With baseball season nearing the middle of June, we’re about to hit the long summer days of American’s Pastime.

A 162-game season that goes by in the wink of an eye is more evident this season than ever for some. Now 58 games into their 2016 season, the Red Sox and their fans have just 104 games (barring a potential postseason) of David Ortiz, a.k.a. “Big Papi.” Prior to this year, the 40-year old Boston slugger announced that 2016 would be his last season in baseball.

But his last season hasn’t gone nearly the way some would have imagined. Entering today, Ortiz sits at .338/.422/.728 with 16 home runs while leading the league in doubles (26) and RBIs (55). That’s quite the way to go out.

His resurgence has led to many asking the question of whether or not Ortiz will re-consider his retirement. With the way he’s playing, it makes sense for him to give it another go, despite his commitment to the fact that he’s hanging it up.

Whatever Big Papi does decide to do, we’ve come up with a few job recommendations to keep the slugger busy in his post-baseball life…

Professional Pinata Smasher

It’s the perfect job for Big Papi. He’s doing what he does best – smashing things. Save for the part about crying children (c’mon it’s BIG PAPI AT YOUR PARTY), this could work.

Gronk & Papi Boy Band

This could be fun…. and he’s experienced! Talk about variety! Papi & Gronk already have singles in country, hip-hop, and salsa – it might be time to revisit this…

Motivational Speaker

Enough said.

And just in case there’s anything we missed, the crew over at Saturday Night Live had a few more ideas.

Godspeed, Big Papi. Don’t retire yet!