We have a full 15 game MLB slate today, Saturday July 4th….Before getting started just wanted to remind everybody to stay safe and enjoy their holiday weekend, but remember what people gave up for this day!  Now, let’s take a look at today’s info and please, if you have any thoughts, questions etc, hit me up on twitter!  @Razzle11Grinds

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Heaviest Pitcher Favorites

– Carlos Martinez ($9,000) vs. San Diego Padres (-190): Martinez has picked up 16.9+ points in 9 straight starts and has been one of the most consistent pitchers in baseball this season as he breaks out and shows why he wanted to be a starter the last couple of seasons.  He gets to take on a Padres team that is extremely bad against right handed pitching.  He offers us double digit K upside without the normal $10K+ price tag.

– Alex Wood ($9,200) vs. Philadelphia Phillies (-180):  I was initially shocked at the line for this game, however I quickly realized it was the Phillies that Wood was facing off with and that in his most recent start he went 7.1 shutout innings while striking out 8 against the Pirates.

– Zack Greinke ($11,100) vs. New York Mets (-170):  Greinke has allowed 0 runs over his last 3 starts and faces off with a Mets offense that is just not doing anything right now.  The only negative in this match-up is the fact that the Mets are running out Matt Harvey.  This game is going to be a fun one to watch if you like pitching match-ups and I think this has the chance to finish 1-0 or 2-1, much like last night’s game.


Highest Scoring Games

– Los Angeles Angels @ Texas Rangers (Globe Life Field) – When its hot in Texas, the ball flies and today should be no different.  The Rangers send out a struggling Wandy Rodriguez while the Angels send out homer prone Hector Santiago.  This game has an over/under of 9 runs and I think the over is the most likely outcome.

– Milwaukee Brewers @ Cincinnati Reds (Great American Ball Park) – There’s a number of games with an over/under of 8.5, but I chose this one as the Brewers offense has basically been the hottest in the game over the last 5 days or so as they are putting up double digit hits night in and night out.  The Reds are running out a rookie pitcher in this one.  The Brewers pitcher, Jimmy Nelson, allows a lot of base runners as well so we could be looking at a double digit scoring game.


Toughest Left/Right Matchups

Toughest Pitchers vs. Left Handed Batters

– Hector Santiago vs Texas Rangers – I know Santiago pitches in the game with the highest over/under however he has been absolutely nasty against left handed hitting as they are hitting just .143 and have a .194 slugging percentage.

– Cody Anderson vs Pittsburgh Pirates – We have a small sample size for Anderson so far in his career, but he has held left handed hitters to an average of just .160 so far and an OPS of just .480.  He is coming off of a near no hitter and could be an interesting tournament play.

Toughest Pitchers vs. Right Handed Batters

– Cody Anderson vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Like I said above, we do have a small sample size, however Anderson is pitching so well that I think we need to take notice.  He has held right handed hitters to an average of just .138, which is what the slugging percentage is as well.

– Zack Greinke vs. New York Mets – Greinke has been dominant all season long as he has held right handed hitters to an average of just .197 with a slugging of just .294.  He also rarely walks them as they have an OBP of .215.


Best Left/Right Matchups

Easiest Pitchers vs. Left Handed Batters

– Kevin Correia vs. Atlanta Braves – Correia certainly gives it up to left handed hitters as they are hitting .333 with an OPS of 1.041 so far in 2015.  That puts some Braves cheap bats in play as Markakis, Peterson and Pierzynski all come to mind as options.

– Josh Collmenter vs. Colorado Rockies – Collmenter has allowed left handed hitters to hit .310 against him so far in 2015 and they have managed 20 extra base hits which has lead to a slugging percentage of .525.  COLLMENTER HAS MOVED BACK TO THE PEN AND CORBIN IS STARTING

Easiest Pitchers vs. Right Handed Batters

– Kevin Correia vs Atlanta Braves – Correia gives it up to everybody so far in 2015 as right handed hitters are hitting .324 against him.  The one weird thing is that they have only driven just 2 runs against him so far.  I think that number will start to rise quickly if he continues to not get anybody out.

– Josh Collmenter vs. Colorado Rockies – Well I guess we know which two pitchers to really pick on as Collmenter finds his name on the list again as he has allowed right handed hitters to hit .301 so far in 2015, with an OPS of .910.  COLLMENTER HAS MOVED BACK TO THE PEN AND CORBIN IS STARTING

Weather Concerns

– There is some rain in New York, Boston, Atlanta and Chicago as of this writing.  I have not heard how severe the rain might be so you should definitely pay attention to the forecasts.

One Pitcher To Build Lineups Around

– Carlos Martinez ($9,000) vs. San Diego Padres – I am a huge Martinez fan and when I see that he is $2.4K cheaper than Felix Hernandez, I find it extremely tough to ignore especially in this match-up as the Padres struggle mightily against right handed pitching.

Superstar Worth Paying For…

– Mike Trout ($5,700) vs. Wandy Rodriguez – I never seem to get Mike Trout correct, however I am going to continue to target him in extremely favorable match-ups as this game has the highest over/under and Wandy has been getting knocked around quite a bit of late.

Save Big Bucks By Drafting…

– Ryan Raburn ($2,600) vs. Jeff Locke – Seems like the Indians face a left handed pitcher every weekend as I tend to write about Raburn in this spot more than anybody else.  He automatically gets plugged into the clean up spot against a left handed starter and it’s tough to bypass that batting order spot for just $2.6K.  His teammate, Aviles, is an interesting option as well should he be in the lineup against the lefty.