Ho hum, just another day, another $500K Guaranteed tournament on DraftKings. It’s a huge Tuesday of MLB action, get after it with today’s Targets:

Plenty of Action on DraftKings to Choose From

$500K Slugfest – $33 Entry, $50,000 to First!

$100K Moonshot – $3 Entry, $10,000 to First!

Starting Pitchers


Fransisco Liriano vs. Chicago Cubs ($8700) – Liriano has gone 13 innings with 14 strikeouts, 3 runs allowed, and a WHIP of 0.77 to start the year. He gets to pitch at home in a pitcher friendly ballpark in a game with a low 7 run total and him as a -150 favorite. Liriano should be able to get through 6 or 7 innings with 7 strikeouts tomorrow and is likely to pick up a win. Those numbers would put him in the 24-33 range depending on the number of negative events. This Cubs team is not a great hitting team yet and despite some of the young righty hitters, I still think Liriano will own them tomorrow.

Jonathon Niese vs. Atlanta Braves ($7500) – Niese has not been great to start the season, but he gets a really good match up here in a pitcher’s park. Despite the torrid start, the Braves bats have been very ordinary recently. Johnny Gomes and Chris Johnson are really the two biggest threats against left-handed pitching and neither guy scares me much. The Braves have a lot of lefty sticks that play everyday, so it should be a tough match up for them. Niese is better than he has shown so far and I like his chances to get back on track Tuesday.


Nick Martinez vs. Arizona Diamondbacks ($5300) – The guy we targeted hitters against all last year has not been so kind this year. His numbers from top to bottom all look better in his sophomore campaign. K/Walk ratio is up, hits allowed are down, ERA is down and he has thrown two quality starts so far this season. He is averaging 21.3 DK points per start, which would be over 4 points per thousand of cost if he repeats that today. He gets Arizona who is in the top quarter of the league for strikeouts against Right-handed pitchers and could be a good value option.




Joe Mauer vs. Kansas City Royals ($3800) – Jason Vargas is a guy who has some reverse splits over the last few years. He allows lefty batters to hit him pretty well. There’s evidence of this in BvP as Mauer has gone 12 for 30 against him in his career. Normally I am not a big BvP guy, but that is a nice sample size backed up by the fact Mauer hits left-handed pitching well for a lefty and Vargas struggles with left-handed batters for a lefty pitcher.

Derek Norris vs. Colorado Rockies ($3900) – Norris hits left-handed pitching pretty well over his career. Tomorrow he gets to bat up in Coors field which is a great hitters park. He gets to face a weak lefty in Brian Matzek who struggles with right-handed bats. He also is batting second in the order against lefties, so he has excellent lineup placement for a catcher. All these things together make him a great option tomorrow as a backstop.


Kevin Plawecki vs. Atlanta Braves ($2800) – With Travis D’Arnaud out for a few months, Plawecki was recalled from triple A to start everyday as the Mets catcher. He is not just a random call up as this guy is considered a top prospect at the catcher position. I’m not sure where he hits in the order, but if he takes over D’Arnaud’s two hole responsibilities, he will be a no brainer.

First Basemen


Adam Lind vs. Cincinatti Reds ($4500) – Jason Marquis may be a sneaky start tomorrow against a struggling Milwaukee Brewers team. The thing Marquis struggles with is left-handed bats and the Brew Crew really is light in that department. The one guy they have who does crush righties is Adam Lind. Lind was brought in to be a middle of the order guy and break up the righty dominant lineup the brewers usually role out there. He is not a big power guy, but he makes contact, gets on base, and drives in runs. The Matchup is tilted in his favor and he should be a low owned guy with good upside.

Joey Votto vs. Milwaukee Brewers ($4900) – Votto hits right-handed pitching pretty well. He has also been on fire to start the season. He is 13/36 (.361 BA) against righties with 5 homeruns already. He gets to play in Milwaukee which is a nice park to hit in and gets to face Mike Fiers who throws hard. Fiers is a high strikeout guy, but can give up a long ball to a solid lefty bat if they can make contact. Making contact is what Votto does best and the way he is hitting lately, I’m not afraid to take him against any right-handed pitcher.


Lucas Duda vs. Atlanta Braves ($3600) – This is way too cheap for the Mets three hole hitter today and he has been very good lately. He is a lefty who gets to face a guy in Trevor Cahill that struggles with left handed bats. He should have some other high on base percentage guys like Wright and /or Murphy hitting around him and at his price I love his chances for value in this one.

Second Basemen



Jason Kipnis vs. Chicago White Sox ($4700) – Hector Noesi struggles historically with batters from the left side and Kipnis is one of those guys. He hits second in that order in a good park for left-handed hitters (US Cellular). The Indians lefty heavy lineup should be able to get to Noesi and Kipnis in the two hole should be a big part of the onslaught.


Daniel Murphy vs. Atlanta Braves ($3800) – Murphy gets a match up with Trevor Cahill and likely may move up to hit second in the order with      D’Arnaud out. He mashes against weak righties and that is what he gets tomorrow. The Pitcher’s park is not optimal, but with good placement on top of that order and a nice matchup, I think he is a lock to make value.

Third Basemen


Josh Harrison vs. Chicago Cubs ($4300) – Travis Wood really struggles against right-handed hitters. The Pirates have a bunch of them on top of that lineup and it starts with Harrison. The 3b eligible lead off man for the pirates raked against lefties last season. I expect him to have a multiple hit game here today and set the table for the big bats behind him.


Chris Johnson vs. New York Mets ($3300) – Jonathon Niese is a pretty solid pitcher, but he does allow better splits to right-handed batters. Chris Johnson last season hit .395 against left-handed pitching. He should be plugged in for Kelly Johnson and will likely hit in the five hole tomorrow. If I can find a solid matchup for a guy hitting in an RBI spot, I am very intrigued to look deeper into it. He might wind up being one of the best replacement options on the day for value and upside.



Dee Gordon vs. Philadelphia Phillies ($5100) – Jerome Williams is not a good pitcher and he goes up against the Marlins at home in a good hitters park for left-handed batters. Gordon should be able to get on base against a guy who had a pretty high WHIP in his career. If he does get on, he will probably be stealing against a RHP and a catcher who has yet to throw anyone out in four attempts. A walk or hit, stolen base, and run scored is worth 9 or 10 DraftKings points and I expect Gordon to do that and more. He is pricey, but his matchup is elite, so find a way to get him in your lineups.I prefer to use him at SS today as I like the other second base options more then the shortstops I could roster here.

Brian Dozier vs. Kansas City Royals ($4700) – One thing Dozier does really well is hit left-handed pitching. Vargas is not a guy who will blow hitters away and I think Dozier has a good chance for a multiple hit game against him. Dozier has good lineup placement as he has been hitting in the two hole in front of Mauer recently. He is also a guy with some speed pop, so he has homerun upside on top of the probably floor of multiple hits. I really like either him or dee Gordon for a 20 point game tomorrow, so there’s no need to look for value and punt the position when you have two options up top in such good spots.



Lorenzo Cain vs. Minnesota Twins ($4800) – This might be one of my favorite plays for tomorrow in cash or GPPs. Cain mashes left-handed pitching. Tommy Millone historically struggles with power hitting right-handed bats. Cain bats third in that Royals order and goes under owned every game. He is not the sexy pick and there’s a lot of big names around him others will gravitate too. On paper he has one of the best matchups of the night, so use him without fear and enjoy his low ownership percentages.


Giancarlo Stanton vs. Philadelphia Phillies ($5400) – Jerome Williams is not a good pitcher as we have discussed already. Stanton actually hits right-handed pitching pretty well and plays this game in a bandbox. Homeruns fly out of Philly and off the bats of pitches thrown by Williams. With Stanton’s power, a pop fly could end up for seven and that is a likely outcome for him tomorrow. I do not often predict homeruns, but I like his chances of one here.

Matt Kemp vs. Colorado Rockies ($5700) – Kemp is a huge stud. He showed it last night and he will show it all season. He is even studlier when you put a bad left-handed pitcher opposite him and it only gets better when the game is played in Coors field. Kemp should be hitting third again tomorrow and will have a chance to drive in the guys in front of him and be driven in by the guys behind him. It’s a dream matchup for Kemp and you should fit him in where you can.

Michael Brantley vs. Chicago White Sox ($4900) – Hector Noesi struggles with lefties. Brantley absolutely mashes right-handed pitching. US Cellular is a very friendly park for left-handed batters and I think this is another dream matchup tomorrow. Brantley should be hitting in the three hole and will likely have runners on in front of him as teammates Jason Kipnis and Michael Bourn also have the splits advantage against Noesi. He should have some RBI chances tomorrow in what is expected to be a game with some runs scored. He will likely go lower owned than Kemp and is a cheaper option if you want a swerve for your GPPs.


Michael Bourn vs. Chicago White Sox ($4100) – We already mentioned everything about Noesi on more than one occasion, but all of it still applies here. The kicker for me in this match up is that Tyler Flowers has allowed 8 of the 9 attempted base stealers to successfully steal against him so far. If Bourn gets on base, he should be off and running. With guys like Kipnis and Brantley to knock him in, I am confident we see a single, SB, Run scored out of him tomorrow and that alone is worth 10 DK points.