Happy 6/9 everybody, welcome back to the daily DraftKings segment where we try to get rich playing daily fantasy sports. Hot and heavy in the middle of baseball season, the weather’s hot, the picks have been hot, the money’s hot, we got a monster slate tonight, let’s do ittttt.

Recap of last night:

KMarko 1

Good enough to cash a little bit. Still waiting on the big life changing tournament win but for now I’ll keep the steady double and triple ups.

My daily picks were pretty solid – I kept the Donaldson home run prediction streak alive, and Kolten Wong went deep as well. Blackmon had a solid game and Colabello chipped in a little bit as our value play, would have liked a little more though obviously.

Today’s a new day so let’s move on to the 5 picks for tonight…


Corey Kluber $10.9K – 10.9K almost seems like a value the way this dude has been chucking it. Last 5 games: 9, 13, 7, 12, 18 (!!) Ks. Those are video game numbers. Like I said with Sale yesterday, yeah it’s not exactly a crazy off the board pick and it’s certainly not saving you any money. But do you really want to miss out on what he’s capable of doing tonight? He’s easily my top pitcher and it’s not even really close, and I think there are a bunch of real good value arms out there you could pair with him to save enough money for a solid lineup of hitters. Those are on you to pick out though.

OF Giancarlo Stanton $5.2K


Stanton is a tough guy to roster in DFS because you’re paying a high price for the name then basically hoping he goes yard. Doesn’t really contribute in the ways other superstars do…it’s basically monster home runs or bust. He also seems to let everyone down a lot more often than the other guys in his price range – take his last series at Coors for example. That’s why I only use him when I think he’s in the best possible spot and, ding ding ding, that would be tonight!

1B Joey Votto $5K


Votto’s matchup with Harang tonight is so good it’s literally making me hard as we speak. Short porch in right is basically begging for a home run to be hit over it.

SS Jhonny Peralta $4.8K


I can basically copy and paste what I said for Wong yesterday – it makes me physically cringe to pay this much for the guy. But, I did it with Wong, and he went deep right away. Hoping for the same from Peralta tonight. The Cards bats were pretty quiet last night but they have a 5.3 team total, good for highest on the board, and they’re squaring off on a lefty. A lefty who gets obliterated by righties. At Coors. That’s enough to justify the price for me.

VALUE PLAY OF Randal Grichuk $3.6K


If you want to squeeze the big name pitchers in you got to dip down somewhere and I’m sticking with what I said about the Cards tonight. Holliday looks like he could be out a little bit which should put Grichuk in a good lineup spot, in a game with the highest total, at Coors, for 3.6K.

As always hit me up with your picks and hot tips for the night @kmarkobarstool. Good luck tonight, let’s make some cash.