Welcome to Opening Day, I will be bringing you the some of the best stacking options on the day. Remember with the DraftKings rule change you can only have 5 batters from a team. Some argument has been made about the best stack strategy moving forward. For the early part of the season I like the idea of stacking batters 1-4 or 2-5 on high total teams. Good Luck, now let’s get to the stacks.

Editor’s Note: The Astros vs. Yankees games has been postponed. The players in that game will not earn fantasy points, so be sure to check your lineups.

Expensive Stacks

Cincinatti Reds vs. Jeremy Hellickson
Projected Team Total: 5 Runs

Vegas has the O/U total in this game at 8.5 with the majority of the runs being scored by the Reds. Great American Ball Park is the 8th most favorable park for hitters and has the best right handed HR factor in the league. Cincinnati also has a ton of power from their lefties. Hellickson should get a big dose of lefties in the form of Joey Votto and Jay Bruce, both guys that have favorable wOBA averages against right handed pitchers.

San Francisco Giants vs. Wily Peralta
Projected Team Total: 4 Runs

Wily Peralta is not good, he only averaged 5 SOs per game last year and had a WHIP of 1.553. Playing in Miller Park also makes the Giants especially intriguing. Peralta had a 33% hard hit rate last year and guys like Joe Panik and Buster Posey will be swinging for the fences.

Value Stacks

Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Jorge De La Rosa
Projected Team Total: 4.5 Runs

Vegas has this one projected at 7.5 runs on the evening with the Dbacks outlasting the Rockies. De La Rosa struggled last season especially against right handed batters. Chase Field is the 2nd best park for those hitters in the league and has an extra base hit factor of 1.179 (1 is average, higher than one is better than average). AJ Pollock and Paul Goldschmidt are two of my favorite hitters on the day, both with wOBAs over .380.

Baltimore Orioles vs. Ervin Santana
Projected Team Total: 4.5 Runs

This game has an 8.5 O/U and is at Camden Yards, which has the best power alley’s in baseball. Ervin Santana struggles against left handed batters and last year was giving up a homer per 9 innings. Look for Chris Davis to tee off on Santana with his SLG of .528 against right handed pitching. I think we could see multiple HRs in this game from the O’s.

Contrarian Stacks

Houston Astros vs. Masahiro Tanaka
Projected Team Total: 3.5 Runs

I know, the Astros don’t seem to be contrarian, but hear me out. The Astros lineup has quite a few right handed batters, Tanaka has held righties to a .280 wOBA. Yankee Stadium is a great park for power hitters and guys like Rasmus and Correa should tee off. I just feel like the O/U of 7 (or 6.5 on some sites) will scare people away.

Atlanta Braves vs. Max Scherzer
Projected Team Total: 2.5 Runs

If you are looking for extreme contrarian, look no further than the Braves versus Scherzer. Max averaged 10 SOs a game last year and had a WHIP of .929. The Braves are young and only have one proven hitter in Freddie Freeman. However, if you are considering purely on Game Theory and the team everyone will be avoiding, take a GPP stab at the Braves. It’s the beginning of the season and there are plenty of unknowns, so calculated risks such as this one could prove to be high value.