We have a full 15 game MLB slate today, Saturday May 9th… Let’s take a look at today’s info and please, if you have any thoughts, questions etc, hit me up on twitter!  @Razzle11Grinds

Heaviest Pitcher Favorites

– Clayton Kershaw ($10,700) vs. Colorado Rockies (-180): This makes for an interesting story line as we get the best pitcher on the planet having to take the mound @ Coors Field.  The one thing that may push people away aside from the park is the weather in Denver.  It has basically been non-stop rain for the entire week so far.  I want this game to happen as this match-up intrigues me and I think we can get Kershaw at a depressed ownership level due to the Coors factor.

– Madison Bumgarner ($11,000) vs. Miami Marlins (-175): Bumgarner gets to take on the Marlins at home in the lowest over/under game of the day.  His opposing pitcher is David Phelps, who has been pitching very well so far in 2015.  I expect to see a typical MadBum start today and should be very popular in cash games.

– Jake Odorizzi ($7,500) vs. Texas Rangers (-165):  Odorizzi looks to be my favorite option initially as the Ranger just do not offer a ton of upside from an offensive standpoint and Odorizzi offers a ton of strikeout potential.  He is a pretty sizable favorite in a game with an over/under of just 7.5 and that looks to be trending towards 7.  ODORIZZI MAY MISS START DUE TO THE FLU.


Highest Scoring Games

– Minnesota Twins @ Cleveland Indians (Progressive Field) – Phil Hughes going up against Bruce Chen is really all you need to know about this match-up that offers us an over/under of 9.  Hughes has really struggled to find consistency to start 2015 and Chen will be making his first Major League start of the season.

– Boston Red Sox @ Toronto Blue Jays (Rogers Centre) – The Red Sox send out Joe Kelly, while the Blue Jays send Drew Hutchison to the mound in this game.  Both guys have struggled and over their last 2 starts each, they have combined to give up 22 runs in 19 innings.  Get your popcorn ready and if you happen to be going to the game, bring your glove!


Toughest Left/Right Matchups

Toughest Pitchers vs. Left Handed Batters

– Dallas Kuechel vs LA Angels – So far in 2015 Kuechel has been un-hittable by everybody.  Lefties are hitting just .139 with a .400 ops and just 2 extra base hits.

– Travis Wood vs Milwaukee – Wood has held left handed hitters to a .185 average with a .489 ops so far in 2015.  Milwaukee will run out a pretty right handed heavy lineup but for Wood’s sake, he has only allowed righties to hit .244 so far this year.

Toughest Pitchers vs Right Handed Batters

– Dallas Kuechel vs. LA Angels– As I said above, nobody is hitting Kuechel so far this year through 6 starts.  Righties are hitting just .139 with an ops of .382 and just 4 extra base hits so far.

– Clayton Kershaw vs. Colorado– Kershaw’s 2015 numbers are a little off but in 2014 he held right handed batters to an average of .197 with an ops of .531.  As I said earlier, this is going to be a great match-up should the weather allow it.


Best Left/Right Matchups

Easiest Pitchers vs. Left Handed Batters

– Julio Teheran vs. Washington – So far in 2015 lefties are hitting .340 with an ops of 1.031 and that could be dangerous considering how hot Bryce Harper has been.

– Chase Whitley vs. Baltimore – Whitley has been stellar against righties in 2015 but lefties are hitting .421 against him this season after he allowed them to hit .315 with an ops of .866 in 2014.

Easiest Pitchers vs. Right Handed Batters

– Ross Detwiler vs Tampa Bay – Detwiler is getting knocked around by right handers to the tune of a .349 average with an ops of 1.075 so far in 2015.  He is giving up a HR every 16 at bats to guys from the right side of the plate.

– Drew Hutchison vs. Cleveland – Hutchison has had a very up and down start to his 2015 and has been an extreme reverse splits pitcher so far this season.  RHB’s are hitting .400 with an OPS of 1.114 and he has struck out only 5 guys from the right side of the plate.

Weather Concerns

– Right now it looks like there are 4 games with some rain concerns.  I am not a weather man in any way, so you will want take a look closer to game times.  The four games are as follows: Kansas City-Detroit, Minnesota-Cleveland, St Louis-Pittsburgh and LA Dodgers-Colorado. 

One Pitcher To Build Lineups Around

– Johnny Cueto ($9,800) vs. Chicago White Sox – I started this article late last night and at that time the Reds had not released their pitching plans for today’s double header.  I like what I see in the fact that Cueto will start the game of the double header that we have available.  Cueto should roll through the White Sox lineup that really has nobody hitting very well.  Conflicting reports on which game Cueto will start, make sure you pay attention throughout the day

Superstar Worth Paying For…

– Bryce Harper ($4,400) vs. Julio Teheran – Harper is the hottest hitter on the planet right now as he has 5 home runs over his last 2 games and gets to face Teheran who, as I stated earlier, struggles against left handed hitters.  Add in the fact that Bryce is 8 for 19 with 3 doubles and 2 home runs against Teheran so far in his career and you see why I want him in every lineup.  I would give honorable mentions to Miguel Cabrera and Anthony Rizzo today.

Save Big Bucks By Drafting…

– Eddie Rosario ($2,900) vs. Bruce Chen – Rosario is one of the Twins’ top prospects and gets the chance with Arcia on the DL.  In 3 games so far, Rosario has 3 hits, a home run, 4 rbi and a stolen base. He has 31 fantasy points over those 3 games and people will initially see the left on left match-up and will not look his way.