the strikeout department with 25 of them in 21 innings. His problem has been with giving up hits and runs. If you back out his disasterous start against the White Sox, he has pitched a little over 19 innings with a WHIP below 1 and an era below 3. He should be towards the higher end of his projections against an offensively challenged team like the Twins. There’s still a chance he gives up a few runs, but he is favored to win and should rack up a few strikeouts. He has not pitched deep into the game this season, but hopefully he puts it together and corrects that in this one.


Jake Odorizzi vs. New York Yankees ($7300) – Odorizzi has pitched 26.1 innings with 22 strikeouts. He sports a WHIP of 0.73 and an ERA of 1.65. Those numbers are silly. While the Yankees offense has been better recently, they are still 6th in MLB for times struck out. The high strike out projections give Jake Odorizzi a really nice floor. While he is an underdog in a game with an 8 run total, his combination of strikeout potential and innings pitched are intriguing. The Yankees have roughed up a few stud left-hander’s like David Price last week, but they also allowed a right-hander like Drew Hutchinson to befuddle them on opening day. As good as Odorizzi has been, his price is a little too cheap to not give him the benefit of the doubt.



Stephen Vogt vs. Los Angeles Angels ($4200) – Vogt is a left-handed bat that is hitting .345 this year. His OPS is 1.046, which is ridiculously good if you do not follow the advanced metrics. He gets a matchup with Jered Weaver who has lost a lot of velocity and struggles against left-handed bats. Vogt has prime placement in the three hole for the Athletics. They should have a good chance to score some runs and with Vogt sitting right in the middle of that order, he should be a part of it.


AJ Pierzynski vs. Washington Nationals ($3400) – I am not a big fan of AJ Pierzynski as a baseball player, but I can not ignore his value in daily fantasy baseball. He is a left-handed bat hitting fourth for the Braves. He has a hit in his last nine games and is batting .385 on the season. He gets a guy in Tanner Roark tomorrow who is weak against the left-handed bats. At a tough to fill catcher position, he offers a safe floor and upside for a very low price.

First Basemen


Joey Votto vs. Milwaukee Brewers ($4700) – Votto is a left-handed power bat that hits in the heart of the Cincy order. He gets a righty in Kyle Lohse who struggles against left-handers. He has power in a good hitter’s park and is a high average guy capable of multiple hits. Despite it being a low total game, Cueto is expected to keep the Brewers off the board, so Vegas is expecting a few Cincy runs.


Ike Davis vs. Los Angeles Angels ($3600) – Ike is a left-handed bat hitting 5th for the Athletics. He does well against right-handed bats, and goes up against a soft tosser in Jered Weaver. Oakland has a chance to get to Weaver tomorrow, and Ike is a cheap way to get some exposure to it in a nice lineup spot.

Second Basemen


Dee Gordon vs. New York Mets ($4400) – Dee Gordon is a left-handed bat who likes to hit right-handed pitching. Rafael Montero in a small sample size has struggled against lefties. When Dee Gordon gets on base, he is a threat to steal. He projects to be on base more than once, which gives him multiple chances to steal bases. Hits, stolen bases, and the chance to score a few runs will all add up to a nice score for Dee Gordon.

Neil Walker vs. Chicago Cubs ($4200) – Walker has a ten game hit streak going and is averaging 11 points per game over his last five. He gets a solid matchup against Travis Wood who struggles with guys from both sides of the plate. He is batting cleanup for the Pirates and is one of the few second baseman in a good lineup spot to drive in runs.

Third Basemen


Miguel Cabrera vs. Minnesota Twins ($5400) – Mike Pelfrey is not a guy who should be starting for an MLB team right now. In fact an injury is the only reason he was called up from triple A. He is a righty with reverse splits who gets to go up against one of the best right-handed dominant lineups in all of baseball. This guy has triple drown winning upside, so there’s really no doubting his skills. This is a matchup of one of the best righty bats of this generation against one of the worst pitchers against right-handed hitters. On paper this is not even one to think twice about. The only hold up is Cabrera’s price.

Chris Davis vs. Chicaago White Sox ($4500) – Davis has the same matchup today that he did yesterday when he was $4700. Noesi struggles against all types of hitters and Davis is likely batting either fourth or fifth in that Orioles order. He has high upside with his power against Noesi. Noesi has a high WHIP so there’s an increased chance of having men on base for him to drive in. Many were going to use him yesterday at $4700, so why not take the discount today.


Jimmy Paredes vs. Chicago White Sox ($4000) – Paredes will likely hit second or third for the Orioles tomorrow and he too has a great matchup with Noesi. Paredes has been the hottest hitter in baseball and everyone’s favorite fantasy player over the last week. His 50-60% ownership rates in GPPs are a testament to his hot streak. He has 10 points or more in six of his last ten. Including 16 or more in four of his last five while averaging 18 points per game over that stretch. His price is rising, but he is still producing lately at a level that makes his price look cheap.




Billy Hamilton vs. Milwaukee Brewers ($4500) – Kyle Lohse struggles with left-handed bats, so Hamilton has a chance to get on base a few times. When he does, he has the elite speed to swipe a bag or three and score a few runs. He has a lot of upside at a position that lacks elite options and he is in a good spot tomorrow. There is a lot to like with him.

Starlin Castro vs. Pittsburgh Pirates ($4100) – The right-handed heavy Cubs lineup should prove troublesome for Jeff Locke in Wrigley. Castro hits right in the heart of that order and has the chance to drive in some runs. He has a slightly higher average against lefties, and a lot of big bats around him now in that Cubs lineup. At a thin position, he offers a lot of upside for tournaments.


Jose Iglesias vs. Minnesota Twins ($3400) – Iglesias has moved up to the top third of the order with the injury to Rajai Davis. He has hits in nine of his last ten games. Now that he is batting in front of guys like Cabrera, the Martinez’s, and Cespedes, he should score more runs. The matchup against Pelfrey is as good as it gets, so he has upside.



Nelson Cruz vs. Texas Rangers ($5300) – Nelson Cruz is bringing his Boomstick back to Texas and gets a matchup against the left-handed Ross Detweiler in this one. Nellie has a ton of power and a chip on his shoulder for Texas management. Throw in a weak left-handed pitcher and there is a lot of narrative/upside for him in this one.

Adam Jones vs. Chicago White Sox ($4500) – Jones bats cleanup for the Orioles and is cheaper today than he was yesterday when he had the same matchup. Noesi gives it up to both sides of the plate and Jones is as professional a hitter as we have in this league. He too saw a price drop and has the same matchup he was supposed to have in the suspended game. If you liked him than take the discount here as well.

Andrew McCutcheon vs. Chicago Cubs ($5000) – Cutch gets a nice matchup against a left-handed pitcher in Wrigley field. He hits lefties pretty well and Wood really struggles with good right handed bats. McCutcheon bats third in his order and has the red hot Neil Walker protecting him right now. The Pirates are expected to get to Wood in this one and if they tough him up for a few runs, at worst McCutcheon should be on base and score a run or two.


Delmon Young vs. Chicago White Sox ($3500) – Young has scored 72 fantasy points in his last six starts. He was slated to be third in the order last night before the suspension. If that is the case again today, then he makes a lot of sense for an offense many will be targeting. Young has been racking up multiple hits, scoring and driving in runs, so he has a lot of upside that is worth it.