(Florida) – “The guy (Ziegler) cussed at him,” Kelly said. “And the umpire did not admit to me that he did cuss at him. (Skipworth) doesn’t react like that. The guy cussed at him and he reacted.I’m only mad when you don’t tell me the truth


Class-A Minor League Baseball may be all about the ridiculous mascot gimmicks but things get real serious when you enter Class-AA ball. No more crazy mascots… nope the next step to The Show is all about the crazy managers. Dudes so fired up and obsessed with the game that they’ll do it for literal peanuts. Blowing up and berating an umpire is probably the highlight of their entire season too.

It wasn’t a Hall of Fame performance but it’s definitely the makings of a perennial All-Star player. Very savvy move turning the rosin bag into deodorant to highlight that stinky strike-zone, really nice touch! Also gotta love ejecting the entire Umpire staff. The most fruitless yet satisfying manager reaction possible..