We have a short slate of games today because that’s just what Monday does to us. Not only is it the beginning of the week, but this cruel setup of short slates makes me sour. However, on the bright side, this week begins the MLB Championship Week on DraftKings! We start off tonight with the $300,000 Moonshot event, with $100,000 going to first place. Maybe that short slate isn’t too bad tonight afterall. Let’s jump right into it, and as always, you can get me on the ol’ Twitter machine @SBuchanan24.

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Heaviest Pitcher Favorites

Jacob deGrom vs. Philadelphia Phillies (-179) – deGrom is by far, the best pitcher on the night. On a night where the pitching is really going to be tough to come by, deGrom is going to be on almost every lineup on the night. Rightfully so, as he enters tonight with a 1.98 ERA to go along with a 0.89 WHIP and a K/9 of 9.2 The Phillies have been hitting much better in the second half of the season, owning the 8th best wOBA during that time at .329. The strikeouts have been down as well, as they only own the 17th K% at 20.6. deGrom is just such a good pitcher, that it would be a a complete contranian move to fade him tonight. Would it be the best of ideas? I’m on the fence about that. If he had a bad game, you would 100% benefit immensely from that. However, if he doesn’t, it might be a tough hole to dig out of, especially with how bad the pitching is tonight. deGrom has scored at least 20 points in his last three starts, coming in at 20.6, 36.2 and 27.7. The choice is yours, live or die. (A Saw movie reference seeemed to fit nicely here.)

Hisashi Iwakuma vs. Oakland A’s (-155)- This is an interesting one tonight. Iwakuma takes on a brutal A’s offens, at home, as the second highest priced pitcher on the night. Maybe he’s an alternative to deGrom? Rostering them both would certainly create some problems with your offense tonight, as it would leave you with $27,800 to use on eight players, or an average of $3,475. Not a lot of wiggle room. But this is a matchup that I think is harder to pass up. The A’s have the second to last wOBA in the league in the second half of the season, with only the Braves in front of them. At .286, the A’s are truly getting nothing done at the plate. The downside to starting against them, is that they’re tough to strike out, with a 17.7 K%, good for 27th in the league. Iwauma doesn’t look like the same guy that came of the DL a couple of months ago when he saw his ERA north of five. With a 3.74 ERA and a WHIP off 1.00, Iwakuma could be a good alternative to deGrom tonight, espicially with his salary being $1800 cheaper.

Jeff Samardzija vs. Boston Red Sox (-132) – Yikes, this is one I couldn’t agree with at all. Samardzija enters tonight with a 4.64 ERA to go with a 1.25 WHIP and a K/9 6.7. He had a good start his last time out against the Angels, scoring 21.8 points with seven innings pitched, giving up one run on eight hits and striking out seven. Not to shabby right? Yeah, if you remember the Angels the 28th worst wOBA in the second half of the season. Not to impressive anymore now is it? As for the Red Sox, they have the second highest in that time frame and are one of the toughest team to strikeout. Coming in with a .339 wOBA and a K% of 18%, good for 26th in the league, I don’t like my chances against Samardzija. He’s facing off with Joe Kelly tonight, who’s been pitching MUCH better lately.  Stick a fork in Samardzija, he’s going no where tonight.

Over/Under Lines

Top Overall Game Over/Unders

Detroit Tigers vs. Cincinnati Reds (Great American Ball Park) – 8.5 Over/Under- Haters of Coors Field, rejoice! We have the highest projected run total of the night away from Coors Field, as they’re in Atlanta. So now tonight, we get the Tigers and the Reds in what should see some offense for sure. First let’s start with the Tigers starter, Buck Farmer. He hasn’t enjoyed his time in the majors, like, at all. Coming in with his 8.39 ERA and 1.87 WHIP, he hasn’t exactly been fooling major league hitters. His wOBA splits are a complete mess. He does better against right handed batters, with a .420 wOBA. Lefties mash him at .452. Are you going to tell me, this guy might do well against the Reds tonight? Farmer has given up 15 runs on 23 hits in 14 2/3 innings for the Tigers. So, yeah. As for Keyvius Sampson, he’s looked like an ace when compared to Farmer. He enters tonight with a 4.43 ERA and a 1.48 WHIP. He struggles immenesly against lefties with a .407 wOBA. I mean, we don’t have much to like here if you’re a fan of pitching duels. As always target hitters in this game. All of them.

Toughest Left/Right Matchups

Toughest Pitchers vs. Left Handed Batters

Adam Morgan vs. New York Mets – I don’t really have anything against Morgan, but when he’s the top guy against lefties on the day, it must be a short slate. Morgan is holding lefties to a .255 wOBA on the season.

Jacob deGrom vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Well, today is not the day to be a left handed batter in this game. deGrom is only allowing a .261 wOBA against lefties.

Toughest Pitchers vs. Right Handed Batters

Jacob deGrom vs. Philadelphia Philles – Maybe I should just say, today is not the day to be going against deGrom? His splits are nasty, especially against righties, which is all the more impressive. They’ve only been able to muster a .198 wOBA against deGrom.

Keyvius Sampson vs. Detroit Tigers – How can one be so bad against lefties, and then so dominant against righties? Well, Sampson, ladies and gentleman. He owns a .246 wOBA against them. Now sure how.

Best Left/Right Matchups

Easiest Pitcher vs. Left Handed Batters.

Buck Farmer vs. Cincinnati Reds- You can’t expect anyone else in this section except the two pitchers going in the Tigers Reds game. They’re just that bad.  So here’s Farmer with his .452 wOBA against lefties.

Keyvius Sampson vs. Detroit Tigers- Yup, on the other side of this pitching duel, we have Sampson, with his his .407 wOBA against lefties. What a world.

Easiest Pitcher vs. Right Handed Batters.

Buck Farmer vs. Cincinnati Reds- Spoiler Alert! Farmer is on here twice, just in case you weren’t expecting it. Farmer owns a .420 wOBA against righties. Not bad!

Scott Feldman vs. New York Yankees – Oh, well this is unexpected. Feldman actually interrupted our Famer Sampson flow to let us know he owns a .355 wOBA against righties.

Hottest Hitters

Starling Marte ($4700) – Marte is really doing everything right now. Marte is 12/32 with two home runs, three RBIs, eight run scored and three stolen bases.

Mark Canha ($3200) – Canha is most likely the only person on the A’s that can actually hit right now. Which is quite surprising. Canha is 13/24 with two home runs, eight RBIs, and six runs scored.

Curtis Granderson ($4500) – Safe to say, Granderson enoyed his time at Coors Field. He’s 9/23 with two home runs, five RBIs, seven runs scored and two stolen bases.

Best Batter vs. Pitcher Matchups

Stephen Drew vs. Scott Feldman- Here’s something you don’t see every day. Stephen Drew hitting someone well. Drew is 6-13 against Feldman with four extra base hits, two of them being home runs and a 1.819 OPS.

Hanley Ramirez vs. Jeff Samardzija- Ramirez hasn’t hit well in the second half, but he has a good matchup against Samardzija. Ramirez is 10-23 with two extra base hits and a .957 OPS.

Eric Hosmer vs. Ubaldo Jimenez- Hosmer has seen some decent success against Jimenez, on a relatively light BvP day. Hosmer is 9-26 with two extra base hits, one of them being a home run, and a 1.046 OPS.

Weather Concerns

We’ll see some rain over at the Astros and Yankees game, but it shouldn’t be enough to cancel it. Just make sure to take a look at this one before rosters lock.

One Pitcher To Build Lineups Around

Hisashi Iwakuma ($10,200)- I’d be cheating you if I put deGrom in this section. I think it’s quite obvious that everyone is already going to be on him. Honestly, I like Iwakuma a lot here tonight. Just the fact that he’s $1800 cheaper makes him all the more enticing for starters. He faces an extremely weak Oakland team, who as I mentioned, has the second to lowest wOBA in the league in the second half of the season. The start comes at Safeco field, which of course is a great pitchers park. The A’s have almost no power during this second half either, as they rank 27th in ISO at .131. The strikeouts are going to be hard to come by tonight, but again, with how bad this team is hitting, I think Iwakuma should provide you with a good score tonight,

Superstar Worth Paying For

Joey Votto ($5600) – I mean, how can I not put a Reds batter here, when they face Buck Farmer tonight. So I’m going to go with a fairly obvious choice of Votto. Hey, at least I didnt saddle you with deGrom already. Anyways, Votto owns a .416 wOBA against RHP with an ISO of .240, which is just the type of number you wantn to see against a pitcher like Farmer. He’s super expensive tonight at $5,600, but man, this matchup is awful tasty. Honestly any Reds batter will be a good choice tonight, just make sure to target this core guys.

Save Big Bucks By Drafting…

Mark Trumbo ($3600) – He’s a bit more expensive than I would usually profile here, but I like the power numbers for Trumbo here against Felix Doubront tonight. Even though his overall numbers aren’t that impressive, Trumbo surprisingly hitting lefties well. He owns a .351 wOBA against them with a .234 ISO. Not to shabby for someone who is going to cost you under $4000.