It’s so good to have baseball back in our lives. Football does a great job to fill that void for a sport in my opinion, but once the that season ends, my attention goes 100% to baseball. This first week certainly had it’s fair share of surprises and events that were fully expected. Let’s take a look at some of the storylines that have happened in the early going.

Trevor Story makes history

We’ve all seen the tweets. People think they’re clever and use Story’s last name to make a tweet that’s supposed to be clever, I guess. “THE STORY IS TREVOR!” “HOW CAN TREVOR MAKE THIS “STORY” UP”. Ok guys, we get it. Let’s not take away from the real STORY (heh) here. Trevor became the first player in history to hit a home run in his first three career games. Think about that. In all the time baseball has been around, NO ONE has done this before. On the season, Story has four home runs and is doing a fantastic job of making fans forget about that shortstop that now plays in Toronto.

San Diego Padres ALSO make history

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at San Diego Padres

Ok sooooo, can someone let the Padres know that it’s time to play? Spring Training is over. Wait, actually, maybe they SHOULD go back to Spring Training. In a historic start for the Padres, it’s on the wrong side of history. They’ve become the first team to ever be shut out in the opening series in baseball history. Think about that, 27 innings of baseball and not one single player has crossed home plate. Well, except for when they walk back to the dugout after striking out. Thankfully, the Padres have an off day today and can sort of regroup and get back on track. But truly, what do you even say in the locker room at this point? “Hey guys, it would be great if we could score once in awhile.” Even if the Padres can only muster a single run in their next series against the Rockies, doing better is doing better.

Bryce Harper picks up where he left off

As if we needed any more conformation that this guy is the model baseball player? The man who wants to “make baseball fun again” Harper kicked off his 2016 season with a crushing home run off of one of his favorites, Julio Teheran. After a nine pitch at-bat, Harper put one in the seats in right field and trotted around the bases. In a stat that’s mind boggling already, Harper now has four Opening Day home runs to throw onto his already impressive resume. Oh, and if you were wondering, his bat flip was a quiet one. Maybe once May hits, they’ll start to really get loud.

Robinson Cano gets his groove back

april 8th cano

Last season, Cano was playing for the second year of his massive 10 year deal with the Seattle Mariners. When he signed this contract, Cano was coming off a season with the Yankees hitting .314 with 27 home runs, 81 RBIs, and a .516 SLG. When he signed with the Mariners, we knew he would lose some home runs in the pitcher friendly Safeco Field. I don’t think everyone expected him to hit only 35 home runs combined in his first two years as a Mariner. It looks as if Cano is looking to change that, as he has four home runs in his first three games of the season. For a quick comparison, it took Cano all the way to the month of JUNE to get his fourth home run last season. Going even further, Cano hit six home runs in the FIRST HALF of the season last year. Could we be seeing the resurgence of Cano at age 33?