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Welcome back to the daily DraftKings picks where we try to get super rich playing daily fantasy baseball. As usual I’ll do a brief recap of my lineups from the night before then throw out some picks that I’m brainstorming for tonight, and hopefully get some good feedback/tips/picks from you guys either in the comment section or on Twitter @kmarkobarstool.

As for last night…As much as I love daily fantasy baseball, last night summed up the very worst part of it – the weather. Really just ruined the whole slate. Spent all day getting the perfect lineup together, researching some picks to recommend for everyone. As of 20 minutes to go until roster lock time there were 4 or 5 games with heavy rain warnings: 3 of them, games featuring some of the top pitching options of the slate that a lot of people based their lineups around, and, worst of all, 1 of them was a game at Coors. I had to switch 5 players out of my lineup with 15 minutes to go until lock because weather forecasts were saying 50/50 shot the game never starts. And the worst part is, those 5 guys were an Angels stack, and the game played completely fine with the Angels putting up 10 runs. Went from Trout-Pujols-Calhoun to a cheap Dodgers stack and bumping my pitcher up to Scherzer…we all know how that went.

Because of that, ended up with my lowest score in my history of playing tournaments.

KMarko 111
My secondary cheap ass Moonshot lineup did better and was good enough for cash –

KMarko 211
But a hugely disappointing night all around. (Hey at least I gave you the Grandal home run – picks weren’t a complete miss).

Anyway, let’s move on and jump in to tonight. I’m just going rattle off the guys I like regardless of the weather situation. Another rain threat at Coors tonight (surprise!) but fuck it, I’m playing it.

{color:#FF6C00}*Pitcher Notes*%

Kershaw on the bump tonight. Seems like a dream matchup, but I’m telling you man, I do not like taking pitchers against the Phillies. I don’t care what the Vegas lines say or what stats say, they just have not been getting dominated by good pitchers lately, and haven’t been striking out. And it’s not like Kershaw has been his dominant self lately either. I won’t talk you out of taking him, he can obviously shut this lineup down if he’s on…just saying I don’t know how good I feel about paying that much for him.

Kind of a bloodbath after Kershaw.

The Strikeout Machine Archer…vs. the Royals who don’t strike out.

The Strikeout Machine Trevor Bauer…who is also blowup-prone vs.the Astros who can mash on you.

I don’t know, this is going to be tough. Might be coming down to 2 gut calls, which makes me think I won’t be paying too much for tournaments tonight.


3B Josh Donaldson $4.9K

It’s a Donaldson night! Ok, so I haven’t called his home run in the past 2 tries after the 4 game streak I had. But it’s not like he’s been completely letting us down. One of my favorite guys to target in daily fantasy with a dream matchup against a lefty. Yes, Danks came out of nowhere to ruin the Orioles stack I had against him last time out – but the guy stinks, can he really keep it up against the best offense in baseball? I’m putting my money on no.

OF Charlie Blackmon $4.3K

Blackmon is one of my favorite guys in DFS right up there with Josh Donaldson, and he never seems to get the price he deserves. 4.3K for a Coors game? For a guy who consistently puts up 15-20 point games? I almost have to play him out of necessity.

{color:#FF6C00}*VALUE PLAY*%

2B Johnny Giavotella $3.4K

As you saw last night, the Angels stack is no joke. And in case you had any doubts, the Coors Effect is real as can be. I’m hoping to go cheap at pitcher to have a ton of money to use on guys like Trout (6.6K!!!), Calhoun, and Pujols. But guys like Giavotella (and Ianetta & Freese) are great ways to get cheaper exposure to a game you need to be exposed to.

As I mentioned in the opening, there is the same weather concerns as last night, with heavy rain. But fuck it. It ruined my lineup last night, not letting that happen again.

{color:#FF6C00}*VALUE PLAY*%

C Josh Phegley $3.1K

He put up a sweet 0 spot the last time I had him as a value play, and a lot lesser men would be too scared to recommend him again. Not me…not with a matchup with the CC gas can tonight! Righty-lefty matchup at Yankee Stadium filling the catcher spot at 3.1K…yes please.

That’s it for now, remember to check the weather and hit me up @kmarkobarstool with your tips and picks.