Welcome back to the daily DraftKings blog chronicling my quest to get rich playing daily fantasy sports. Hope everyone was with me on some of the picks yesterday, had a pretty good night. Three of the guys went deep (Harper, Donaldson, Stanton), Gordon and Gonzalez were mediocre, only Polanco let me down but that’s the risk you take with a 3.5K value play so whatever.

Unfortunately didn’t cash despite the good hitting numbers because my pitchers were a disaster…thanks Anibal Sanchez. Really sucks how much a bad performance from a pitcher can torpedo your whole night, but, so goes the DraftKings life.

On to tonight, here are a few of my thoughts and guys I’m rolling with for the night slate. Keeping it cheap tonight because we’re officially sponsoring the $300K Swing For The Fences Tournament, only $3 entry for your shot at a $100K first place prize.

Net Winnings: +$58

Tonight’s Tournament: $300K Swing for the Fences ($3 entry)

OF Bryce Harper $5.7K


Uh, yeah, I said I’d play Bryce every night until he hit 6K, and last I checked 5.7 was under 6. There’s just no reason to fade the guy at this point unless you’re trying to get cute. He’s on a whole ‘nother level right now and I’m not missing out on another monster performance. He also hasn’t even been highly owned for some reason which is all good with me.

OF Nelson Cruz $5.5K

Nelson Cruz - KMarko

Breaking the bank with the first two picks here but I’m really considering rolling out both. Chen has looked good but Cruz is hot and I’ll take him against a mediocre lefty any night. Homers = $$$$. Also I like guys that took steroids.

OF Justin Upton $4.6K

Justin Upton - KMarko

Yeah please excuse me while I put a guy who can hit 3 home runs in a night against a lefty making his first start of the season off the DL into my lineup.

SS Troy Tulowitzki $4.5K

Does it rain every damn night in Colorado?

Colorado Rain - KMarko

Seriously I can’t remember the last time I checked a Rockies game and it wasn’t “Red” for possible thunderstorms. So frustrating because they are later games and can screw your whole lineup up, but you can’t miss out on it if they play. 10 Total!!

Guess we’ll have to see how it shakes out but if the game is a go I’ll have Tulo in every lineup. SS is a disaster.

Value Play 2B Neil Walker $3.9K

Price is still real low on Walker who looks like he might finally start to heat up.

As always let me know your thoughts and tips @kmarkobarstool, always down to get some feedback and make some last minute switches if you’re convincing enough.

Also these blogs will be on a Tuesday-Wednesday-Friday schedule from now on, so nothing tomorrow. Get that big money in tonight.