Opening Day brought us a TON of excitement and hopefully, lots of extra money for your bankroll. But the grind never stops, so let’s take a look at the MLB Notes for April 7th!

Heaviest Pitcher Favorites

1) Zack Greinke vs. San Diego Padres(-178)-The second ace of Dodgers has a relatively easy matchup ahead of him. Of all the current members on the Padres, they’re hitting for a combined .216 average. Pretty good indication why he’s tonights favorite pitcher according to Vegas…..and me.

2) Matt Garza vs. Colorado Rockies(-158)- I must admit, when I first saw Garza was second on the list, I was quite surprised. But, this is why you trust Vegas. When you dig into the stats, the current Rockies roster is only hitting .225 against him. Aren’t you glad you read this article?

3) Jesse Hahn vs. Texas Rangers(-151)- Hahn begins his sophomore season with a start against the Rangers. He only started in 12 games last year and carried a 7-4 record with a 3.07 ERA. I’d file him under low risk high reward category.

Highest Scoring Games

1) Baltimore Orioles at Tampa Bay Rays (Tropicana Field) Today’s highest scoring game according to Vegas comes in at 8.5 runs. Vegas must not have much faith in Nate Karns for the Rays with his 6.00 career ERA. Matched up against Wei-Yin Chen, the game has the potential for some good offense.

2) Colorado Rockies at Milwaukee Brewers (Miller Park) – Another high scoring game slated for these two. Yesterday, the Rockies were able to bang out 10 runs while the Brewers had zero. I’m thinking a reversal of roles for tomorrow. Vegas his the run total for this one at 8.

Toughest Left/Right Matchups

Toughest Pitchers vs. Left Handed Batters

1) Zack Greinke vs. San Diego Padres– Numbers don’t lie baby. Lefties always have a tough time against Greinke as he sports a 2.06 ERA and an 8.44 K/9 stat.

2) Alex Wood vs. Miami Marlins– Wood still isn’t getting the praise he should be. He’s a solid starter who’s especially tough against lefties. A 2.09 ERA showcases that fact. His 9.84 K/9 numbers further show his appeal.

Toughest Pitchers vs. Right Handed Batters

3) Jesse Hahn vs. Texas Rangers– I was went back and forth on if I should include Hahn or not because of the fact that he’s only had a handful of games in the majors, but then I’d be giving all of you false information. His 1.98 ERA against righties ranks best amongst all of tonight’s starting pitchers. But buyer beware, the sample is smaller compared to the others.

4) Lance Lynn vs. Chicago Cubs– Now we feature the true winner of tonight’s toughest pitcher against right handed batters. Lynn owns a 2.57 ERA and his K/9 number comes in at 8.77. This sample size folks, is much higher than Hahn.

Best Left/Right Matchups

Easiest Pitchers vs. Left Handed Batters

5) Colby Lewis vs. Oakland A’s– Lewis is getting near the five mark in terms of ERA against lefties. His 4.68 ranks amongst the worst for tonight’s starters.

6) Jake Peavy vs. Arizona Diamondbacks– Remember when Peavy was dominating the Major Leagues? He’s second tonight with a 4.45 ERA. But also consider the fact that the Diamondbacks aren’t exactly setting the world on fire with their offense. PEAVY HAS BEEN SCRATCHED FROM THE START TONIGHT  RYAN VOGELSONG WILL START IN HIS PLACE

Easiest Pitchers vs. Right Handed Batters

7) Colby Lewis vs. Oakland A’s–Poor Colby. A 5.77 ERA against righties. Oakland might be having a field day today.

8) Jordan Lyles vs. Milwaukee Brewers– Lyles comes in with a 5.21 ERA against righties. The Rockies were able to post an easy 10 runs against the Brewers last night, but I’m expecting a bit more of that from the Brewers this go around.
Weather Concerns

1) San Diego Padres at Los Angeles Dodgers- Rain is expected during this game until around 9pm. This has the best chance for at least a delay. Watch this game closely.

2) St. Louis Cardinals at Chicago Cubs – Showers are expected throughout the entire night with a 40% chance or greater during game time. GAME HAS BEEN CANCELLED

One Pitcher To Build Lineups Around

Zack Greinke vs. San Diego Padres (8,800) – I know you read my WHOLE article so you’ve already seen the combined average of the Padres roster against Greinke (.216 if you forgot already.) The price point is nice, considering the likes of Max Scherzer and Felix Hernandez were in the 11,000 range yesterday. Start him with confidence.

Superstar Worth Paying For…

Freddie Freeman vs. Mat Latos ($4600) – Freeman owns Latos. In 12 at bats against Latos, Freeman has seven hits, three of those for extra bases. While he doesn’t have any home runs against Latos, he certainly has his number.

Save Big Bucks By Drafting…

Jace Peterson vs. Mat Latos ($3100) – Oh man, ANOTHER BRAVE? Yes, yes it is. Peterson posted a .324 average during Spring Training and was 1-3 yesterday hitting second. His price is going to continue to rise, so cease the opportunity while you can.

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