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Cream of the Crop

Zack Greinke has been scratched from his start tonight due to calf soreness.

1) Zack Greinke vs. Arizona Diamondbacks ($13,200) – I can’t remember the last time Greinke had a bad DFS game. Even when Greinke gave up 5 ER in his August 6th start, he still managed to land 18.7 fantasy points. Dude is on fire and easily worth paying the big bucks to roster. Greinke only has ONE home loss in 2015. That’s right, ONE. Chances are good he’s going to get you the numbers. Aside from Jake Arrieta, Greinke is my second favorite for the NL Cy Young award.

2) Mike Fiers vs. Los Angeles Angels ($9,200) – Averaging almost 17 FPPG, Fiers is a reliable contributor to your fantasy lineup. His ratios are a bit misleading though, although in the end I could care less about them if I get the fantasy points. Fiers gets to face the Angels’ hitters, which rank the worst in the league in hits and batting average. I dig this matchup for Fiers.

3) Max Scherzer vs. Baltimore Orioles ($12,400) – You’re not getting the dominant starts you were from Scherzer earlier in the season. Still, it’s hard to ignore his presence on the mound facing the Orioles. Scherzer is netting 24.1 FPPG and has a total of 237 strikeouts to this point. Don’t be surprised if he zones in on 250 K for the year. Look for him to go deep into the game on Wednesday for the Nationals.

4) Yordano Ventura vs. Seattle Mariners ($8,600) – Ventura is a decent mid-range play. He does so much more at home pitching in Kansas City, averaging 18.1 FPPG compared to 11.9 FPPG on the road. The Royals’ starter isn’t having fantastic production of late, although now that he’s at home I do see improvement coming your way. Ventura gets hitters to ground out a ton, which is always a favorable factor.

5) Justin Verlander vs. Chicago White Sox ($9,600) – Verlander is pitching like he used to do a few seasons ago. He’s striking out hitters and getting deep into games. The $9.6 K price isn’t exactly selling me though, although I can see using him in the right lineup. Don’t expect him to duplicate his 25.9 fantasy performance last start out. Verlander’s 3.50 K/BB and 2.05 BB/9 are solid ratio builders.

Middle of the Pack

6) Jake Peavy @ San Diego Padres ($8,900) – Over Peavy’s last three starts, he has averaged over 20 fantasy points and is an intriguing play on Wednesday. Be honest with me – you’re not convinced, are you? That’s the rub with the Peav-ster, you just don’t know if it can last. I like the Petco venue, as always, and dig that Peavy is facing his former Padres’ club. I’m a bit worried he’s been giving up too many fly balls, so there’s always that. In the right circumstances, Peavy is workable in your lineup. The price isn’t too great, however.

7) Corey Kluber @ Minnesota Twins ($12,300) – I know what Kluber has done this season but I’m not crazy about spending $12.3 K to lock him in. I’m avoiding here, even with his massive amount of strikeouts this year. I’m not saying Kluber is a bad start, just not worth the dough to lock him in even with his incredible peripherals.

8) Marcus Stroman vs. New York Yankees ($8,500) – Stroman has done fairly well in his two big league starts, averaging about 15 FPPG. The cool thing about Stroman? He’s got 26 ground out balls to only 6 fly ball outs. He’s keeping the ball down and limiting hitters to single-base advances. Stroman has given up three walks but only has five strikeouts over the same two starts. There is some risk facing the Yankees, although I expect Stroman to hold his own.

9) Adam Conley vs. Philadelphia Phillies ($6,100) – You’ve got a decent shot at hitting double-digit fantasy points by rostering Conley. Are you brave enough to roster him? I am, assuming I have a superstar pitcher mixed into my lineup. Conley can be hittable at times, but his K/BB rate is enticing and that the Marlins are running with him at the end of the season. The price is attractive.

10) Brandon Finnegan @ St. Louis Cardinals ($6,000) – If Finnegan wasn’t facing the Cardinals I’d consider starting him in a Studs-and-Duds pitching lineup where I’m pairing him with Zack Greinke, or someone close. But the Cards hitters aren’t to be messed with, even with a good start coming out of Finnegan last time out. Be wary here, although I do understand the temptation.

11) Colby Lewis @ Oakland Athletics ($8,800) – I’m not a Colby Lewis fan, never have been. The almost $9 K price tag has me running for the hills. Yikes. Sure, the venue may be solid for a pitcher tossing the ball in Oakland, but is that enough? Lewis has a poor 4.24 FIP and 6.21 K/9 rate, but he does offer solid points as well. His sub-90 mph fastball sure digs in your craw, eh? You can do better for the price.

12) Roenis Elias @ Kansas City Royals ($7,500) – Elias doesn’t do anything particularly well, although he’s not a bad. He’s an average pitcher facing a good Royals’ lineup that could tear him up. If Elias was pitching at home I’d consider using him, but I’m not convinced enough he’ll be worthwhile for me, or DFS owners, on Wednesday.

13) Drew Smyly @ Boston Red Sox ($9,500) – Blech. I really don’t like pitchers tossing at Fenway Park, the third worst park for pitchers to throw in based upon runs scored. Smyly has been pretty hit-or-miss with his starts since returning in August, some of which have been outstanding and others which have been downright forgetful. You’d be wise to take a pass on Smyly pitching at Fenway.

14) Bartolo Colon vs. Atlanta Braves ($8,700) – Inconsistency at it’s finest. The price on Colon is likely tied into the Braves weak offense, although I’m not 100 percent sure on that. Still, it leaves me feeling… uneasy. I’m not paying this kind of dough on Colon, although I won’t be surprised if he pitches well. His inconsistency bothers me. You can roster him if you wish but I won’t.

15) Lance Lynn vs. Cincinnati Reds ($8,400) – Something isn’t right with Lynn. With three negative games over his last 10 starts, Lynn is no longer the reliable option he once was. He’s only pitched a combined 11.2 IP over his last three starts! U-G-L-Y. I want to trust Lynn, but I don’t. He may have some usefulness in your lineup but not mine.

16) Kyle Hendricks vs. Milwaukee Brewers ($8,000) – Not a bad mid-range play, although not fantastic either. Hmm. I’m sort of impartial here with Hendricks, mainly since I don’t think he’s worth $8 K. Hendricks could have a double-digit fantasy day, but the price doesn’t warrant a risk for maybe getting a double-digit night.

Rest of the Field

17) Andrew Cashner vs. San Francisco Giants ($6,900) – Cashner has the potential for strikeouts. That’s the good part; however, Cashner is not very efficient and has a very difficult time staying consistent and getting to the 6 IP mark. I just don’t see the value here.

18) Chase Anderson @ Los Angeles Dodgers ($5,900) – Tempting, mainly since I think Anderson will hold his own against the Dodgers. I just can’t bring myself to pull the trigger considering his output and inconsistency over the last couple of months.

19) Nick Tropeano @ Houston Astros ($6,800) – Tropeano is averaging barely over 5 IP per start this season, although he’s only had five starts to this point. You take your DFS lives into your hands if you run with Tropeano.

20) Frankie Montas @ Detroit Tigers ($4,000) – This will be Montas’ first start of the season and I’m not expecting him to go more than four innings or so. I don’t see why ANYONE would take a chance on Montas. Well, maybe his strikeouts would attract some of you out there, although I’m passing.

21) Felix Doubront vs. Texas Rangers ($5,000) – Puh-lease. And, this coming from a guy that LOVED Doubront oh not that long ago. Wild, wild potential with Doubront, I admit it, although I just can’t have him in my lineup facing the Rangers bats.

22) Chris Tillman @ Washington Nationals ($4,800) – The promise on this guy heading into 2015 was outstanding. Too bad he’s blown the season with a lack of strikeouts, too many walks and too many homers given up. Plus, Tillman is way too hittable. You don’t want to risk things on him heading into Washington.

23) Ivan Nova @ Toronto Blue Jays ($4,900) – With an 8.13 ERA over his last 10 starts? Stick a fork in Nova. I’m really surprised that the Yankees are still trotting him out to the mound every five days. Blah.

24) Zach Davies @ Chicago Cubs ($5,700) – Nah. Pitching at Wrigley with no attractive pitching abilities isn’t my thing. Davies is another that’s blown my past love of him out of the water. Consider yourself certifiable if you build a lineup around Davies.

25) Rick Porcello vs. Tampa Bay Rays ($7,300) – Porcello had a good string of starts before imploding last game out. Risking your lineup on Porcello is like, well, being stupid. Don’t be stupid. And, if you use him and get a wonderful game from him? Yes, I’m calling myself stupid beforehand. I’m willing to bet nothing important that Porcello has a good game. Ha.

26) Charlie Morton @ Colorado Rockies ($6,300) – Pitching at Coors Field with Morton’s stuff? No thanks.

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