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1) $100K Payoff Pitch – $27 Entry >> DRAFT NOW
2) $60K Moonshot – $3 Entry >> DRAFT NOW

Starting Pitchers


Max Scherzer vs. STL ($12,100) – Yes, I know the price tag is through the roof, but if you’re thinking about rostering Scherzer for your DFS lineup it’s because of his dominant production (29.3 FPPG to this point). Feel confident in Scherzer if you spend the big bucks on him.

Chris Sale vs. KC ($11,00)– Sale has some unfavorable matchups facing the Royals’ lineup, although it’s not enough for me not to suggest him here. Keep in mind that if Sale is going to give up a big game, the Royals have done well historically against him; however, the damage has been minimal with only 4 HR in 253 at-bats.


Chris Tillman @ TOR ($6,500) – Tillman has had two 20-point fantasy starts this season, with one ugly negative start where he hid his head in the sand. For the $6.5 K price tag, Tillman offers interesting incentive for your lineups. Don’t be afraid to give him a whirl.

David Phelps @ PHI ($4,400) – Phelps’ early-season numbers are inflated due to a very poor relief effort, but I like Phelps to cut down on the walks against the Phillies’ bats. Phelps is a way under-the-radar play, but I wouldn’t mind pairing him with Max Scherzer on Thursday.



Russell Martin vs. Chris Tillman – BAL ($4,300) – Martin is averaging 8 FPPG over his last three played, and while that’s not anything to get crazy about it’s still good to see with Russell only batting .132 on the season. Trust the bat and the skills, I say.


Salvador Perez @ Chris Sale – CWS ($3,600) – Perez is another Royals’ player that has done very well against Sale over his career, hitting .297 in 37 at-bats. We’re looking for more contribution with extra-bases, but in the end we’re okay with a couple of singles, driving in a run or two.

Stephen Vogt  @ C.J. Wilson – LAA ($3,500) -I like the value options at catcher too much, so I’m running with three options in this write-up. Vogt has 12 RBI on the season so far, and he’s swinging a hot stick, so you’ve got to take advantage with the lovely price at hand.

Yadier Molina @ Max Scherzer – WAS ($3,400) – What? $3.4 K? Wow. I’m a bit shocked overall by this price tag too, so be sure to take advantage of one of the better values on the night, assuming the Cards don’t rest Molina. I’m all over this one, with Molina’s hot hitting and good fantasy-point production of late. Don’t be fearful of the Scherzer matchup.

First Basemen


Adrian Gonzalez @ Ryan Vogelsong – SF ($4,900) – Oh, no, Gonzalez has gone 0-for-8 over his last couple of games, as of this writing anyway, but he’s got a homer and 4 RBI against Vogelsong over his career. A-Gone’s salary has taken a dip of late, but I really like him to bounce back on Thursday.

Joey Votto @ Kyle Lohse – MIL ($4,800) – With six hits and a couple of home runs over his last three games, Votto is starting to make DFS owners believe again. I love Votto for all my seasonal leagues this year, but he does give an excellent 1B option in DFS play. Votto has six hits in his last three games – not bad.

Freddie Freeman @ Bartolo Colon – NYM ($4,500) – I’m listing one more stud option here, mainly because Freeman is almost hitting .500 against Colon over his career in 13 at-bats. Yeah, yeah, sample size. Okay, but still – Freeman is one of the better hitting first basemen in the league and will make you happy you played him on this lovely DFS evening.


Stephen Vogt @ C.J. Wilson – LAA ($3,500) -I like Vogt so much on Thursday that I’m cross referencing him since he’s both eligible at 1B and C for owners. I listed him above at C if you’re looking for more insight.

Second Basemen


Dee Gordon @ Dustin McGowan – PHI ($4,800) – Gordon is 8-for-14 over his last three games, so that’s why I list him here. Oh, and he’s facing a weak McGowan all game, or as long as the Phillies keep him in. Gordon won’t get you points via power, although I do love his grind-it-out ways.

Howie Kendrick @ Ryan Vogelsong – SF ($4,000) – I bet the Dodgers are thrilled they were able to land Kendrick in the off season, and with the Kendrick acquisition he’s been living up to billing. The Dodgers shouldn’t be happier, with Kendrick netting 13 hits since April 11.


Daniel Murphy vs. Julio Teheran – ATL ($3,900 ) – Is this the day that Murphy starts showing us something? Tough one, but historically Murphy hits Teheran well enough for me to slot him in. Keep in mind Murphy has done nothing to this point, but you’re still pretty brave for taking the chance on him.

Yangervis Solarte @ Jordan Lyles – COL ($3,700 ) – Solarte isn’t always getting full time at-bats on the season, so his usage  is certainly a puzzle at times. Solarte will start to get more at-bats as the season moves along. Still, facing Lyles in Colorado? Mmm.

Third Basemen


Josh Donaldson vs. Chris Tillman – BAL ($4,600) – Averaging over 20 fantasy points per game in four out of his last six contests, Donaldson is providing the wow-factor that all of us expected this season. Donaldson’s salary is doing a roller coaster thing, but be happy you can lock him in for $4.6 K.

Kris Bryant @ Jeff Locke – PIT ($4,400) – Rookie sensation Bryant has been an animal with the bat since he got the call-up, and I don’t mind jumping on the bandwagon at all when it comes to him and his bat, so here I go… jumping on. Bryant is 8-for-14 over his last four games. Still no homers as of yet, but that will surely come soon.


Matt Carpenter @ Max Scherzer – WAS ($3,800 ) – I know, against Scherzer? It’s tough to do, but Carpenter has been almost unbeatable with the stick going 17-for-49 over his last 10 games. I just can’t see ignoring him and the nice value at this point.

Juan Uribe @ Ryan Vogelsong – SF ($3,700) – Uribe’s bat is starting to come around. He’s facing Vogelsong, who doesn’t do much against Uribe (.409 AVG and 1.000 OPS in 22 lifetime at-bats). Uribe’s bat is doing enough of late for me to take a shot here.



Dee Gordon @ Dustin McGowan – PHI ($4,800) – I’m sort of cheating using Gordon here since he qualifies at 2B as well, but I really love the potential for a big night from him considering my write-up in the 2B section.

Hanley Ramirez @ Jake Odorizzi – TB ($4,700) – Odorizzi is giving owners nice production to this point, so there is a risk that he shuts down the Red Sox. Still, Han-Ram is an ideal option for me mainly since he’s hot-to-trot right now and hasn’t faced Odorizzi before.


Alcides Escobar @ Chris Sale – CWS ($3,700) – Granted, Escobar doesn’t do much with extra-base production, however, he does provide an unreal line facing Sale: .400 AVG, .426 OBP and .511 SLG. If you’re okay with singles and fantasy points produced  that scratch and claw your way to a good total, then great. Just don’t expect any long bombs from Escobar.

Tim Beckham vs. Clay Buchholz – BOS ($2,900) – Beckham is really about the price, and, sorry, it’s hard to ignore with the at-bats he’s getting right now. Beckham is looking to work his way onto the Rays roster for good, so he’s looking to shine until Nick Franklin returns. Look for Beckham to surprise yet again for $2.9 K.



Matt Kemp @  Jordan Lyles – COL ($5,900) -Kemp has played outstanding ball to this point, so you can give yourself a pat on the back if you went all-in on him. The great thing about Kemp? He’s heading into Coors Field where historically he lights it up (14 HR, 52 RBI, .322/.396/.606 in 236 at-bats). Yeah, you better lock him in.

Justin Upton @ Jordan Lyles – COL ($5,200) – Upton doesn’t quite total the numbers Kemp does at Coors, but, hey, that’s okay, eh? He rocks it in Coors too, so don’t be afraid to build a stack with Padres’ hitters, even if it’s just a mini-stack.

Adam Jones @ Drew Hutchison – TOR ($4,800) – Jones is filling into MLB stardom just nicely, swinging a massively hot stick (.442 AVG, 5 HR and 16 RB) for DFS owners. With 18 hits over his last 10 games, Jones is an auto-play for me.

Kole Calhoun vs. Jesse Chavez – OAK ($4,600) – Chavez is getting a spot-start against the Angels on Thursday, and I’m sort of salivating here. Chavez is an interesting pitcher, but the Angels’ lineup is pretty stacked throughout. Calhoun is averaging 8.6 FPPG to this point during the young MLB season.


Lorenzo Cain @ Chris Sale – CWS ($3,800) – Cain hits a crisp .351 against Sale over his career, so you have to figure he’s good for solid points at a sub-$4 K level price. The numbers, in case you want ’em: 13-for-37 (.351), 2 HR, 6 RBI and 3 doubles to boot).

Matt Holliday @ Max Scherzer – WAS ($3,800) – Holliday has only had three at-bats against Scherzer over his career, and they were O-Fer’s, but that doesn’t mean I don’t notice the price tag on Holliday. And, yeah, you may be taking a risk here but the value-potential is worth it to me even facing a guy like Scherzer.

Chris Young @ Anibal Sanchez – DET ($3,600) – It’s possible Young takes a seat with his poor history against Sanchez, so be sure to check lineups before automatically rostering Young. Not that you’d auto-start Young, but you get what I’m saying, right? Young has been a huge feast-guy lately, netting double-digit numbers – leaning towards the 20-point mark – quite often.

Jonny Gomes @ Bartolo Colon – NYM ($3,100) – Gomes is getting plenty of early-season action in 2015, and he’s proven to be a good source of production for a lower-end OF slot. Gomes has powered his way to success facing Colon historically, hitting 3 HR in 21 at-bats, while netting a .381/.409/.952 line.

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