Ho hum, just another day, another $500K Guaranteed tournament on DraftKings. It’s a huge Tuesday of MLB action, get after it with today’s Targets:

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Starting Pitchers


Matt Harvey vs. Philadelphia Phillies ($9100) – In his first start in over a year, “The Dark Knight” showed why he is dubbed as the savior of the Mets organization. He returns to Gotham for a home start against the his arch nemesis bat men from Philadelphia. Harvey threw a gem in his first outing despite being on a 90 pitch limit. He stuck out nine over six innings of shut out ball with only four hits allowed and one base on balls. The Phillies are averaging the least amount of runs per game of any team in the Majors right now. They are in the bottom third for both batting average and on base percentage and second worst in the league for Slugging % and OPS. This is a putrid offense going up against one of the game’s best young pitchers in his home pitcher’s park. This is definitely a good spot to target and he will probably be very highly owned.

Jake Arrieta vs. Cincinnatti Reds ($8600) – He went seven innings of shut out ball with seven strikeouts and only 3 hits and 3 walks allowed against the St. Louis Cardinals in his first start. He draws a home match up with the Reds this time out who are fourth in the league in strikeouts and averaging 9.2 per game. I don’t think the Reds offense is more better than the Cardinal’s offense and Arrieta has the added upside of the potential for a high strikeout game. He is the second biggest Vegas favorite on the day at -148 and is expensive enough that people will likely reach for Harvey and overlook him. Harvey is still in a better spot, but Arrieta is the swerve for GPP play if you need one.


Shane Greene vs. Pittsburgh Pirates ($5800) – Greene was really good his first turn, going eight innings of one run ball with 5 strikeouts and only 5 base runners allowed. He gets to go to a pitcher’s park in Pittsburgh to face a pirates team that is leading the league in strikeouts. They have 75 through 7 games for an average of almost 11 per game. They do score some runs and have a few big bats in that order, but at his price and with the strikeout upside, I think he has a safe floor tomorrow. Greene is underpriced for his second turn and using him allows you to pay up for an SP1 and still have enough money left over for bats.

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Buster Posey vs. Colorado Rockies ($4300) -The best catcher eligible player in daily fantasy gets a match up against a weak RHP who struggles with a high batting average and fly ball rate to right handed batters. Posey was 4-for-5 against him last year, which including a home run. He hits right handed pitching well and Bergman struggles, so there’s a recipe for an outsized game against the reverse splits.


No one jumps out at me yet as a great value. Keep an eye on lineups for guys batting higher up in the order or guys with good splits against a certain handed pitcher. There’s always something you were not expecting that might be a good play

First Basemen


Anthony Rizzo vs. Cincinnati Reds ($5100) – Rizzo is the biggest lefty bat right now on the Cubs. He absolutely mashes right handed pitching. Desclafani struggles against left handed bats and has a high fly ball rate. Rizzo batting in the two hole means he should see a few more at bats and have more protection as Jorge Soler went yard last night and seems to be heating up. If Rizzo sees a few good pitches, I think he has a chance to really explode and have that huge upside game we have been waiting for.


Adrian Gonzalez vs. Seattle Mariners ($4200) – Iwakuma has been a solid pitcher over the last few years since he debuted, but he has always struggled more with LHB. Adrian Gonzalez is the best left handed stick the Dodgers have. He is also red hot right now, as his three home run game a few back can attest to. He is the 19th most expensive first baseman today and has his preferred split against a pitcher who has trouble with left handed batters. He will be low owned and has been locked in, so he makes a great under the radar play.


Mark Canha vs. Houston Astros ($3400) – As 2 hole hitter is still cheap despite the string of early season success. They get a gas can in Brad Peacock who should yield quite a few hits to this offense. Canha is right in the heart of that order which has been producing a ton of runs. He is way too cheap for what he can do and provides you the salary relief you can use elsewhere. He is also OF eligible so you can fit him in multiple ways.

Second Basemen


Dee Gordon vs. Atlanta ($4700) – Trevor Cahill is horrible against left handed batters. He has one of the highest BAA of any starter I have seen lately in that split. That means Dee Gordon should be in a good spot to get on base multiple times. When he does, he should be off to the races.  Jarrod Saltalamacchia allowed the most stolen bases of any catcher in the major league’s last year. If Dee Gordon gets on, a stolen base attempt is imminent. Add in that Gordon has been red hot with 20 and 31 fantasy points in two of his last three and there’s a lot to like here today.


Jace Peterson vs. Miami Marlins ($3300) – The lefty gets a good match up against a soft tossing right hander. He has bounced from the two hole to lower in the order, so check his line up placement before pulling the trigger. I expect the Braves to get some runs today and would use him if he ends up in the 2 hole again.

Third Basemen


Josh Harrison vs. Detroit Tigers ($4300) – Harrison gets a solid righty in Shane Greene, but he hits right handed pitching pretty well. He has been hot lately as he added a few more hits, including a home run to his 2015 tally. He was a monster late last season and is still a bit underpriced based off what he has shown. He is a high ceiling guy tomorrow, but be cautious of the match up. Greene is looking good right now, which is all that gives me pause.

David Wright vs. Philadelphia Phillies ($4100) – Right seems pretty cheap against a young pitcher who has been knocked around by righties. Reverse splits matchups always seem to offer a slight price break as well. I think this one makes a lot of sense to target tomorrow as Wright has looked good early on and this should be an under used guy. The total is low on that game, but most expect Harvey to limit a struggling Phillies offense to two runs or less, so that means they expect 4 or 5 from the Mets. Wright is in the middle of that order and should be a part of any rallies that happen.


Jake Lamb vs. San Diego ($3600) – Has a lot of power and a good match up to use it in today. The ballpark is not ideal, but we have to accept a few flaws when looking for a cheap option. He has power and hits in an RBI slot in that line up. I still prefer to pay up a little more for those mentioned already, but in a pinch, he is useable.



Jose Reyes vs. Tampa Bay ($5100) – The rookie Andriese makes his first appearance tomorrow and is greeting in one of the worst parks for pitchers by one of the games best  lead off men. Welcome to the big leagues son. Reyes hits pretty well against RHP with a .289 average last year. He has some pop, some speed, and a veteran’s understanding of what to do in the batter’s box. He will take advantage of a mistake or two by the rookie here and when he gets on, he is always a threat to steal and eventually score a run. There is a lot of upside to Reyes tomorrow and I think the price will scare some away.


Alex Guerrero vs. Seattle Mariners ($2600) – This is more of a price play than anything else, but the youngster has been starting with Uribe out. He always had the bat, but the concern with him was whether he could flash enough leather to be an everyday player. In fantasy we do not care if he can’t field, cause this guy can hit. If you need a cheap guy and do not want to pay up for a Tulo or Reyes, this is the place I would be looking.



Nelson Cruz vs. Los Angeles Dodgers ($4600) – The Dodgers are starting Indians cast off David Huff today who is a left handed gas can. The Mariners struggle with left handed pitching, which is a large reason they bought in Nelson Cruz. Cruz is a proven lefty masher with power and he displayed that power last night with 2 homeruns. He is locked in at the moment and gets a great matchup. It’s not the ideal park for him, but Cruz has the kind of power that plays everywhere. Plus his price is reasonable today.

Adam Jones vs. New York Yankees ($4600) – Jones is also a lefty masher and gets a nice match up in a hitters park against CC Sabathia today. Sabathia is not the same pitcher he once was and over the course of the last three years, he has given up over a .300 BA to right handed hitters. Jones crushes weak lefties and it pains me to say this, but that’s what CC is right now. Jones should feast on him today.


Steve Pearce vs. New York Yankees ($4000) – A lot of what was said for Jones applies here too. Right handed bat with power gets a left handed pitcher who has seen better days. Stop thinking of CC like he used to be and realize what his numbers are now. People fought the Verlander decline last season and those who didn’t stacked against him all the way to the bank. It’s shaping up like CC is that guy this year.

Chris Coughlan vs. Cincinnati Reds ($3700) – Coughlan hit a homer yesterday and should remain in the 4 spot of that order again yoday against another weak righty. He is a proven left handed stick who hits righties well. He’s pretty cheap for a clean up hitter and should see some pitches to hit and RBI opportunities with guys like Fowler, Soler, and Rizzo in front of him.