Consider this one of the oddest moments of baseball season thus far.

In last night’s Cardinals/Reds game in Cincinnati, Reds’ first baseman Joey Votto and a fan got tangled up in foul territory. Stephen Piscotty of the Cardinals sent a foul ball toward the first base side, and then this happened:

Maybe someone should have called “I got it?”

Votto, obviously angered at the fan’s interference, grabbed at the Reds logo on his shirt in disgust. A little embarrassing for that fan, no? Can’t have you star player thinking you’d want to have things go against your team….

Not to worry, it’s all good! Votto made sure to make amends:

What a relief – for both Votto, who probably saved himself a fine – and that fan, who now isn’t public enemy no. 1 in Cincinnati.

Here’s the full video:

Joey Votto made amends with the Reds fan who interfered with his chance at a foul ball.

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