If you watched baseball yesterday, you probably have a pretty good feel for who the best performers were. If you were sweating your lineups on DraftKings, you probably have a pretty good feel for who the best performers were. But the Perfect Lineup? Well that’s what we’re here for. Check out the daily perfect lineup below!

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8:25 Perfect Lineup


– Outside of Stephen Strasburg, no player in the Perfect Lineup was higher than 10% owned on DraftKings last night.

– Michael Brantley was the most popular hitter at 6.3% owned, but no other hitter was more than 3.8% owned on DraftKings, making it an extremely contrarian evening.

– How bad did the Astros beat down the Yankees last night? Four of their batters were in the Perfect Lineup as well as starting pitcher Dallas Keuchel.

– The 307.65 fantasy points for the Perfect Lineup was the highest of the week so far.


8:25 Top 20 FP


– Michael Brantley carried the workload for an Indians team that averaged 13.05 fantasy points per player last night, which was 2nd most across MLB.

– The Astros were the only team to average more fantasy points per player, averaging 15.75 FP/player last night in the Bronx.

– Carlos Gomez might have started a bench clearing brawl, but he backed it up on DraftKings – totaling 27 fantasy points at just $3700 and finishing as the 8th highest scoring player.

– 5 of the top 20 scoring players last night were Houston Astros

BENCH CLEARING BLOWOUT: Not only did the Astros average the most fantasy points per player last night, the Yankees averaged the fewest fantasy points per player. On average, Yankees scored 0.92 fantasy points last night.

ACES PUTTING UP BIG NUMBERS: It was a good night to pay up for pitching. The 4 most expensive pitchers all finished in the Top 4 for fantasy point totals last night.

– The highest priced 4 pitchers (Arrieta, Syndergaard, Strasburg and Keuchel) were also all in the Top 10 for total fantasy points.


8:25 Top Owned


MEET THE METS: After the Mets hit 8 home runs on Monday, it’s not surprising that they were the highest owned team – 4 of their players were in the Top 5 highest owned plays and 7 were in the Top 20 highest owned players.

– Cespedes and Syndergaard came through for DraftKings users last night, but Daniel Murphy and Curtis Granderson disappointed while combining for just 10 fantasy points.

– The Mets were, on average, the highest owned team last night by far. The average Met was 7.23% owned. The next closest team in terms of average ownership was the Blue Jays at 4.99% owned.


8:25 Values

1 – Value Plays defined by top 20 players in terms of $/Pt (salary divided by total fantasy points).


– Stephen Strasburg might have been in last night’s Perfect Lineup but that didn’t stop Jed Gyorko from becoming the top value play. He took Stras deep early and racked up 30 fantasy points en route to a DK best $86.67 value score.

KLAY’S BROTHER CONTINUES TO SHINE: Trayce Thompson continues to be an under-the-radar daily fantasy superstar. His brother might have the championship ring, but Trayce tallied 22 fantasy points and was the 4th best value play last night.

– Not surprisingly, the Astros were the best team in terms of average value across all players. Surprisingly, the Twins were the 2nd best team in terms of average value across all players. They crushed Nate Karns yesterday and averaged a $277.98 value score.

– The Marlins were another surprising team, averaging a $281 value across their entire team.


8:25 Highest Owned

1 – Keys to success defined as highest owned players on winning lineups. This stat is a derivative of percentage owned, except it includes only lineups that finished in the money on DraftKings.


– Despite a disappointing night for the Mets in DraftKings terms, they were so highly owned that it didn’t prevent most people from still winning money. Granderson and Murphy were among the bigger disappointments but were still on over 25% of winning lineups.

– Overall, the Mets were the highest owned team (on average per player) on winning lineups last night on DraftKings.

– The Indians were the 2nd most prevalent team found on winning lineups last night at 5.47% owned on average.

STRASBURG WINS BIG MONEY: Stephen Strasburg was already highly owned – at 51.9% owned across all contests on DraftKings Tuesday. He came through in a big way and was on 66.21% of lineups that cashed.


8:25 Busts


– We’ve already discussed how disappointing the Mets bats were on Tuesday, but it’s really clear how Monday night’s explosion led to a huge jump in Mets ownership. Daniel Murphy, Curtis Granderson and Wilmer Flores all combined for 10 fantasy points despite all being at least 19% owned.

– Mike Trout continues to struggle of late and had just 7 fantasy points at 19.7% owned last night. The $5300 price point makes those 7 fantasy points much tougher to take.

– Two popular pitchers who disappointed were Charlie Morton and Nate Karns. At least Morton finished in the positives though – Karns was lit up and tallied -2.05 fantasy points after being on 18% of lineups.

– Josh Donaldson had a dream matchup last night but didn’t come through on DraftKings. His 2 fantasy points in a matchup in Texas against LHP Derek Holland puts him on the disappointment list.