After a slow start to the 2015 MLB offseason, we’ve finally encountered our first big signing. Jordan Zimmermann has signed a five-year $110 million dollar deal with the Detroit Tigers. Let’s take a look at this signing along with any other rumblings we’ve heard.

Jordan Zimmermann Signs With Tigers

  • 5 Years, $110 Million Deal

This offseason has been a snoozefest thus far. Unless the prospect of relief pitching excites you, it’s been quite boring. So it was nice to finally see SOMETHING happening.

When I heard the detail of the Zimmermann deal, I was honestly a bit shocked. With baseball, absurd contracts and overpaying for players seems to be the norm. However, at five years and $110 million, I think this was a solid signing for the Tigers. They didn’t have to overpay for one of the best free agent starting pitchers. It does make me think a bit, however, as to how much interest Zimmermann actually had on the free agent market. For such a fair contract, it makes you wonder if the Tigers were ever really competing for any other team to acquire Zimmermann’s services.

Zimmermann is coming off a solid season for the Washington Nationals. He ended the year posting a 13-10 record with a 3.66 ERA and a 7.32 K/9. These a good numbers overall, but they are much worse than what Zimmermann produced in 2014 where he ended with a 2.66 ERA, and 7.32 K/9. The other factor last season was the amount of home runs Zimmermann allowed. With 24 allowed, Zimmermann almost doubled the amount from 2014 when he only let up 13. This could end up being a cause for concern as obviously moving from the National League to the American League poses a much bigger talent difference.

Overall, I think this is a solid signing for the Tigers. I don’t know how much success Zimmermann will have in the American League, but the Tigers certainly got a boost to their rotation and won’t be paying anything excessive for him.

Hot Stove Rumors:


One team has seemingly fallen out of the David Price sweepstakes, as the Toronto Blue Jays have signed pitcher J.A Happ to a 3 year, $36 million dollar deal. The Blue Jays currently have $130 million committed to their 2016 roster, so one can assume that doesn’t leave much room for Price.

The Red Sox seem to be the most aggressive in their pursuit of Price. Rumors have surfaced that the Red Sox “are prepared” to bid over $200 million to grab the services of Price. I’ve seen one report that the Red Sox are willing to pay $40 million more than the highest bidder if necessary. If Price does indeed go to the highest bidder, be aware of the date of December 12th. Why is this date important? December 12th is the day the Red Sox start selling tickets to the general public for the 2016 season. The Red Sox are notorious for making a splash before tickets go on sale. Below are a few examples:

Curt Schilling – Traded to Red Sox on November 30th
Josh Beckett/Mike Lowell– Traded to Red Sox on November 24th
Carl Crawford- Signed December 10th
Hanley Ramirez– Signed November 25th

Zack Greinke continues to sit on the free agent market, which hasn’t played out as I thought. I was fully expecting the Dodgers to swoop in and re-sign their star pitcher. However, here we are on November 30th and Greinke is still without a team. The longer this goes on, the more I think the Dodgers might let him walk. One team to keep an eye on is the Giants. They’ve emerged as one of the teams that could come in and sign Greinke to a lucrative contract.

On the other hand, a deal for Greinke might not take place until Price is settled. If that’s the case, good luck to teams on that front. As I mentioned before, if the Red Sox are indeed the team to sign him, they’ll be over paying and potentially by a lot. The only person who will benefit from this would be Greinke. I’m sure he’s at home licking his chops with this rumors about the Red Sox overpaying for Price.