Baseball is back and there are huge prizes and some minor changes to daily fantasy baseball on DraftKings. Let’s take a look at the best and brightest DK is offering for Opening Day in the MLB Season Opener Guide.


MLB Scoring and Rosters

Below is the layout for rosters and scoring on DraftKings. Be sure to check out some of our MLB Training Camp articles for how to best approach the MLB Scoring System.

Daily Fantasy Baseball Scoring Tips and Tricks by Jonathan Bales


Scoring Changes – 2016

There are a few changes to note as we head into the 2016 season on DraftKings.

1) Caught Stealing – You will no longer lose 2 points for having a player who is caught stealing. If a player is caught attempting to swipe a bag, there will be no penalty to your player.

2) No More 1B/DH Combined Position – Designated Hitters will no longer only be first base eligible. You will be able to roster a designated hitter at the position where they most often play in the field. For example, David Ortiz will be eligible at 1B and Alex Rodriguez will be eligible at 3B.

3) Stacking Rules Change – In the past you had to use batters from three or more teams in any combination. Starting this year, you will not be allowed to draft more than 5 hitters from an individual team but you only need to take hitters from two different teams. This eliminates the ability to stack 6 batters from one team but also allows you to stack two teams equally (4 batters from each, for example).

Opening Day Contests

There are some HUGE opening day contests so be sure to check out the full breakdown for both April 3rd (Sunday) and April 4th (Monday) for all of the tournaments on DK but here are some of the highlights for April 4th:

TournamentEntryTotal PrizesJoin Contest
MLB Season Opener$27$400,000DRAFT NOW
MLB Moonshot$3$300,000DRAFT NOW
MLB Double Up$5$30,000DRAFT NOW