Welcome back to the daily DraftKings segment where we try to get rich playing daily fantasy sports. After a big 8th place tournament finish racking in $500 bucks Sunday, came back down to earth last night with a very mediocre performance. Picked Liriano who was the highest scoring pitcher of the night and tossed an absolute gem…but Pederson, Davis and Gallo all had completely mediocre single-digit hitting nights.

As usual, I put my optimal lineup into a good payout tourney (last night’s was the $100 buy in 500K Main Event):

KMarko 11

And a secondary one into a cheapo tourney:

KMarko 12

And, also as usual, my secondary lineup outscored my optimal. Got a couple bucks out of it but missed out cashing in the $100 so a pretty big hit overall.

Last night was real weird wasn’t it? Felt like really nobody had a huge game. I checked out the winning lineups in tourneys and they all had kind of random mishmashes of guys I wouldn’t even consider. Like I always say, I put a ton of stock in Vegas, they’re way smarter than you and me and are dead on 99% of the time. But the Dodgers had the highest team total on the board last night and were virtually shut out which pretty much tanked my lineup.

Anyway, tonight’s a new night…let’s do this

P Jake Arrieta $9K


While I love my boy Harvey and know he’s got more upside than almost any pitcher in baseball, the hard facts are that he’s looked awful lately, and now has a matchup with the hottest hitting team in baseball. Just can’t drop 10.8K on that until I see him turn
it around. Of course he could always come out in vintage pissed off Harvey mode tonight and throw a 12 K gem so if you want to take that shot by all means, go for it. But my top option is Arrieta at a MUCH better price, at home against an Indians team that
can definitely hit, but can also disappear in games against great pitching.

1B/3B Miggy Cabrera $5.7K


Having a 9K pitcher as my top guy and pairing him with someone even cheaper opens up some room to spend on bats, and that’s exactly what I plan on doing as you can see by my top 2 picks here. Miggy has been EN FUEGO and has a matchup at home against the 2nd
cheapest pitcher on the board. Yes please, all of the Miggy, all of it.

OF Mike Trout $5.6K


Read: above. Spending cashhhhh money on hitters tonight. Hey when the pitching slate sucks as bad as this and is basically a complete toss up, sue me for trying to get ultimate safety out of my hitters. Any time I can comfortably fit two future Hall of Famers
like Miggy and Trout into the same lineup, against two garbage pitchers no less, I feel real good about it.

3B Manny Machado $4.8K


Know how I said the pitching sucks tonight? Well NOBODY is worse than the human gas can Jerome Williams. I went with Crush Davis last night and he let me down so I’m trying out Machado tonight. He’s been mashing lately and is already 3 home runs away from his
career high (yes career. It’s not even the All Star Break yet).

VALUE PLAY SS Jung Ho Kang $3.4K


Everybody’s favorite South Korean is back in the value plays baby. Love Jung Ho Kang. Used to be my secret weapon, then he became too popular, then he slumped jusssttt enough to get everybody off of him and get his price back down. Quintana is a popular pitcher
pick for tonight, and the Pirates usually stink against lefties, but you saw what they did last night to Rodon right? $3.4K is just wayyyy too cheap to pass up for me, especially when I’m fitting Miggy and Trout in.

Also just a reminder to everyone who likes to yell at me on Twitter when my picks don’t do great, 1) this is like my 3rd month playing this stuff, 2) you are completely free to not use them, and 3) I’m using these picks…like these are the guys on my team…nobody
is more bummed than me when I lose out on money because they don’t do well. Soooo good luck out there tonight!