Welcome back to the new-ish DraftKings feature where I break down my lineups in my quest to make money-money make money-money-money in daily fantasy sports. If you’ve been following along you know it’s been a roller coaster for your boy over here. After a real rough week last week that had most of my featured picks as complete duds and left me close to in the minus for the first time since I started, got a little positive momentum going last night:

KMarko 2

KMarko 3

KMarko 4

Annnd we’re back in the green baby! Nothing better than seeing that nice bright neon in your browser, even if it’s just a little bit over 100 bucks (and only $66 profit). Chump change in the grand scheme of things, but priceless to get that confidence up.

Net Winnings: +$85

Anyway it’s a huge Tuesday slate so as usual I’ll toss out some of the guys I’m looking at for tonight, in order of price.

TONIGHT’S TOURNAMENT: $300K Slugfest ($33 entry)

OF Bryce Harper $5.6K

The most expensive guy on the board, what a pick! Like I said countless times I’m no expert, not trying to wow or dazzle anybody with some crazy ass contrarian pick. Bryce is seeing the ball better than anybody in baseball right now and he’s got a home matchup with Nathan Eovaldi. You can fade him if you want to, but not me. Anything under $6K and Bryce is a steal.

OF Giancarlo Stanton $5.2K


2B Dee Gordon $4.8K

Stacking Marlins is a real quick way to watch all your money disappear. Team is a train wreck right now and seems to be tossing up stat duds night after night. Hopefully that will keep them low owned tonight because I like the matchup for these 2 so I just might take a chance and hope it pays off.

3B Josh Donaldson $4.7K

Santiago is not a bad pitcher and can shut lineups down, but after their explosion yesterday I like targeting the Jays again. Joey Bats is obviously always worth a look but I’m rolling with Donaldson today. Lefty masher and fired up from yesterday as you can see in the above Vine.

OF Carlos Gonzalez $4.5K

He’s had an awful season which has kept his price down and made people forget about him, but he’s been making solid contact lately and had 2 HR in the Dodgers series. Trying to get some exposure to the Rockies in Coors tonight and CarGo seems like a good bet.

Value Play OF Gregory Polanco $3.5K

Risky pick and I hateeeee taking guys who are slumping, but $3.5K for the Pirates leadoff hitter going up against Ricky Nolasco is just too much a value play to pass up. Could strike out 3 times again or could return to form and whack a homer and add a stolen base.

As always hit me up @kmarkobarstool with your picks of the day or any hot tips you might have to help us get rich together. Also my DraftKings name is “Kmarko” if anyone wants to fire up a H2H.