Welcome back to the daily DraftKings segment where we try to get rich playing DFS. What a night! If you followed along with the picks yesterday here’s what you got –

Joey Votto – 3 home runs

Giancarlo Stanton – 2 home runs

Jhonny Peralta – 1 home run

Not too shabby. The thing is though, I wasn’t even really excited while it was happening, because all I could think about was how hard I’m going to come crashing back to Earth soon and how depressing it’s going to be. Just enjoying the hot streak while it lasts.

On the downside, kind of a bummer Kluber ended up being such a bust, he only gave up 2 runs but he just couldn’t get those K numbers up. Really tanks your lineup when you can’t get big numbers out of your pitching spots, no matter how hot your hitters are. Didn’t get much out of value play Grichuk either, thought he’d make splash at Coors.

Cashed $150 in the $250K Clean Up and took down some Head to Heads with my main lineup

KMarko 2
And $25 in the $100K cycle (wish I had switched the lineups around)

KMarko 1
Wish it could have been more but whatever, this is the DFS life baby.

Anyway on to tonight –


Ummmm… Trevor Bauer $8.7K or Jose Quintana? $6.8K



Ok here’s what I learned last night. That no matter how many home runs your guys hit, if you don’t have one of the top 3 pitchers of the night, you’re not winning anymore than a hundred bucks or two. Now enter: tonight’s slate, and man is it rough.

Matt Harvey’s the obvious top dog, but I’m not going to list the top priced pitcher. Especially tonight when it’s extra lame. Also, the Giants don’t strike out often, and he will get 0 run support (or hit support, last night, literally), so it’s possible he’s not the top scoring guy of the night – which you kind of want for that price.

So that brings me to two possibilities –

Bauer is the big strikeout guy, but you saw what the Mariners did to Kluber last night, so I’m a tad scared. I did read though that the ump was a total asshole and cost Kluber a couple of strikeouts, as well as threw him off his game mentally. So hopefully tonight things will be different.

Then there’s Quintana, a strikeout pitcher against a team than can strikeout with the best of them, with a heart of the order that’s slumping. Hey I’m just trying to talk myself into it here, but at 6.8K, the risk is low.

1B Anthony Rizzo $5.5K

Highest priced bat of the day honors go to our boy Anthony Rizzo. I’ll be honest, I was planning on rostering Rizzo all day and was excited to make the pick because I figured he’d be super under the radar after 3 mediocre games. Sooo it kind of sucks to see they have him as the most expensive guy. But honestly the high price might keep him underowned, so there’s the bright side! #YABOOO

OF Mike Trout $5.4K


Whoa Kmarko you’re so wild, why don’t you just pick the 4 most expensive guys on the board and call yourself an expert. -Everyone right now, and what I would be saying too. Yeah, these are two big money guys to start it off but like I said, there’s “plenty of value” at pitcher tonight (that’s the nice way of saying it. The other way to say it – pitchers kind of stink and nobody is safe). I think I’ll be squeezing both these salaries into my lineup just because of the upside.

2B Dustin Pedroia $4.1K

KMarko Pedroia
15-32 lifetime against Chen and on a serious hot streak. 2B suckkkkssss today so that’s about all I need to convince me to go with the Laser Show at only 4.1K. No guarantees on this one though.

%{color:#FF6C00; font-size:14pt}*Value Play: 3B Joey Gallo $3.4K*5

Gallo has been the definition of boom or bust since he got the call up. And boom or bust is exactly what you want to take a shot on at only 3.4K, because when the BOOM hits, you’re well on your way to some cash money.

As always feel free to hit me up @kmarkobarstool with your tips and picks for the night, good luck.