The Marlins have $325 million to give to Giancarlo Stanton to play in Miami over the next 13 years, but apparently, they have some trouble reading the weather.

The Marlins hosted the Braves at Marlins Park on Monday, but the ballpark experience its first rain delay in the three years since it’s been open. Although Miami boasts some pretty gorgeous weather, it hadn’t been a coincidence that the park was yet to have a rain delay — it was because the stadium has a retractable roof.

Genius! Everything is all set for Opening Day … except for maybe the most easy thing to control. The rain came in the second inning. The second inning! And not one of Miami’s employees thought this was worth looking into before the game? Forget the players shaking off the rust, how about the guy whose job it is to press a button to close a roof?

South Florida storms were a problem that the Marlins had for years at their old park, and also the reason they decided to invest in a roof this time around. Because of that investment, the grounds crew didn’t even have a tarp to lay on the field while the roof was closing overhead.

Marlins fans have had it bad enough of late, but now, in a stadium that holds a no umbrella policy, fans were forced to sit through a 16-minute rain delay on their first day at the ballpark.

Maybe the best part was when Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria was told what was about to happen, and simply responded: “I thought we had a roof!”

Perhaps try to keep an eye on the weather from here on out, Marlins.

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Source (for video and Loria quote): Fox Sports