Trayce Thompson has been toiling around in the Minor Leagues since 2009 so this must’ve been a pretty sweet moment for him. He grew up watching his dad dominate the NBA and spent all summer seeing his older bro bask in Championship GLORY… looks like he finally found a way to grab some attention for himself.

Now if only his teammates would acknowledge his existence..




Don’t worry Trayce you’ll get some dap someday! He’s only 24 folks pretty sure he can survive flailing in the wind for a bit. Klay had to grind his way up through the Association too and now look at him… Dude is hitting halfcourt shots on a bicycle like it ain’t no thang.

Life is pretty good when you’re a Thompson brother, no matter what sport/bizarre activity it is.



Working on being more versatile this offseason S/o to @ttwersky for the dime in the shooting pocket

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