It’s that time of year again, where the baseball season begins to heat up, along with the temperature. It’s when millions of fans rush to the ballpark, chow down on hot dogs and enjoy a game rich in history and tradition. This year, the 25th annual Sports Fan Loyalty Index identified MLB as having the most loyal fans for the first time in a decade, surpassing the NFL and NBA. Baseball is America’s favorite pastime for a reason – it’s a game of love, sweat, tears… and stats – which also makes it the ultimate fantasy sport.

When we started DraftKings five years ago, we decided to launch with baseball because we saw the unbridled passion of the fan base and knew there was an appetite for those fans to be brought closer to the players and teams that they are so loyal to.

At DraftKings we think that baseball is one of the most exciting sports out there. What our products offer new fans is a way to truly immerse themselves in the game, transforming them from casual viewers to active participants. Whether you are new to DFS or looking to fall in love with a new sport, baseball is one of my favorites – it’s the perfect multi-screen experience and game-day companion that makes those long games more exciting.

Since launch, we’ve seen tremendous growth of the DraftKings baseball product. Roughly 1.25M unique users have played DraftKings MLB Daily Fantasy contests since launch in 2012, and have created nearly 110 million MLB entries.

This week we launched Arcade Mode for MLB. Arcade Mode is an easy and fast way to play on DraftKings. This new variant will feature a more rapid drafting experience, and new statistics and bonuses will increase the number of scoring instances. Arcade Mode makes it’s easy for sports fans to engage deeper with MLB this season.

We have also launched DK Live for Baseball, which gives fans a one-stop destination for all their MLB info, whether it is the latest analysis and predictions to news and injury reports and even weather updates. DK Live is a fun and easy way to stay on top of all the necessary info whether you are trying to build the best lineup or just trying stay up to date on all things MLB.

At DraftKings, our goal has always been to find new and unique ways to make sports better and engage our players in new sports. With baseball season upon us and a ton of new features around the game we are excited about inviting sports fans everywhere to “play ball” with DraftKings.