Is there anything better in life than a Minor League Manager absolutely losing his mind after getting ejected? Usually the ejection isn’t even that egregious but it’s never just a standard kick-some-dirt on home plate and say mean words deal. Nope… YOU GOTTA GO ALL OUT SON! Invent new dance moves, make up new swears, dropkick your shoe, grab any AND ALL objects and throw them as close to the umpire as possible… take a few curtain calls and reallllllly drag it out past the point of anyone’s attention.

What else are managers down there for? Picking a batting order and using a bullpen is literally the easiest thing in the world to figure out. The only reason the Minor Leagues exist is so guys like Joe Mikulik and Wally Backmon can hone their craft to really become the most demented manager maniac possible. A man who can turn an entire stadium against the treacherously idiotic Blue’s. And also provide endless entertainment for the Coliseum. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED??!?





Honestly could be my favorite video on the internet. Wally can manage for my team any damn day. If you’ve never seen this video watch the entire thing IMMEDIATELY