Not only is it the MLB All-Star Break but it’s also the slowest/absolute worst day of the sports year. No better time to reflect on the first half of the season and more importantly highlight the youngbloods of the MLB!

And this isn’t your average batch of ballers… nope we are literally in the Golden Age of baseball right now. Couple pretty key points here:


-As you might have heard, there will be 20 players age 25 or younger on the rosters of the two All-Star teams Tuesday night. How many times has that happened before in 85 previous All-Star Games? Zero.

-You’ll find 14 hitters age 25 or younger with at least 200 plate appearances and an Adjusted OPS+ of 125 or better. We’ve seen only two seasons since 1900, according to, when that many position players 25 and under finished the year with an OPS+ that far above league average (minimum 400 plate appearances).


Hammer don’t hurt em! Let’s take a closer look at some of the most exciting players in The Show today..




Angels OF All-Star Game MVP Mike Trout




Everytime I read Mike Trout is TWENTY-THREE YEARS OLD I have a sudden urge to not exist anymore. That’s the power of a man who makes Mickey Mantle look like a total scrub. But seriously like, damn.




Cubs 3B Kris Bryant




Everyone knew he was gonna get called up this season and absolutely MASH. Face of the Franchise for a city that’s been wanting Cubs greatness for over 100 years. No sweat for another TWENTY THREE YEAR OLD. Damnit.




Dodgers OF Young Joc Pederson




How do the Dodgers get every crazy athletic-insane power outfielder? ANOTHER TWENTY THREE YEAR OLD? This is easily the most depressed I’ve ever been watching 470 ft homeruns.




Reds 3B Todd Big Head Frazier



Little League World Series Hero. 2015 Homerun Champion. Mayor of Cincinnati. Sometimes having a big head ain’t so bad!




Marlins 2B Dee Flash Gordon



He’s the son of Flash Gordon and he has the fastest homerun in MLB history. And he’ll have around 324 steals this year. The Show is in good hands for many years to come…




BONUS: 50 Longest Homeruns of the 2015 MLB Season


Chicks dig the long ball and so do I. Now it’s time to grab 50 tater tots and enjoy the next 10 minutes of bliss..