Cue song: “It’s The Most Wonderul Time Of The Year” by Andy Williams.

It’s Opening Day everybody! Let’s get you started with MLB Daily Notes and win you some cash!

Heaviest Pitcher Favorites

1) Max Scherzer (11,500) vs. New York Mets (-209): The heaviest favorite of the day goes to Max Scherzer. His debut in the National League against the weak New York Mets has a cake matchup to start the season with a win.

2) David Price (10,400) vs. Minnesota Twins (-197): In ten games started against the Twins, Price owns a tasty 2.55 ERA. With this Twins team projected to be at the bottom of the standings this year, you have to love Price on Opening Day.

3) Clayton Kershaw (12,400) vs. San Diego Padres (-175): The Padres made some serious upgrades this season. However, when you’re going up against the reigning MVP and Cy Young winner, you’re clearly asking for trouble.

Highest Scoring Games

1) Colorado Rockies at Milwaukee (Miller Park) – When Opening Day arrives, you’re usually looking at lower run total then normal. Needless to say, the highest run total belongs to the Rockies and Brewers with 8.5 according to the Vegas Odds. This would be a great game to focus your offense from.

2) San Francisco Giants at Arizona Diamondbacks (Chase Field) – The Giants should be able to handle Diamondbacks pitcher Josh Collmenter, so it’s no surprise this game clocks in with 7.5 runs scored.

3) Toronto Blue Jays at New York Yankees (Yankee Stadium) – Another game coming in with 7.5 runs, Yankee stadium is one of the friendliest parks to hit in. The Blue Jays have some serious power this year and the Yankees lefties will give Drew Hutchinson some trouble.

Toughest Left/Right Matchups

Toughest Pitchers vs. Left Handed Batters
1) Clayton Kershaw vs. San Diego Padres – Carrying an astonishing 0.96 ERA against lefties, Kershaw continues to back up his dominance with numbers.

2) Felix Hernandez vs. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim – The King has always been a tough matchup against lefties, as his 1.20 ERA backs that up.

Toughest Pitchers vs. Right Handed Batters
3) Clayton Kershaw vs. San Diego Padres – I’ll give you the heads up. Every five days, you’re very likely to see Kershaw in this section. 1.96 ERA against righties. He’s basically a must start in any type of matchup.

4) Corey Kluber vs. Houston Astros – Not familiar with the name? You should be! The reigning American League Cy Young winner looks to continue his dominance in 2015. His 2.34 ERA against righties puts him second behind Kershaw.

Best Left/Right Matchups

Easiest Pitchers vs. Left Handed Batters
5) Drew Hutchinson vs. New York Yankees – This one is ugly. Against lefties, hitters have given Hutchinson a 5.69 ERA. Sheesh. Oh, the Yankees are pretty lefty heavy too.

6) Kyle Kendrick vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Kendrick’s ERA against lefties isn’t THAT much better. His 5.34 mark is far from impressive. Half of the Rockies lineup will be batting lefty, which could make a long day for Kendrick.

Easiest Pitchers vs. Right Handed Batters
7) Clay Buchholz vs. Philadelphia Phillies – I get it, the numbers don’t lie. With a 5.62 ERA against righties, this looks like it’s a cake matchup. I’d be cautious with this stat. The Phillies are extremely light hitting and Buchholz has been impressive as of late. Remember, I’m just the messenger here.
8) Phil Hughes vs. Detroit Tigers – This one, I can get behind. With a 4.47 ERA, the Tigers could very much handle Hughes here. Not to mention, almost the entire Tiger lineup is right handed batters.

Weather Concerns

1) Chicago White Sox at Kansas City Royals – Overall, the weather should be good across the board for Opening Day. The biggest threat is at Kansas City, where they could get some thunderstorms. Watch this one the closest.

2) Minnesota Twins at Detroit Tigers – Light rain in the forecast but not nearly enough to cause a cancellation. As always though, it’s good to watch these games as the time draws near.

One Pitcher To Build Lineups Around

Max Scherzer vs. New York Mets (11,500) – I truly believe Scherzer is going to have an absolutely dominating debut for the Washington Nationals. After signing such a large contract, I can see Scherzer giving a little bit extra to show he’s the man to carry that rotation for years to come. Scherzer is a must.

Superstar Worth Paying For…

Josh Donaldson vs. Masahiro Tanaka ($4600) – Today will be the hardest day to pick a batter because of so much quality pitchers on the board. However, I’m loving Donaldson for Opening Day. With the amount of talent surrounding him and Tanaka’s health a real question mark, I’m thinking a bomb from Donaldson is not just a dream.

Save Big Bucks By Drafting…

Will Middlebrooks vs. Clayton Kershaw ($2800) – I know what you’re thinking. Uhhhhh why? The matchup is FAR from ideal. However, you’re getting someone who (should) be starting with raw power and a salary that will help you get other star players. But honestly, could you get a better GPP option with a lock for being extremely under owned? I don’t think so.