I didn’t list all 30 pitchers today. Why? The last bunch were just awful, and a smart DFS owner isn’t going to roster them anyway, hence the bunched-up blob at the bottom. There aren’t a ton of values for Wednesday; however, there are a couple that stick out that you can use in the right circumstance, like Gio Gonzalez or Patrick Corbin. Hint, hint.

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Cream of the Crop

1) Chris Archer vs. Minnesota Twins ($12,800) – When Archer is bad, he’s really bad. He gets into the negative-point production range when he’s off. What about this start facing the Twins? I like him, like him a bunch. Archer gets deep into games and K’s a ton of hitters. Yow-za. The Twins bats aren’t exactly tough. Great start here in Archer.

2) David Price @ Texas Rangers ($11,300) – With 30-point fantasy starts in three of his last four starts, Price shows us DFS guys why he’s one of the best. Still, I’m not thrilled with the Arlington Park start, although sometimes I get a bit too park-factor happy with my evaluations. We’re all different in how we evaluate pitchers, so keep that in mind. I like Price as a top-tier pitcher, although I wish the salary was a bit lower.

3) Chris Sale vs. Boston Red Sox ($13,000) – Sale has 29 K in his last two starts. And, 222 K on the season so far. You can see why DraftKings.com has him at a $13 K price tag. Can you blame the ol’ DK? Not me. I’m not saying I’m running out to slot Sale into every one of my lineups, but, dude, so worth considering. I can see running Sale out there in some lineups, depending upon your strategy on Wednesday. Sale’s rough patch a few starts ago is a thing of the past.

4) Shelby Miller vs. Colorado Rockies ($9,500) – Don’t expect a ton of offensive support for Miller if you run with him. Just sayin’. The good if you do decide to roster Miller? He gets to face the Rockies’ bats at home. The Rockies just don’t have it on the road this season, and, Miller, despite his 5-10 record, are an under-the-radar play… even at $9.5 K.

5) Gio Gonzalez vs. San Diego Padres ($7,500) – Max Scherzer was supposed to start on Wednesday, but the Nationals’ rotation has been shuffled around with Scherzer starting on Saturday now. What does that mean for Gonzalez? Huge value considering he wasn’t supposed to start and DK salaries are set for Wednesday. I’m willing to take the chance on Gonzalez’ $7.5 K salary and you have to take advantage, dontcha? Yeah, Gonzalez’ last two starts have been awful, but I LOVE a bounceback game here.

Middle of the Pack

6) Jimmy Nelson @ Cleveland Indians ($8,400) – Underrated, Nelson is… mm-hmm. Nelson has a 20 FPPG average over his last 10 starts and faces one of the worst hitting teams this season. I don’t see Nelson dominating, but a 15-to-20 point game is about right.

7) Tyson Ross @ Washington Nationals ($8,900) – I think Ross is getting too much of a salary discount pitching in Washington, which makes him an intriguing play for DFS owners. Good strikeouts, and only 5 HR given up over the entire year? Outstanding. The negative on Ross? The 70 BB he’s given up.

8) Collin McHugh @ New York Yankees ($9,500) – Man, McHugh is a hugely underrated play on Wednesday, although the venue at Yankee Stadium is sorta tricky. Hmm. Right? You’re tempted with the sub-$9.5 K price, aren’t you? Me too. I like McHugh enough to consider him in the right lineup, but don’t be overly aggressive and build around him.

9) Felix Hernandez vs. Oakland Athletics ($10,800) – Be careful with King Felix. He’s given up 27 ER over his last five starts, which means to me that something isn’t right. Maybe all the previous hub-bub about the King’s innings pitched are FINALLY catching up. Who knows for sure right now, but even with the matchup and the good ballpark factor I’m not prepared to go all-in on Wednesday.

10) Johnny Cueto vs. Baltimore Orioles ($10,400) – If you check out Cueto’s FPPG production over his last 10 starts, you’ll see he’s either been majorly hot or ridiculously cold. I usually want more consistency out of my arms, even with the quality that Cueto provides. Tough call, facing the O’s bats, since they’re ranked in the upper third in most offensive categories, but I’m okay rostering Cueto in the right spot.

11) Chris Bassitt @ Seattle Mariners ($8,400) – Bassitt has only had one start this season that’s landed under the double-digit mark. Not bad, eh? Bassitt’s price though is bothersome. Sure, I like what he’s done to this point, although I can’t see myself spending this kind of dough on him. If Bassitt was in the $7 K range I’d get a bit more excited.

12) Patrick Corbin vs. St. Louis Cardinals ($7,500) – Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky. For the most part, Corbin has pitched well off Tommy John surgery, even with him getting blasted recently. The Cards’ bats are formative, as we all know, so Corbin could tank. The $7.5 K price tag is attractive and that Corbin keeps it real at home with a 23:3 K:BB rate at home since his return to action.

13) Michael Pineda vs. Houston Astros ($10,100) – I’m never excited about spending $10 K- plus on a struggling pitcher facing a dominant hitting team. Okay, maybe the Astros aren’t dominant but they’re at least first place. Pineda has given up 13 HR in 19 games started this season – yikes!

14) Justin Verlander vs. Los Angeles Angels ($8,200) – Is Verlander finally back? Maybe, although I’m pretty stoked about his 25.6 FPPG production over his last three starts. He gets the Angels at home who are not a walkover by any means, so don’t roster Verlander blindly on his recent production. Verlander has a 5.45 ERA at home this season, compared to a 2.17 ERA on the road.

15) Hector Santiago @ Detroit Tigers ($7,300) – With 6 HR given up in his last 10 games, Santiago has fallen a bit. And, 19 HR given up over the season? Blah. Even so, with Santiago slowing down, he still offers some intrigue. The Tigers’ bats can destroy a pitcher though, so your gut has to be feeling quite special to give Santiago a go.

Rest of the Field

16) Wei-Yin Chen @ Kansas City Royals ($8,100) – I’m always a sucker for Chen, and I’m not even sure why. BUT, not this time. I’m just not prepared to go with Chen on the road facing the Royals, even with his excellent 121:34 K:BB rate.

17) John Lackey @ Arizona Diamondbacks ($8,000) – Lackey is not the same pitcher on the road as he is at home. Lackey loves home cookin’ and doesn’t pitch well away from the ol’ homestead. Some pitchers are like that, so keep that in mind if you want to spend $8 K on Lackey. I could get into major specifics, but I won’t – the D-Backs hit the ball well and will hurt Lackey, who has given 10 of his 15 HR on the road. Pass.

18) Bartolo Colon @ Philadelphia Phillies ($6,200) – Do you want to mess with a pitcher that has a 7.28 ERA over his last 10 starts? Hmm. Tough one. But, I’ll say “no”. Starting Colon facing the Phillies’ bats is tempting though, isn’t it? Don’t drink the Kool-Aid.

19) Colby Lewis vs. Toronto Blue Jays ($7,400) – I’m staying away. I know Lewis is pitching well, but facing the Jays’ offense? Nah. I just don’t have the confidence in Lewis – you shouldn’t either.

20) Jake Peavy vs. Chicago Cubs ($6,400) – I miss the Peavy days when he was with the Padres, but, slap me in the face – Peavy digs into my brain at yesteryear, the nostalgia years. You can’t look back, right? This isn’t a good play, regardless if you’ve got a way-down gut feeling on the Peavster.

21) Kyle Hendricks vs. San Francisco Giants ($7,200) – I have to have pitcher that can go deep into games, and Hendricks is NOT that guy. I’m not spending this kind of dough on Hendricks when I might only get 5 IP out of him, his average over his last five starts.

22) Brett Anderson @ Cincinnati Reds ($6,000) – When the Dodgers signed Anderson for the money they did – $100.25 Billion for one year – I was bent. Why? I’m a Dodger fan – true and blue. You don’t like it? Bite me. But, to be perfectly honest, Anderson hasn’t been that bad. Still, for DFS purposes he’s not someone I look to normally, especially pitching in Cincinnati with his pathetic 13.1 FPPG seasonal average. You can do better, way better.

23) Jeff Locke @ Miami Marlins ($5,300) – Any pitcher in this price range you have to question your logic, when building your pitching staff. I mean, if you’re heading into this direction it’s because you’re going for a gangsta contrarian play, right? I mean, right? Come on, dude – you don’t have to go this route.

24) Rick Porcello @ Chicago White Sox ($5,200) and OTHERS – For the sake of my horrible disdain for the pitchers at this price range and below, I’m grouping all of them together. I don’t see a reason to roster Cody Anderson, Tyler Duffy, Yohan Flande, David Holmberg, Jerad Eickhoff or Chris Narveson unless you want to suffer deeply, or just lose your league entry fees indiscriminately. Come on, now, you’re better than that!


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