With 13 games going tonight, we have plenty information for you to help build your lineup. Let’s jump right into things and as always, you can get me on the ol’ Twitter machine @SBuchanan24.

Heaviest Pitcher Favorites

This section is to showcase who the Vegas favorites are on the night. Not my own personal choices. 

Zack Greinke has been scratched from his start tonight due to calf soreness.

Zack Greinke vs. Arizona Diamondbacks (-245) – It’s basically just customary to have Greinke as the favorite pitcher on the night whenever he pitches. I mean, Vegas has been off so much lately, that they’ve just resorted to a safe pick every five days. As expected, Greinke is the most expensive pitcher on the night, as he his a start against the Diamondbacks. Greinke enters tonight with an astonishing 1.65 ERA to go with a 0.85 WHIP and a K/9 of 8. The Diamondbacks are hitting well in the second half of the season, owning a .328 wOBA during that time. At this point though, it’s almost impossible to think anything but a solid start from Greinke is on tap. He’s basically turned automatic. Even with the most expensive price tag on the night, for a pitcher that averaging 24.2 points per start, he should be worth the price of admission. Even on a night without an ideal matchup, I would be throwing Greinke in my lineup.

Kyle Hendricks vs. Milwaukee Brewers(-225) – Hendricks is one tough pitcher to predict. He’s been wildly inconsistent this season, which is a good reason his price tag looks quite attractive at $8,000. Going against a team that ranks 20th in wOBA at .314, Hendricks certainly cheap enough to at least warrant a look at when picking your pitchers. One of his problems though, is the home runs. Luckily for Hendricks, the Brewers own one of the worst ISO in the second half of the season, checking in at .143, which is ranked 27th in the league. In the same breath, he also did give up three home runs to the Pirates his last start, who are ranked 20th in ISO, not a huge difference. All in all, on paper, this should be a favorable matchup for Hendricks. He wouldn’t be here in this section if it wasn’t (at least, that’s what Vegas thinks.) I think Hendicks could potentially be a sneaky GPP play tonight, just make sure your expectations are in check.

Bartolo Colon vs. Atlanta Braves (-225) – Well, we finally get to the part of the article where Vegas picks a pitcher against the Braves. It’s just a given. The Braves ended up getting to Logan Verrett last night, who was cruising along until he let up a three run home run to Hector Olivera, because of course he did. Olivera has two home runs on the season! Oh well, back to Colon. Like Hendricks, Colon has a nice price tag tonight with a favorable matchup. Colon doesn’t exactly have impressive overall numbers, coming into tonight with a 4.15 ERA to go with a 1.25 WHIP and a K/9 of 6.4. As I always tell you, the Braves are not an easy team to strike out, so keep that in mind when you’re figuring out how much you’re hoping for from Colon. Last time out against the Braves, Colon threw six innings, giving up two runs on seven hits while striking out two. A start like that nabbed Colon 14.2 points, which is literally what he averages a start. Pairing him up with someone like Greinke could be the way to nab two good starts tonight.

Over/Under Lines

Top Overall Game Over/Unders

Pittsburgh Pirates at Colorado Rockies 11.5 Over/Under – One day, just one day I want to wake up and see the game at Coors Field NOT be the highest projected run total of the night. I think that day will never come, so here we are again. Charlie Morton will take the mound for the Pirates and Christian Bergman, who’s pitched in the majors this season in relief, makes his second start for the Rockies. Morton has actually been pitching well lately, despite what his season long numbers show. He is coming off another dud however, as the Cubs got him for five runs on nine hits. With Morton being a RHP, I wouldn’t be trusting him at all. As for Bergman, it’s hard to gauge these guys who have strictly been pitching in relief. One thing I will point out, is that he’s given up seven home runs in 56 innings thus far. It’s not a ton, but it’s a enough to garner some attention when you’re looking at what batters to pick for this one. As always with Coors Field, some sort of exposure to this is usually warranted.

Toughest Pitchers vs. Left Handed Batters

Drew Smyly vs. Boston Red Sox- Smyly has been a nice late season addition to the Rays rotation. He’s been solid against lefties in his short stint back this season, holding them to a .227 wOBA.

Zack Greinke has been scratched from his start tonight due to calf soreness.

Zack Greinke vs. Arizona Diamondbacks- No surprise here that Greinke just mows down everyone in sight. Lefties aren’t even his best batters to face, but he still sports a nice .242 wOBA on the year.

Toughest Pitchers vs. Right Handed Batters

Zack Greinke has been scratched from his start tonight due to calf soreness.

Zack Greinke vs. Arizona Diamondbacks- Right handed batters are the ones you don’t want to be if you’re facing Greinke. He’s been shutting them down all season, owning a .210 wOBA.

Corey Kluber vs. Minnesota Twins- We also got Kluber going tonight, with a nice matchup against the light Minnesota Twins. Could be a good game for Kluber to rack up some strike outs. On the season, Kluber has held righties to a .230 wOBA.

Best Left/Right Matchups

Easiest Pitcher vs. Left Handed Batters.

David Buchanan vs. Miami Marlins- Honestly, it’s at the point now where I don’t understand why the Phillies keeps running this kid out. His .446 wOBA against lefties is by far the worst on the night. Luckily he’s just facing the Marlins.

Adam Conley vs. Philadelphia Phillies- This is going to be quite the game if you’re a left handed batter in this one. Conley isn’t much better against lefties, I just don’t mind as much because he doesn’t share my last name. Conley is allowing a .408 wOBA to lefties.

Easiest Pitcher vs. Right Handed Batters.

David Buchanan vs. Miami Marlins – Here we go again. Buchanan making another start for the Phillies, with another horrible wOBA, sitting at .420 against righties.

Zach Davies vs. Chicago Cubs- Davies hasn’t been enjoying his first go around in the majors, at least when it comes to facing right handed batters, as they’ve given Davies a .384 wOBA.

Hottest Hitters

Starlin Castro SS ($3600) – I think it’s safe to say that almost everyone on the Cubs are on a hot streak right now. Castro is certainly not an exception to that, as he’s 9-17 with two home runs, 10 RBIs, three runs scored and stolen base.

Greg Bird 1B ($4500) – Who needs Mark Teixeira when you have Greg Bird on your roster? I’m half kidding, because Bird really has filled the void of Teixeira quite nicely. Bird is 8-23 with four home runs, nine RBIs, and five runs scored.

Charlie Blackmon OF ($4700) – Blackmon is doing a little bit of everything for the Rockies right now. He’s 8-23 with a home run, three RBIs, six runs scored and three stolen bases.

Best Batter vs. Pitcher Matchups

Jay Bruce vs. Lance Lynn- Bruce has certainly made the most of his time against Lance Lynn. Coming into tonight, Bruce is 14-31 against Lynn with six extra base hits, three of them being home runs, and a 1.390 OPS.

Adam Jones vs. Max Scherzer- Jones seems to have figured out how to hit Max Scherzer. Not many batters can say the same. Jones is 11-22 against the Nationals Ace with five extra base hits, three of them being home runs, and a 1.500 OPS.

Adrian Beltre vs. Felix Doubront- It’s not the biggest sample in the world, but Beltre has smoked Doubront whenever the two have faced off. Beltre is 7-11 against Doubront with four extra base hits, two of them being home runs, and 2.000 OPS.

Weather Concerns

We’re looking at a significant amount of rain for the Indians and Twins tonight. Keep an eye on this one.

One Pitcher To Build Lineups Around

Zack Greinke has been scratched from his start tonight due to calf soreness.

Zack Greinke ($13,100) – Honestly, I think this is the only way to go tonight. We have a couple of attractive names on the board tonight, but none of them really make me feel like I’d have a solid start from them. With Kluber, we have a significant threat of rain, so that makes him an automatic no no. We have Max Scherzer, who I can’t trust at all right now. His price continues to drop, and that’s not because DraftKings is being nice. That’s because Scherzer hasn’t been performing. In his last three starts, he’s come away with scores of 19, 31, and 11.3. Not exactly points I’m looking for with someone who has a price tag of $12,400. With all that said, we land on Greinke. He’s been about as automatic as automatic can get. He is the most expensive pitcher on the night, but he’s one I’m ok with paying up for. Even with the Diamondbacks owning the 9th highest wOBA in the second half of the season, it’s almost impossible to not have a lineup that doesn’t include Greinke.

Superstar Worth Paying For

Edwin Encarnacion ($4900) – Encarnacion gets a matchup against a struggling Ivan Nova tonight, who’s a right handed pitcher, which is always great news for Encarnacion. He possesses some major power when facing right handed pitchers with an ISO of 281 on the season, which matches up nicely with his .390 wOBA. The Blue Jays could be seeing some good offense in this one, as Nova was crushed his last time out against the Blue Jays. In that game, Nova gave up six runs on seven hits in just a single inning pitched. I think it would be foolish to not include Encarnacion in your lineup tonight.

Save Big Bucks By Drafting…

Justin Bour ($3600) – Have to get my exposure to David Buchanan here. Bour has some power against right handed pitching, and Buchanan is by far the worst on the night. Against left handed batters, Buchanan is allowing a .446 wOBA. Bour is hitting right handed pitching with a .342 wOBA and an ISO of .215. He’s pretty cheap and his such a good matchup that he could be a great play if you don’t want to pay up for Encarnacion.

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