First of all Giancarlo Cruz Michael Stanton needs to stop being so mean to baseballs.  Hitting them just isn’t enough. Apparently he has to hit them as hard and as far as possible.  I’m fairly certain he only hits homeruns over 470 ft.  Ridiculous! Arugula! As far as the fans go this is a pretty tough matchup.  At first glance the A’s fan seems to run away with it based off that celebration. More excited than his wedding day! Has he had a wedding day? Ah uknown but there are a few things to consider with the Marlins fan..




That ball traveled 478 ft and was hit at 115 mph…that is no softball.  Considering he’s leaning out over the upper deck and having to track a laser beam, it’s kinda unreal this guy was able to catch it.  Oh and don’t sleep on his celebration skills he brings the noise too…


marlins man


After his giddy little schoolgirl dance he gave the ball to his buddy who’s a huge Stanton fan. It’s an admirable move but unfortunate cause it’s gonna lose him this showdown. Equating foul balls with the birth of your firstborn? Going to A’s games alone? Uh yea this guy needs all the support we can give him



ball catch