We have another split slate today, but this one is worth covering. We have five games this afternoon and six games tonight. So if you’re feeling froggy and want to play bloth slates today, I got you covered. As always, feel free to get me on the ol’ Twitter machine @SBuchanan24.

With two game slates today, you can take a cut in both the Early and Late contests:

MLB $35K Moonshot (Early)

MLB $60K Moonshot (Late)

Heaviest Pitcher Favorites

Brett Anderson vs. Colorado Rockies (-180) – I have to admit, I’m a little curious about this one. Anderson comes into today with a 3.52 ERA and 16 strikeouts in 30 innings pitched. He might be the heavy favorite in the real baseball world, but in terms of fantasy, I might deter from this one. The Rockies as a team are hitting. .271.

Johnny Cueto vs. San Francisco Giants (-168) – Cueto comes into tonight the second heavy favorite against the Giants. He owns a 2.98 ERA with 47 strieouts in 51 innings. The Giants have been doing pretty well offensively but they are one of the last in home runs and runs scored. I like Cueto a lot more than Anderson.

Anibal Sanchez vs. Minnesota Twins (-166) – Well, I learned my lesson about trashing a Twins pitcer. Ricky Nolasco had an excellent game yesterday, but I dare you to find me someone who said to start him yesterday. Anyways, Sanchez is the favorite in this one this afternoon. He’s struggled this year but his strikeouts are in line with this career numbers. I’d start him with confidence this afternoon.

Over/Under Lines

Top Overall Game Over/Unders

Kansas City Royals at Texas Rangers (Rangers Ballpark in Arlington) – 9.5 Over/Under – Jeremy Guthrie and Ross Detwiler matchup in this game during the afternoon slate. Both own extremely high ERAs, 5.70 and 7.22 respectively. If you wanted a lot of exposure to a team or two in the early slate, these would be the ones to target.

Toronto Blue Jays at Houston Astros (Minute Maid Park) – 9 Over/Under – I’m still not used to the Astros being an American League team, as I originally had this as an interleague matchup. This is the highest over/under for the nightcap. Drew Hutchinson against Roberto Hernandez. Hutchinson has been struggling all season with an ERA almost at 7 and Hernandez is at 3.86, but again, also been struggling as of late. These are two teams that can certainly hit a few bombs out of the ballpark. Remember that when building your lineups.

Toughest Left/Right Matchups

Toughest Pitchers vs. Left Handed Batters

Johnny Cueto vs. San Francisco Giants – Cueto is doing what he does, get batters out. He owns a 2.05 against lefties with an 8.42 K/9.

Vance Worley vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Vance. Interesting. Regardless of his peculiar name, he does do a nice job against lefties. He owns a 2.32 ERA with a 6.26 K/9. That K/9 is right on the border of good and average. So he might not be the worst guy to use as your second pitcher against the Phillies.

Toughest Pitchers vs. Right Handed Batters

Brett Anderson vs. Colorado Rockies- Go right ahead, put Anderson at the top of this list, I still don’t feel good about him tonight! He does own a 2.27 ERA against righties but like Vance, his K/9 is on the border at 6.54. I’d love to hear from everyone that rosters Anderson tonight. Give me updates.

Doug Fister vs. San Diego Padres – Fister is a classic example of someone who won’t get you a lot of strikeouts, but will get you through six or seven innings. He owns a 2.36 ERA against those righties but the K/9 is low a 4.71. I have rostered Fister with some success, but he’s someone that if he has a rough night, he won’t make up for it with the strikeout points.

Best Left/Right Matchups

Easiest Pitchers vs. Left Handed Batters

Chase Whitley vs. Tampa Bay Rays – Whitley has been getting knocked around a bit by lefties this year. He owns a 6.18 ERA against them but the K/9 is good, at 7.09. If he can minimize the damge, the strikeouts can come in bunches.

Drew Hutchinson vs. Houston Astros– Hutchinson owns a 5.69 against lefties but again, even though the ERA is high, the 8.58 K/9 is great. Between Hutchinson and Whitley though, I give the higher upside to Whitley.

Easiest Pitchers vs. Right Handed Batters

Travis Wood vs. New York Mets– I had higher expectations for Wood this season. He just can’t seem to figure it out against righties. His 5.37 ERA is highest on the day but his 7.31 K/9 is a bit of a saving grace.

Ross Detwiler vs. Kansas City Royals – Detwiler might want to be careful in this one, going up against the best offense in the league. His 5.31 ERA against righties isn’t doing him any favors. His K/9 basically takes him off the board, at 5.75.

Hottest Hitters

Delino DeShields ($3800) – I’ll be the first to admit when I’m wrong, but also will jump on the opportunity to say I told you so. In last nights Moonshot event, I had DeShields, and he was owned by 1.07% of the teams. C’mon people! He scored 20 points last night! Five out of his six games started he’s been in the double digits. Hopefully you haven’t missed the boat.

Bryce Harper ($5400) – Is Harper on fire? I’ll let Bryce answer that for you. He’s 11 for his last 22 wih four home runs, 11 RBIs, eight runs scored and a stolen base. His price has sky rocketed. But at this point, it’s worth paying for.

Andrew McCutchen ($5200) – People were getting a little restless about McCutchen and his slow start, but if you take a look at his career stats, you knew his resurgence was coming. He’s now 10 for his last 25 with a home run, six RBIs, two stolen bases and six runs scored.

Best Batter vs. Pitcher Matchups

Prince Fielder vs. Jeremy Guthrie -This afternoon, Fielder takes on Guthrie who he’s hit to a tune of .478 with a home run and a sweet 1.278 OPS. Remember, this game is slated for a lot of runs, so Fielder would be a great pick.

Starling Marte vs. Aaron Harang – Another afternoon pick, Marte is 5-12 against Harang with an .878 OPS.

Joey Votto vs. Tim Lincecum – For tonight, Votto hits Lincecum to a .357 average with a home run and a .976 OPS. Votto is surrounded by big bats, which only helps his cause.

Weather Concerns

The following games have at least a 50% chance of rain tonight:

Colorado Rockies at L.A. Dodgers and Washington Nationals at San Diego Padres both have a chance of thunderstorms and both have a higher threat as the game goes on. Watch these ones.

One Pitcher To Build Lineups Around

Johnny Cueto vs. San Francisco Giants($10,100) – Out of both slates tonight, Cueto is my favorite to start. He had a rough start against the Braves two turns ago, but it looked to be a flaw in his delivery and it was fixed immediately, as he put up 24 points against the White Sox. The Giants are struggling to score runs, which doesn’t bode well against Cueto.

Superstar Worth Paying For…

Prince Fielder($4500) – As I mentioned earlier, I really like Fielder this afternoon for a couple of reasons. His numbers against Guthrie are great and the fact that Vegas has a high run total on this. I honestly feel like you aren’t hearing squat about Fielder this season, but he’s hitting .333 with three home runs and 17 RBIs on the year. His struggles seem to be behind him and this is a great game for him to continue that.

Save Big Bucks By Drafting…

Alex Guerrero($3000) –Barring a rain delay, Guerrero has been on fire for the Dodgers, and I don’t think DraftKings really notices, since he’s hitting .353 on the year with six homeruns and 16 RBIs. At 3,000 you cannot go wrong with this pick. Just make sure he’s starting and watch that rain!


p.s. I still hate you Ricky Nolasco.